Do manatees live in fresh water or salt water?

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They live in the Ocean.
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Do sponges live in fresh water or salt water?

Nearly all most all of the 5,000 known sponges are found in saltwater; however, 150 species live in freshwater.

Does an octopus live in fresh water salt water or brackish water?

Octopuses like all cephalopods are known to reside in salt water only. There is no mainstream evidence of freshwater octopuses.

How do you get fresh water from salt water?

The process of converting salt water to fresh water is called desalination and there is a lot of information on the subject. Mother nature turns salt water into fresh water everyday by evaporation of water from the oceans. Clouds, with water vapor, water droplets and ice crystals form from evaporation. Then, it rains or snows nearly pure water/ice. When humans artificially create pure water, the water is typically heated to drive the pure water off as water vapor and leave the salts behind. In chemistry, heating a liquid to vaporize it so that it condenses in a purer form is a process is called "distillation". Another process, more specifically for water, is reverse osmosis filtration through a series of differentially permeable membranes allowing pure water to pass while trapping salts and other impurities. When any process is used to remove salts from seawater, the process is called desalination.

Do dolphins live in salt or fresh water?

Yes, dolphins can live in both. The fresh water dolphins are related to the River dolphins. They include Piatanistidae, Ganges and Indus, niidae ( Boto or Amazon ) , Pontoporiida ( Baiji or Franciscana ). But, the only dolphin that can live in both is the Tucuxi ( Sotalia Fluviatilis ). There are may other dolphins that live in salt water though. They include Bottlenose, Spinner, Strpied, and many, many more.

Do hermit crabs live in salt water or fresh water?

Hermit crabs do need both types of water but they need both water because they need to clean themselves and they just drink salt water.

Do Oscars live in salt water or fresh water?

The fish most frequently referred to as the Oscar is Astronotus ocellatus. It is a freshwater cichlid. Oscars are predators that grow very large and eat anything, in quantity. If it fits into the Oscar's cavernous mouth, it will be eaten. They are not beginners' fish.

Do more fish live in salt water or in fresh water?

of course is sea water fish conquer more. due to 68 percent of earth is cover in sea water 3 percent is fresh water and glaciers

What is in salt water that is not in fresh water?

Fresh water has little or nothing in it except water. Salt water, specifically ocean water, has 3.5 % by weight of various salt, the most dominant being basic NaCl. Fresh waster, by definition has less than 1% of dissolved salts, but in practice most fresh water has much much less than 1%. For all practical purposes, almost all lakes and streams are nearly as pure as drinking water. Read on if you want the chemical breakdown of salt water. More: Oceans represent 96.5 % of all water and fresh water is 2.5% with 1% saline ground water. Glaciers, snow, fresh ground water, lakes and streams are fresh water. (Some interesting and peculiar things happen when an inland lake is isolated with no outlet to the ocean, but that is a special case.) The concentration of salt in all ocean water (also called sea water) is pretty much uniform at 3.5 % by weight. Not all of that is sodium chloride, (Na + , Cl - ). The ocean contains calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium with bicarbonate sulfate, chlorine and bromine. (If you remove the water, then what is left is, by weight, Cl − 55%, Na + 30.6%, SO 4 -- , 4 7.7%, Mg 2+ 3.7%, Ca ++ 1.2%, K + 1.1%, other 0.7%.) The small variation in saltiness of the oceans is actually very important and is connected with global ocean currents. Most notably, the antarctic ice forms in the arctic winter squeezing out much of the salt as it freezes and setting up a dense cold ocean current that moves across vast stretches of the worlds oceans. No, ocean water is salt water. Fresh water would be found in ponds, lakes, or rivers..

Do manatees live in fresh or salt water?

Manatees can live in both fresh and salt water, as well asbrackish. If a manatee is in salt too long though, it must findother waters temporarily.

Do manatees live in salt water?

Manatees do live in salt water if they live in Florida they live in salt water and they live in springs if it is warm

Do whales live in salt water or fresh water?

Whales almost exclusively life in saltwater. Some hunting whaleslike orcas are sometimes found in fresh water inlets from theocean.

Is it harmful to give manatees fresh water?

It is neither physiologically harmful nor a good idea. Manatees get all their physiological requirements from the food that they eat. Occasionally they will migrate to fresh water sources to supplement this requirement. They can be attracted to artificial fresh water sources as well, such as water control structures. The problem with offering fresh water to manatees is that it creates the same potential problem as the "don't feed the bears" situation. It alters their natural behavior, conditions them to interact with humans and/or boats and boat facilities, which potentially increases dangers to them. While difficult to enforce, providing food and/or water to manatees (an endangered species) is also technically illegal.

Can manatee drink fresh water?

