How do clam worms reproduce?

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They sniff each others anetama, which releses the pheromones, as a mating display. Then they sexually repruoduce. And then the female releases her eggs. in the dirt and then they die.

How do clams reproduce?

Answer . Clams may be male, female or both (hermaphroditic) depending on the species and the particular stage in its life cycle. For example, the hard clam (quahog) begins

How do worms reproduce?

Earthworms are hermaphroditic, which means they have both male and female reproductive organs. It still takes two to make more worms. See Related Links.

How do razor clams reproduce?

The female razor clams ( Carpe diem) actually impregnate themselves. In order to reproduce, the male razor clam has to impress a female. The male impresses the female by s

What is the difference between a worm and a clam?

The difference between a clam and an earth worm or any worm is as great as a kangaroo and an eagle. Two different species of animals. No relation. Clams, however , aremollusks

Is there a worm on clubpenguin on clam waters?

No there is no worm in clam water I did my reserch but there is no worm you need to go to soda seas to find the worm you pick up the worm go find the yellow fish named Fluffy