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What to Consider Before You Buy Snakes for Pets

Many people find snakes to be fascinating and settle for seeing them in zoos and reptile houses. A small percentage will go one step further and take an interest in bringing one or more of these incredible creatures into their home. If you are considering buying one or more snakes for pets, there are a few things you need to know. Remember, these pets are not for everyone as they have very specific needs with regards to care and feeding....(more)

Before You Buy a Red Eared Slider Baby for a Pet

Much like snakes and many other reptiles, semi-aquatic, and aquatic turtles have become exceptionally popular as more people seek out exotic pets. Among the most popular choices in turtles is the red eared slider baby. At one point in time this particular species was such a popular pet that they could be purchased very inexpensively in almost every pet shop in the country. This led to thousands of tiny babies being sold in bowls, which had no filtration and were too small, resulting in their premature death. Before you decide to bring one home, you should consider the following questions....(more)

Choosing the Right Lights for Your Snake's Enclosure

Snakes, like almost every other pets you are likely to ever own, must have the right type of lighting in their enclosure in order to thrive. However, contrary to old school opinion, it may not be necessary to use heating lights for all pet snakes. Depending on the breed you choose and how warm you keep your home, you may not even need to add light to your snake's enclosure. In most cases it is far more important to maintain the right level of humidity than worry so much about heat lamps....(more)

Essential Tips for Having a Python Snake as a Pet

Keeping a snake as a pet is a big responsibility. This is especially when you have a larger snake, such as a python. Neglecting to take suitable care of your pet python not only puts your snake in danger, it is also hazardous to other creatures and people in your home. Remember these essential tips for caring for your python to prevent any issues in the future....(more)


Taking Pictures of Your Hermit Crabs as They Grow

Hermit crabs are not true to their name. They're actually very social and like to live with other hermit crabs. In the wild, it's not unusual for them to live in groups of over 100 or more. The reason that they adopt snail shells is because they have very soft, vulnerable underbellies. Your hermit crabs will continue to grow, molt, and change providing you with lots of photo opportunities. In addition to taking pictures of their size and shell changes, you'll also want to document their interesting behaviors as they climb over rocks in their terrain, explore, and even get into squabbles over shells. They'll provide you and your family with lots of fun hours for viewing and picture taking....(more)

Guide to Scorpion Anatomy

Scorpions are intriguing arthropods. As pets, they have a cheap start-up, are low maintenance, and can be fascinating to watch. Knowing their body parts can increase your appreciation for this fearsome predator. Here is a guide to their anatomy....(more)

Tips for Keeping Tarantulas as Pets

Ownership of tarantulas has increased rapidly. Tarantulas are quiet, docile, require little space, are easy to care for, and easy to feed. This makes them perfect for apartment owners or someone looking for an easy companion to share their space with. Here are some tips to help you decide whether you can handle a tarantula as a pet....(more)


The Best Websites to Find Cute Hamster Pictures

Few animals are cuter than the hamster. With their soft fur, tiny paws and generally gentle nature, they are a favorite pet of young and old alike. Check out these websites to find cute pictures of hamsters....(more)

Cute Pet Names for Your New Hamster

You want to come up with hamster names that match your little friend's attitude and personality. Otherwise, you could just call her Furball and let her run on her wheel all day. If you really love your pet, then consider a few of these cute pet names for your new hamster....(more)

Tips for Keeping a Hamster as a Pet

Hamsters are a great pet for people who love furry animals but do not have the space or time for a dog or cat. Hamster pets live up to three years and require little space and maintenance. However, there are a few dos and don'ts to follow in the care of your new furry friend....(more)