German shepherd bernese mountain dog mix?

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They are called Euro Mountain Sheparnese, go to this website to see them: (DISCLAIMER - I DO NOT OWN THIS WEBSITE OR ANY OF IT'S CONTENTS)
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How big is a Bernese Mountain Dog?

Male Bernese Mountain Dogs are usually 25 to 27½ inches tall at the shoulder and weigh 85 to 110 pounds. Bitches (females) are usually 23 to 26 inches tall at the shoulder,

What are Bernese mountain dogs good for?

They were originally bred to pull large loads on carts, therefore; their large build, long powerful legs, and great strength. They continue to be used for that today, but are

How big do bernese mountain dogs get?

Bernese mountain dogs get pretty big,the males can get to 90-120 pounds,and the females 70 to 100 pounds.The height is normally 25-27.5 inches for the males and 23-26 inches f

Are German Shepherd mixes good dogs?

generally no!! the mix breed with G shep often look beautiful but sometimes are of uncertain temper. also being larger dogs can be difficult to control if the behaviour starts

Do Bernese Mountain Dogs drool?

It just depends on each individual dog. Some Bernese Mountain Dogs with loose jaws slobber and drool a lot; others don't have this problem at all.

How big will a bernese mountain dog lab mix get when fully grown?

It fully depends on the way the genetics are in the dog. You can probably figure that the dog will be between both sizes. You will not get a dog larger than a Bernese or small

Do Bernese mountain dogs act well with German shepherds?

\n. I have a Bernese mountain dog and a Bernese Mountain Dog crossed with a German Shepard. They play very well together. The Bernese has a lovely temperament and gets on w

What does a bernese mountain dog eat?

Bernese Mountain Dogs should be fed regular dog food like any other breed of Dog. I feed my Dogs of Wagg Complete, but any good quality dog food will do. Royal Canin makes spe