Does a flamingo live alone or in groups?

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Flamingos live in groups to about 1,000 or 10,000 depending on the area they need to stay in.
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Do peacocks live alone or in groups?

Peacocks do live in groups. They usually have one male cock and several hen. Mature males kept together in a confided area will fight, so peacocks are usually kept separate.

Do leopards live in groups or alone?

most of the time but at night they stay alone because of their food they don't want to share anything with another animal so they stay alone most of the time but obviously baby leopards stay with their mother but then they leave so the answer to the question is that most of the times they do but not (MORE)

Does a swordfish live alone or in groups?

The swordfish alwas lives alone. Throughout its life from when it has been born to when it dies. The only gathering of Swordfish is during the mating season and after that the males will leave and the females will leave their eggs on the seaweed.

Do eagles live in groups or alone?

Eagles don't live in groups. But you usually see them in a pair. Most eagles have mates for life. But if you see 2 bald eagles and 1 or more golden eagles in the same nest, the golden eagle is probably just a young bald eagle. Lots of people mistake a young bald eagle for a golden eagle.

Do hippos live in a group or alone?

I think that most of them live in a group. When the baby hippo grews up he/she will start looking for a partner. Anyway they will most of the time or always be in a grup or family.

Do flamingos live in a social group?

Yes, flamingos live in large flocks for protection from predators; large groups make it difficult for predators to pick out one individual and the movement of many birds together can be confusing.

Do koalas live in groups or alone?

Koalas are essentially solitary animals, but they live in communities where the social structure is quite complex. Koalas are territorial, but each koala within the social group has its own specific range for feeding, which may or may not overlap the range of its neighbour. There is always one domin (MORE)

Does the wolf live alone or in a group?

They usually live in a pack but when one gets hurt or is old and can't keep up with the pack it is in a position that the pack could turn on it and eat it or it will just get left behind.

Do kangaroos live alone or in groups?

Depending on the species, kangaroos are more likely to live ingroups. Larger kangaroos like the Red kangaroo and the two Greykangaroo species live in mobs , while the smallerkangaroos, such as the musky-rat kangaroo, tend to be solitary.tree kangaroos are also solitary. Other species of kangaroos (MORE)

Does a camel live alone or in groups?

it depends if the camel is own because some people use camels to travel and the people usually travel with lots of camels and sometimes with just one it is both.

Do cheetahs live alone or in a group?

Both. Females are usually solitary animals. Only when they are weaning cubs can we spot a female cheetah with youngsters. Male cheetahs however live in groups. Birth brothers usually 2-3 in number live together for life. Groups of brothers of upto 4 male cheetahs have been known and recorded.

Do coyotes live alone or in groups?

It depends on the other animals in the enviroment. If there are wolves, then usually the wolf pack prevents coyotes from forming packs. If there is no food compitition, and the food source is primairly ungulates, then the coyotes will likely form packs. Other wise, they generally act solitary

Do coyotes live in alone or in groups?

Whilest primarily solitary animals the coyote or Cannius Coyotillian has been known to band together in small groups (known as Forceps) for the purposes of hunting large prey such as wildebeest or armadillos. The Forcep is usually dominated by one alpha male refered to by Cyotologists as the Proto (MORE)

Do cats live alone or in groups?

Cats live alone sometimes u might see some cats in groups but that's Probley a momma cat and it's children Hope my answer worked

Do tarantula's live in groups or alone?

Tarantulas live alone. At a VERY young age they live together, andthere are some tarantulas that seem to be able to live harmoniouslywith other tarantulas, BUT NEVER KEEP PET TARANTULAS TOGETHER INTHE SAME CAGE. In most cases, they are guaranteed cannibals.

Do bobcats live alone or in a group?

Bobcats do not live in groups. The only cat(that's wild) that lives in groups are lions. Bobcats only live in a "group" is when a mother has cubs.

Do platypus live alone or in a group?

Platypuses are solitary animals, living alone in their own burrows. However, platypuses do live in communities along a riverbank, where the population of females outnumbers the males.

Do geckos live alone or in groups?

Most gecko species are solitary animals. They only encounter the opposite sex during breeding season. During the breeding season, Some female gecko species will roost together. Once the eggs have been deposited, they will then venture on their own again.