Does the shark eat the moray eel?

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I have been a marine hobbyist for 25 + years. In the extra large public aquarium, it is a known fact that a Moray of similar size to any breed of shark will kill that shark. In fact, I believe the count is something like 120 to O. In favor of the Moray Eel. As for the wild though, I have witnessed first hand during my dives too that a large Moray Eel can more than hold it's own with the largest of sharks. I once witnessed a Giant Moray grab the tale of a rather menacing looking 7-8' Tiger Shark. The Tiger Shark's tail was shredded before our eyes. My only wish was that I could have captured that with underwater video. So please, if you have the ability to house those two large animals, please do not mix them together in the same tank. The shark will die a cruel and senseless death. The Tiger Shark swam out into the blue and probably into the mouths of it's own kind, since it was bleeding from the Eel encounter. To our surprise the Giant Moray then turned it's sights on my dive team. Swimming up and mouthing our regulators and mask. Not one of us sustained a wound. We were sure the Giant Moray mistaken our team for another team that evidently befriended the beast.
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What eats a moray eel?

Other moray eels are the most common predators of moray eels.Barracudas, groupers and people also eat moray eels.

What does a moray eel eat?

The moray Eel eats mostly mosses and bacteria just like the chipped-shark, they are bod em feeders at the bottom of the ocean. It also likes to eat shrimp, bactiria, and oth

Do moray eels eat octopus?

yes that's why if they thought the octopus will be the moray eels dinner.(moray eels are predators to octopuses)
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Do moray eels eat stingrays?

I would say it might depend on the size of the Moray Eel, the Stingrays might be too big to fit in their mouth. Moray eels readily eat live foods - guppies, rosy reds, goldf