Does DNA replicate in mitosis?

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no DNA replicates before mitosis. It replicates in the S phase of inter phase

Why is DNA replication important to mitosis?

Because with mitosis, you are copying the original organism exactly. Meaning you can't take cells directly from the original without losing cells or DNA. By replicating them,

When does DNA replication occur in Mitosis?

In Mitosis, DNA replication begins in stage 3 after the DNA has grown, it begins to split. It then splits and replicates into two cells, where it continues to replicate.

Can DNA replication be called mitosis?

DNA replication is technically not part of mitosis. Mitosis is simply the splitting of the nucleus. DNA replication however is part of the interphase, which is part of the cel

Why is DNA replication required prior to mitosis?

Because mitosis produces 2 genetically identical cells, each cell must have an equal amount of DNA as the parent cell had. Because of this, the DNA makes a duplicate copy of i

Why must DNA replicate prior mitosis?

Each daughter cell must have a copy of the full cellular genetic material or there would be no reason for mitosis. Once the cell gives rise to two daughter cell it is too late

How is DNA replication part of mitosis?

DNA replication actually precedes mitosis and occurs during the S phase of interphase. The DNA is duplicated but the two copies (sister chromatids) are still attached at one p