Different thin colors of people living in different parts of the world can be an adaptation?

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yes skin color is an adaptation
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Is weather different in different parts of the world?

For example the USA gets tornados regularly more than any other country. And Australia goes thru droughts (lack of rain), And the top half gets hurricanes. India has monsoons. And Egypt, Iraq have sandstorms. Japan and that area get heaps of typhoons (hurrincanes) when in season. .

Why is weather different in different parts of the world?

The earth has a tilt of about 30 degrees on its axis, so some parts of the earth are closer to the sun during day, and others are more distant, causing differences.. Each hemisphere (half of the earth) has its own season times- The north one, for example, has winter in the middle of the year (usual

Its okay to talk to people from different parts of the world?

Of course as long as its a safe environment. The 'don't talk to strangers' rule still applies in some cases. It's just a guess but are you talking about the internet? This can be fun as long as you keep it casual, nothing too personal. Certainly not any identifing information.

How do animals adapt to live in different ecosystems?

Behavioral adaptations are learned through experience. Physical adaptations are the result of the animals' interactions with the environment. One interesting example of 'physical adaptation' is the feral horses of North America that escaped from European explorers in the early 1500s. Some of those

Why do different parts of the world have different times?

The point on the earth's surface at which the sun is directly overhead is continuously moving west at a rate of one degree of longitude every four minutes, thereby taking 24 hours to make the full 360° trek each day. Traditionally, 12:00, or noon, was by definition the middle of the average day i

How do people today celebrate advent in different parts of the world?

Advent is a Christian celebration that leads up to Christmas. People all around the world and Christians and celebrate Christmas and Advent. It does not matter where the come from it matter about what religion they are and people all around the world can be whatever religion they want to be.

How do people adapt to different climates Alaska?

It's not so much that they need to adapt, it's more so that they already have adapted. Over years, people have just adjusted to the climate. Same as people in the tropics have adapted to heat. So people who live in Alaska would be used to cold climate. Not necessarily that they have to, because the

How were different dinosaurs adapted to live in their different habitats?

An example is Leallynosaura, which had excellent night vision for seeing during the dark Antarctic winter. Timimus was a dinosaur species that hibernated through the Antarctic winter to survive. In the desert of Mongolia, some ankylosaurs had glands for excreting salt, which helped to preserve preci