Yes, they can! Years ago in the Florida Keys I ran into one in a marina. I held a garden hose up to him and he couldn't get enough of it!

Why can't salt water fish live in fresh water?

Saltwater fish are evolved to deal with water constantly rushing out of their bodies. The salt in the surrounding water exerts what is called osmotic pressure on the fish. Thus saltwater fish have evolved to be constantly drinking water and excreting salts. When you put a saltwater fish into freshwater, it continues to drink heavily and excreet salt. Thus the fish quickly loses too much salt, and its body begins to react accordingly; nervous impulses are unable to travel, and the fish's CNS shuts down, causing it to die. . There are however many saltwater fish that are able to travel into freshwater, as they have adaptations to change their behavour and biology radically. Pacific salmon are a perfect example of this, and they are called anadromous fish. Also many species have evolved to live in brackish waters, an intermediate between salt and fresh, and can usually tolerate larger differences salinity.

Do hippopotamus live in fresh or salt water?

Generally in fresh water. The island Orango, Bijagós Islands, located 60 kilometers (38 miles) off the coast of mainland Guinea-Bissau, has a sizable colony of saltwater hippopotamuses.

Do sharks live in salt or fresh water?

Most sharks live in saltwater, but the Bull shark can live in fresh water as well .

Why is there fresh water and salt water?

Short answer : We have fresh water because it rains. Rain (and snow) comes from the condensation of water vapor in air. Water vapor is pure. Very little of anything else is picked up when it forms droplets and ice in the clouds. Water vapor comes from evaporation of water from oceans mostly, but some from land and forests. Evaporation purifies the water, leaving behind and salt or impurities. We have salt water because the oceans form at the lowest place on the planet and is this is the collection point for the rainwater and dissolved salts that rainwater has picked up. Evaporation leaves the salt behind. Within the first billion years of Earth's existence, the salt concentration rose to pretty much what it is now in the oceans. (See related question on why the ocean has salt.)

Do bottlenose dolphins live in salt water or fresh water?

Bottlenose dolphins are only known to live in oceanic environments, this falls under salt water, however they are capable of surviving in fresh water as they are not reliant on water to survive in the same manner fish are

Does a platypus live in fresh water or salt water?

No. The platypus can only live near fresh water. In reality, platypuses do not live in water at all. They live in dry burrows in freshwater riverbanks and creek banks, and hunt for food in the water.

Does a dolphin live in fresh or salt water?

they can live in both salty and fresh water for example dolphin live in Red sea

How can salt or fresh water fish live in brackish water?

It is very good for them . . it is very much good for them . I believe it is better to put them in brackish water then salt or fresh water.

Does the tiger shark live in salt water or fresh water?

salt water afcourse it has sensitive skin and cartilage. the bull sharks is the most dangerous shark in fresh water. this answer is made by wisang?

Can salt water shrimps live in fresh water?

most likely not. they'er "salt water" shrimps so they cant live in fresh water.. sorry if that didnt answer your question.

Do fish live in fresh water and salt water?

Some do- salmon spawn in fresh water but live mostly in the ocean. Most fish live in either one or the other, not both.

Why cant fresh water fish live in salt water?

Fresh water fish cannot adapt to the salt water because they grew up, or lived in fresh water! it is like a person who lived in the desert moving to Antarctica. They are not used to the environmental conditions in Antarctica! it is also the same with salt water fish living in Fresh water fish!

How long will a salt water fish live in fresh water?

Not long. In some species a few minutes in others maybe an hour or so and in others maybe a few days. It would be a terribly painfull way for the fish to die and extremely cruel of anyone to do such a thing to a fish.

Can the salt water fish live in the fresh water?

Some fish, usually called 'brackish' fish can live in both salt and freshwater. However, the extremely colorful varieties of reef fishes that you are probably referring to are strictly saltwater.

Why salt water fish cannot live in fresh water?

There is a big difference in osmotic pressure between fresh water and salt water. Most fish are specialized to deal with too much water or too much salt. Only a few can handle both salt and fresh water.

Which organisms live in either salt water or fresh water?

To list all the species and organisms including bacteria that live in river estuaries (ie in salt and fresh and brackish water) would require an encyclopedia.

Does a pike live in salt water or fresh water?

There are both freshwater Pike and saltwater Pike. They are different species but are both called pike. I live in Maine where Pike were illegally introduced in the last decade or so. Where the rivers flow into the ocean pike can also be caught. In the ocean near the end of that rivers i have caught pike in full saltwater. It may not be scientifically proven but they can clearly adapt to saltwater

Does penguins live in salt water or fresh water?

Salt. There maybe some obscure breed of penguin I am not thinking of that lives in fresh, but most of the ones you see in zoos and tv are salt.

