How can you tell if you are fertile?

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If you're a woman:To find out the time of month when you're most fertile there are tests that works much like the OTC pregnancy tests. To find out if you're fertile at all you need a thorough medical examination. If you're a man: Leave a semen sample for analysis and you'll get an answer.
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How long after fertilization can you tell if you are pregnant?

You can tell 5-7 days after conception by a quantitative beta hcg blood test if your pregnant. You will need to ask your doctor specifically for this test. With a urine test i

Can you tell if egg has been fertilized?

No, unfortunately ther are no signs that an egg has been fertilised, it is not until the fertilised egg reaches the uterus and implants there that there are any detectable cha

How can you tell if a duck egg is fertile?

you egg had to be about 1.5 weeks to tell.............. you take a really bright LED light into a dark room with the egg and you shoudl have some one with you . then you tak

How can you tell if your fish is fertilizing eggs?

You can really only watch if the male fish is/are (depending on species)'going through the motions'. Unfertilised ova will go white within 24/36 hours. Failure to fertilise th

How do you tell if the hen's eggs are fertile?

Basically shining a light through it so that you can see what is is called candling an egg. You can either make your own home rig or buy one. Explaining what to loo

How do you tell if a cockatiel egg is fertile?

If you hold the egg up to a candle or light you will be able to see if it is fertile. - If you see veins or dark blobs it is fertile. - If you see nothingness it is infertile.

How can you tell if a brown egg is fertilized?

You would only know by candling the egg. Brown eggs are a slight bit harder to candle than white ones. Candling means to shine a very strong light into the egg and observe sha

How can you tell if the eggs are fertile?

Do you have a Rooster living with Hens? If so, chances are, yes, the eggs will be fertile. If the hen is brooding, meaning she is sitting on top of the egg to keep it warm, th

How to tell when fertile?

In order to tell if a chicken egg is fertile you need to crack it open into a bowl. Use a spoon to move around the yolk of the egg. Keep looking until you see a pale dot on th
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How do you tell if an duck egg is fertile?

It takes about 28 days for a fertile duck egg to hatch. Hold the duck egg up to a bright light. Usually you can start to see growth within the egg as veins in the embryonic sa