Do insects have skin covering?

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No, insects do not have skin coverings like mammals do. An insect has what is known as an exoskeleton which protects it.
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When do stick insects shed their skin?

\nUsually around once a month, give or take a few weeks. Its not always completely regular a sit can depend on factors like diet, habitat, and even how stressed they are. They

What kind of insect burns the skin?

I do not know the answer, however, an insect burned my cheek when it touched my skin. It is pretty painful, it is almost second degree burn, it is red and very itchy. If anybo

Why do stick insects shed their skin?

So that they can grow without their old skin getting in the way otherwise they would have to stretch the skin which would leave a hole.

Is there an insect that lays eggs in skin?

Yes, flies have been known to lay eggs under live animals skin. What would happen is something would get an open wound, and flies would get on it and lay there eggs. Unfortuna

What is skin covering?

Skin covers muscles, internal organs, blood vessels, and everything else inside your body.

What skin covering do insects have?

Insects do not have skin, but they have an exoskeleton. Anexoskeleton is a hard outer covering that protects their organs andbodies.
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What covers an insects wings?

In most groups, nothing. In beetles and earwigs, the elytra(shields), but these are really modified forewings, so really stillnothing. :P In butterflies, the wings are covered