Do clownfish live in salt water or in fresh water?

They live in salt water in sea anemones. This is interesting because a sea anemone usually stings and paralyzes fish, then eats them as prey.

What kind of fish can live in the salt water and in the fresh water?

Very few fish can make the transition for any length of time. A Molly can successfully do it. There are brackish water fish that eventually go all salt.

What bacteria can live in fresh and salt water and use photosynthesis?

Its algae it helps when the fish have trickedima (spelling may not be right, but its a illness that fish get and it makes them itch) fish also eat it if they don't have enouggh food to eat :P

Can a manatee survive in fresh water and salt water?

The manatee can live in salt or fresh water. But if the manatee is in salt water too long it needs to find salt water to drink

How can salmon live in both salt water and fresh water?

Salmon is the common name for several species of fish of the family Salmonidae. Salmon are amadromous, meaning that they live in both Fresh and Salt water. A salmon lives in lots of different environments during its whole lifetime. They are born in a river or stream. They then make their trip towards the ocean where they live for most of their life growing, eating, and preparing. Then, they stop eating and travel back to where they are born into Fresh Water. There they lay their eggs and soon afterwards, they die.

Can manatees live in salt and fresh water?

Florida manatees do not live in the same place all year. When it is warm, they move into the ocean or the Gulf of Mexico to eat sea grasses. In cold weather, manatees must move to a spring, a place where warm water (72 degrees ) comes up out of the ground and makes a river. The manatees stay there all winter long. Sometimes, the food runs out before winter is over, and the manatees are hungry until the weather warms up again. Manatees can live in salt water or fresh water, but if they are in salt water too long, they must find fresh water to drink. Sometimes they will drink from a garden hose!

Why are salmom capable of living in salt water and fresh water?

Because of evlotion! a salt water trout made it with a fesh water trout in a secure tank and the babies were sent free to mate.

Why are salmom living in salt water and fresh water?

Salmon species have evolved to live in both fresh and salt water, by gradually adapting from one, to the other. Salmon are born in fresh water, some live in fresh water for about a year, then migrate to the sea, some after hatching ,migrate to the sea much sooner. However when migrating to the sea, they move to the river's estuary, where they become accustomed to the changes in salinity. The same thing occurs when they return to spawn, or mate, usually to the very stream they were born. Where most Salmon die after spawning , but some species of salmon live in fresh water only , the Kokanee , is a land locked Sockeye salmon, Sockeye are the farthest traveled , that is they travel as far up a river system as they can go , even through some lake/ river systems. Some times the lake/ river is cut off from the sea, so they live their entire lives in fresh water, where they also do not grow as large as their sea migrating counterparts. Then there is the Steelhead, this is a rainbow trout that has gone to sea and returned , which this species can do a number of times unlike the Salmon . the Steelhead can also be land locked in the same way , but can grow almost to the size of their migrating counterparts.

Do clams live better in salt water or fresh water?

Fresh water clams have to live in fresh water. Salt water clams have to live in salt water. Most clams are of the saltwater type.

Do flounder live in salt and fresh water?

There are no true freshwater flounders, but some flounders can live in freshwater, even though they are actually brackish fish. Most flounders however are strictly marine (saltwater).

Do prawns live in fresh water or salt water?

They can live in both There are many species of prawn (most are edible) salt water prawns taste better then fresh water in my opinion

Can manatees have fresh water?

Manatees have small eyes, and can 't see far in muddy water. ... Manatees can live in salt water or fresh water

What are the names of fish that live in salt and fresh water?

Nemo? Seriously though, Salmon would be among the best known of fish that swim in both salt and fresh water at various times of their life. Eels, Gallaxia; and Bream at least in brackish water, I think, are worth a mention. There would be others in various parts of the world also. Perhaps people might have some suggestions.

What can you do with salt water and fresh water?

Salt water: swim in it make an salt water aquarium Fresh watter: drink it put in in an aquarium

Do clams live in fresh water or salt water?

Fresh water clams live in fresh water and salt water clams live in salt water. There are both freshwater and saltwater clams. Mussels fall into this category as well. See the related links for both.

Does a water vole live in fresh or salt water?

Water voles live near freshwater environments. They do not actually live in the water, but in burrows alongside freshwater sources.

What is salt water and fresh water?

Salt water is water that has salt in it and it is found in oceans.Fresh water does not have salt and is found in rivers and lakes.

Does fish live in fresh water or salt water?

It depends on the type of fish. If it is a saltwater fish than it lives in salt water, but if it is a fresh water fish than it lives in freshwater.

Do hippos live in fresh water salt water or brackish?

Hippos live in fresh water. They need to drink the water. Hippos do not have the type of kidneys needed to deal with drinking saltwater.