Can polar bears come in different colours?

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Kinda-sorta. They can range from whiteish to yellowish.

What country do polar bears come from?

Polar bears come from the arctic. They only come from the northpole while penguins come from the south pole. They are mostlyaround Greenland, Northern Canada and upper norther

Why are polar bears different the grizzly bears?

Polar Bears are different to Grizzly Bears even though they are in the same family, they are different because Polar Bears have a longer neck and Grizzly Bears live on land mo

Did polar bears come from grizzly bears?

Polar bears diverged from brown bears but not necessarily the grizzly brown bear. Bears, in the taxonomic family of Ursidae, split off from other Carnivorans about 38 milli

From where do polar bears come?

Siberia AND The Arctic. ~Summer~ They live in Arctic areas. Polar bears are from the Arctic. They live near the countries that are by the North Pole and Arctic circle such as

In what sizes do polar bears come?

The polar bear is the largest carnivore on the earth. Adult males weigh between 350 to 680 kilograms (770 to 1500 pounds). They can measure between 2.4 to 3 meters in length (
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How are black bears different from polar bears?

Black bears are black, polar bears are "white" (actually they've got translucent fur). Black bears are found in boreal and temperate forests, whereas polar bears are found in
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How is a polar bear different from a grizzly bear?

Well, There really isn't much difference. The word 'grizzly' means snow in latin, Polar is a region that is near one of the poles (north and south). They both live in extremel