Are cheetahs dangerous?

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Not really.Cheetahs are not aggresive creatures and they are very shy and is usually afraid of humans.But do not cause a cheetah to chase you! Many people get a mixed thought about cheetahs and say that they will eat you, but are in fact very fragile and would most likely not kill a human. They are not built for taking on stronger foes.
no they are very loving and they enjoy to eat human flesh. stupid of course they are.
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What is a cheetah?

cheetahs are in the cat family. they are the fastest land animalreaching speeds of 75mph in a couple seconds. they are carnivoreseating zebras wildebeest thomphsons gazzelle grants gazellespringbrook gemsbok impala warthog ostrich rabbits. there the mostsuccesful carnivore at hunting, the key to the (MORE)

Why are cheetahs in danger of extinction?

Genetics is the prime reason why cheetahs are going extinct. It is thought that from 10-12,000 years ago due to a catastrophic event, the population was reduced to less than 7 animals. These animals then inbred with their brothers and sisters to produce a genetic line that is 97% identical. Humans a (MORE)

Why are cheetahs in danger?

Hunting, habitat degradation and fragmentation, desertification, and direct killing of wildlife that the Cheetah preys upon are all factors responsible for the chronic decline of the Cheetah in Asia. The Asiatic Cheetah exists in very low numbers, divided into widely separated populations. Its (MORE)

Who is Cheetah?

Cheetah is the name of the chimpanzee in the Tarzan movies of the 1930's and 40's. The series starred Johnny Weismuller, the Olympic swimming champion, as Tarzan. Cheetah was comic relief for an exciting adventure serial.

What do cheetahs not do?

Roar.. Cheetahs don't roar. . Cheetahs are the only one in the cat family that cannot retract their claws. It gives them traction for speed. . Cheetahs also don't run fast for very long, they run in short sprints, reaching speeds of over 60 miles per hour. . i love you and yes cheetahs rour

What does a cheetah do?

The cheetahs hunt their prey, eat and sleep. ( they take care oftheir cubs too) run fast Cheetahs are the fastest animal on land. They hunt, eat, run, sleepand pray.i can't that are one of the adopted wild cats in the worldbecause the females usually run so lion chase them so the lioncan't the youn (MORE)

How does a cheetah protect itself from danger?

They run like heck outta there! Seriously, a cheetah is the fastestland animal in the world, and if it can, can easily out run a prideof lions/lionesses or a lone leopard. Their camouflage helps hidesit from lions, leopards and hyenas, even though these animals don'tactually prey on the cheetah, but (MORE)

How do cheetahs feed?

Cheetah's eat small and medium sized animals like antoplope and bufflo. To cacth there food they sneak up on the animal and when the get close enough they pounce on it. If it starts to run away the sheetah chases the animal but 1/2 the animal runs away from the cheetah. .

What is a cheetahs size?

From its head to body it measures 44-53 inches. The tail is 26-34 inches. It weighs 88-183pounds

Do cheetahs have a leader?

Female cheetahs are generally solitary animals, but the males form coalitions so as to maximize coverage of the available females in their territory .

How dangerous are cheetahs?

It's not that easy to measure how dangerous animals are. . It becomes a mix of the ability to do damage and how likely theanimal is to attack. . Cheetahs are solitary animals, meaning if one gets injured,there's no one that can hunt for them while they recover. They alsohunt by speed, meaning they (MORE)

How is it dangerous?

\nBecause you could get AID or HIV or Warts down there or you could get pregant .\n. \nAnd AIDS HIVS and warts down there doesn't sound to great or wonderful to me I dont know about you but I think the answer is pretty clear on how awful all of that sounds

Can cheetahs eat other cheetahs?

Cheetahs could eat other cheetahs, but it is highly unlikely sincethey tend to be in places where their prey is most numerous. Sincecheetahs hunt and live alone, they would have to somehow bestarving to death in order to result in killing another cheetah. Not normally, although males will sometimes (MORE)

When did the Indians call the cheetah the cheetah?

The Sanskrit word citrakāyaḥ, probably arose several centuries BCE. We cannot be certain because it was so long ago. It is from this word, which means "variegated", that the word "cheetah" is derived. Long ago, the cheetah ranged over most of India and throughout much of the Middle East. (MORE)

How do cheetahs make other cheetahs?

The female cheetah will find a male cheetah and make herself available. The male inserts his penis into the female's vagina. Then the male will ejaculate sperm into the female's reproductive system. This fertilizes the ovum that is freed in the female. The process is similar to the conception of a h (MORE)

Are leopards and cheetahs dangerous?

I don't think so. I mean, I have some at home and they like me a lot. But I don't know if they're nice to anyone else because I haven't seen any of my friends in a while. Wonder if they moved away. Also, don't feed them drugs.

What do cheetahs do?

Well they hunt for pray, and they run fast, up to 80 MPH their thefastest LAND animal on the earth! They sleep. A lot. Like 14-16 hours a day. They walk their territory, mark it, chase off smaller predators, run from larger predators. They hunt. They make baby cheetahs. That's pretty much it.

