Does a snake hibernate?

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Yes,sometimes (snakes living in warmer tropics and subtropics has been seen to remain active throughout the year.) they do. Cold has a narcotic effect on them. As we all know snakes being cold blooded,their body temp changes with the outer ambient temp.Extreme cold thus could stop all the enzymatic activities which in turn could hamper all vital bodily metabolic processes essential for sustaining life on earth.That's why snakes undergo hibernation (a practical dead like state with lowest of metabolic activity) until and unless the period of stress or cold is over.
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Do snakes hibernate?

Snakes do hibernate. They hide in caves, hollow logs, exct. Some snakes share there dins with other snakes, the can be about 50 snakes in one din/cave.

What do snakes do when hibernating?

In areas of the world where there is winter, snakes seek subsurface shelter during the winter months. In the mountains, large snakes sometimes share dens, presumably because t

When does a snake hibernate?

A snake hibernates in the beginning of Winter, and come out when the frost is over! Does that answer your question? "they hibernate in the summer because they can't take the h

Why do snakes hibernate?

Some snakes do hibernate but some doesn't. They hibernate to stay away from the cold since they can't make themselves warm.

Does a snake hibernate or migrate?

Snakes are cold blooded. They must stay warm in the winter, but they do not migrate. You will find snakes below wood piles, in rabbit holes, or in other spots that do not free

When does an eastern indigo snake hibernate?

Indigo snakes usually begin to den up in October and November, depending on how far north they occur, and re emerge in spring, when temps warm into the upper sixties to low se
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Where do snakes hibernate?

Snakes and other reptiles have dormancy dens where they feel safeenough to sleep. A snake can dig its own hole but often with takeadvantage of hollows, like cracked foundation
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Why do snakes hibernate and when do they do it?

Most snakes don't hibernate, it's only the ones that live outside of the tropics, and that is because of several reasons the most important of which are: a) food - their pr

When do snakes hibernate in Texas?

They don't hibernate like bears, sleeping the winter away. Instead they go below the frost line, using cracks and crevices that would seem claustrophobic to us, but to them ar
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Why and how do snakes hibernate?

If a snake lives in a country that has a dramatic drop in temperature during the winter months, then it will usually hibernate. They usually seek out deep caves, which will pr