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Review of Hamster Wheels

"Healthy body, healthy mind" is a saying that is true for both humans and animals. This includes the little hamster that has recently been brought into your home as the latest family pet. It is very important that a hamster exercises. Even though you may let it outside of its cage to have a run around, it is vital to provide toys and an exercise apparatus that will literally keep him on his toes....(more)

The Advantages of a BML Diet for Sugar Gliders

Sugar gliders are gaining popularity as pets, quickly building a loyal group of enthusiasts. If you've recently brought a sugar glider home, you find conflicting information when it comes to diet. One of the best diets for the sugar glider is the Bourbon's modified leadbeater's diet. The BML diet has many advantages for pet owners....(more)

What Should You Know About Having Rats for Pets?

Rats can make great pets for the right person. These creatures are usually very social and like companionship. However, much depends on the care provided to the rat. If a rat is given the wrong care it can result in a nervous temperament. When looking for rats for pets, it?s important to know what signs to look for, and what questions to ask. These two things can help you find the right one....(more)

Gambian Pouched Rats: Friend or Foe

The Gambian pouched rat is known as one of the largest rodents in the world. It is native to Africa, but has been found in the United States. Due to their large size, they are often mistaken for hamsters and guinea pigs. Gambian pouched rats procreate rapidly, typically having up to 60 babies in a year. Since they are nocturnal animals, removing, capturing, and relocating groups of Gambian pouched rats is easily done by finding their burrows during the day. These furry creatures, strangely enough, often make interesting and fun pets....(more)

Farm Animals

Facts You Need to Know About Using Ivermectin in Horses

Ivermectin is a medication that is frequently used in horses for a number of different purposes. Here's what you need to know about using ivermectin for your horse....(more)

Owning a Pet Goat

When you think of pets, goats probably aren't the first animals that come to mind. These farm animals aren't really cuddly; you can't snuggle up with one on the couch. But if you have some land and like farm animals that don't require a lot of work, a goat might make the perfect pet for you....(more)

Keeping a Pot Belly Pig as a Pet

Pigs are typically considered farm animals, however it has become increasingly popular to have a pot belly pig as a pet in your home. This is not a pet for everyone. Every year, these sweet, loving, and highly intelligent pets end up in rescues because their owners find they cannot cope with them. Before you decide to bring one of these animals into your home, it is important to clearly understand what you are getting into and decide whether they are really right for you....(more)

Exotic Mammals

Why and When You Should Neuter Your Male Ferret

Most veterinarians and pet care experts recommend neutering male ferrets that are not used for breeding. There are lots of great reasons to spay your pet ferret. Here are the most important....(more)

Why and When You Should Spay Your Female Ferret

Female ferrets that are not being bred need to be spayed. Find out why, discover additional benefits to spaying your ferret, and learn the proper age to spay your ferret....(more)

Selamectin in Ferrets

Selamectin is a medication that is frequently used in ferrets for a number of different purposes. Here's what you need to know about using selamectin for your ferret....(more)