What dangers do cheetahs face?

cheetahs face people Even as one of the top predators in Africa, cheetahs are considerably weak and vulnerable to many life-threatening situations on a daily basis. A cheetah must hunt prey animals that are small (if the target is too large it could cause fatal harm to the cheetah via powerful kicks (MORE)

What can cheetahs not do?

The cheetah is a cat with claws that do not retract. This makes them quite unique among the cats.

Is the cheetah in danger of extinction?

The cheetah is to be an endangered species. For one, the wild catshave problems surviving their natural African habitat is shrinking.There's simply not the food supply there had been for them inbygone years. Unfortunately, it doesn't get any easier for thespeedy creatures on game reserves either, wh (MORE)

What are some of the dangers of a cheetah?

Cheetah's are carnivores who feed on herbivores like gazelles, wildebeest etc. They are not known to attack or kill humans but they can be dangerous if we get too close to them. by instinct they might attack us esp female Cheetah's that are rearing pups. They might attack us to protect their young o (MORE)

Are cheetahs in dangered?

Yes. They are extinct in many parts of Asia. Land use change has been a major factor in the Cheetah's ecosystem. Hunting, habitat degradation and fragmentation, desertification, and direct killing of wildlife that the Cheetah preys upon are all factors responsible for the chronic decline of the Che (MORE)

What is dangerous for a cheetahs survival?

Poachers, lions killing cubs, hyenas taking kills. Also, in one point in history there were only a handfull left so now the cheetahs have been close bred which makes certain diseases/illnesses more common for them now than back then.

Can you become a cheetah?

No, i do not think it is possible to be a cheetah. It would be very cool to be one but i rarely think it is possible!

Are cheetahs friendly or dangerous to people?

Cheetah's are wild carnivores and are extremely dangerous. Usually they might not attack humans but when threatened they might attack and sometimes attacks from adult cheetah's can be fatal too.

Why are cheetahs solitary?

cheetahs are solitary because if they have to hunt for others, they wouldn't get enough to eat for themselves.

What breeds can cheetahs be?

Cheetahs are no breed they are one species. But there are different breeds of the species, there is the king cheetah. Here are some facts about what the king cheetahis like and how they are different to the normal cheetahs. The King Cheetah is even rarer than the regular one. It easy to tell the (MORE)

Can a cheetah camouflage?

Yes a cheetah can camouflage. it is a yellow colour with a perticular pattern of spots than can look like seeds on the yellow grass. they keep very low to the ground and this helps them camouflage even more.

A cheetah or a tiger?

if they were to race the cheetah would win but if they were to fight the tiger would win

What are the two most dangerous threats to a cheetah?

The two most dangerous threats to cheetah which may lead the species to become extinct are: . Loss of habitat, caused especially due to human encroachments. . Cheetah's low beta diversity, i.e, to have a variety in the same species.

Is the king cheetah the top cheetah?

Cheetahs in the wild arae mainly solitary animals. They don'tform packs. Males and females only come together for mating anddon't really hang out together outside that. Brothers from the same litter may stay together for a while butthat's about it. And with not much of a social structure, no point i (MORE)

What are dangers of a cheetah?

Adult Cheetah's have no natural enemies or predators. They are too fast to be caught by any other animal. However, the youngsters are vulnerable to animals like lions and hyenas. Apart from this, humans are the biggest threat to cheetahs. Humans have hunted them for centuries almost wiping them (MORE)

How do you be Dangerous?

you run into a school with knives, guns, and home-made flamethrowers then start lighting the place up. And when you are done you kill yourself (Incidentally, that would also be extremely stupid and you would be known as a dangerous idiot - or worse language).

What is the danger the cheetah is facing?

Cheetahs can be killed by Lions, Leopards, packs of Hyenna or African wild dogs. Though very fast they are able to be wounded by hoofs and horns of their prey. Cheetahs escape danger by climbing trees.

Do cheetahs have a boy cheetah in their families?

The male cheetahs live together in groups, most of the time the male cheetahs are brothers. While the females live alone and take care of the cubs. If a female gives birth to two males and a female the males will grow up and live together, while the female cheetah will go live on her own until she i (MORE)

How is the cheetah dangerous?

Cheetahs are dangerous because even though they are quite lightweight for their size, they are still big cats with sharp teeth and long claws. Cheetahs are also the fastest mammals on earth.

How does cheetah look after cheetah young?

A mother cheetah looks after her young by moving its den every few days, to keep pretators from tracking the cubs down and eating them. The mother will also trap small animals, and bring them to the den for the cubs to play with and build their hunting skills. The mother cheetah also hunts for the c (MORE)

Why is new baby cheetah in danger?

a new cheetah is endangered because the baby cheetah does not know how to take care of itself so the baby cheetah is an easy prey for most predator

What are dangers to cheetahs?

Hunters are a big danger for cheetahs. The hunters track down the animal, and kill it. Diseases are also a threat to cheetahs.

Are cheetahs scared of other cheetahs?

It depends... It all depends on the situation. Animals at the top of the food chain like Cheetah's aren't really scared of anything. But they keep a wary eye out for any other creature that does wonder into their domain. And of course, a big part of this is the territory cheetah's have. Especi (MORE)