Do chicken breasts in stores come from hens or roosters?

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From both actually. When raising meat birds they grow so fast they do not distinguish genders. The birds are ready for market long before the become sexually active and the meat is the same anyway.
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Are BBQ chickens made from hens or roosters?

Both. Meat birds are mixed gender. Birds used for commercial market are processed at a certain weight not gender or age. BBQ chickens are usually between 2.5 and 4 Lbs dependi

Can a rooster chicken breed with a guinea hen?

Yes they can. They can breed. However very few of the eggs will hatch, and the offspring will be sterile hybrids. They do make some interesting looking poultry though! See

Chicken in the store is it hen or rooster?

They are both! Most of the chickens in the super markets are raised especially for meat use and grow so fast (heavy) that they are useless for breeding or pets. They are gener

Can chickens and roosters and hens fly?

Contrary to popular belief, chickens actually CAN fly, although not very well. It depends on the breed, and the size of the chicken. Bantam breeds can sometimes fly quite far,

How are roosters hens and chickens different?

Chickens = The species name for said egg-laying livestock. Roosters (known as cocks in other countries) = Male chickens. Larger than hens, with big combs and fancier tai