How do you become a real pony?

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The process is quite easy. All you must do is eat a rainbow. Now getting to the rainbow is another story.

When does a pony become a horse?

A pony does not "become a horse." Contrary to popular belief, a pony is NOT a baby horse, but rather an entirely different species. A baby pony grows up to be an adult pony, and a baby horse (a 'filly' if female, a 'foal' if male) grows up to be an adult horse ('stallion' if male and not gelded, (MORE)

What is ponying?

When a unridden horse is led alongside a rider who is mounted on another horse. Using this method, two horses can be exercised at once.

What is a pony?

A pony is not a baby horse as a lot of people believe. They are a different category of Equus caballus . There are 3 categories of horses: light horses, heavy horses, and ponies. Ponies are 14.2 hh or less. Compared to horses, ponies often exhibit thicker manes, tails and overall coat, as well as (MORE)

Is My Little Pony real?

It is real in the sense that there are actual television series,movies, and toy lines, but the places and characters depicted arenot real.

Can you have a pony?

no you can't you silly person! Is there something wrong with you or are you just asking for trouble?!

How can you become a real vampire?

There is no evidence of real vampires, other than vampire bats, in this world. Other than as part of folklore, and a popular subject in horror fiction, human vampires are NOT real. They do not exist. You cannot become a vampire.

How do you become real estate agent?

It depends on your state in which you reside for their local real estate commission rules and procedures. Check with your local board for more details.

How can Pokemon become real?

don't know ask a scientist With the right equipment (not invented yet) and the right reanimation style, it just might be possible! :3I certainty hope it happens:3

How do you become a real estate consultant?

In Queensland, you must complete a Registration course delivered by a Government registered training organisation (RTO). Upon completion & issue of a Statement of Attainment from the RTO, you make application to the Office of Fair Trading for a Certificate of Registration which allows you to be empl (MORE)

Can dreams become real?

Yes. some people say that it is God talking to you in your sleep, and others say that when its a good dream that you may have to follow it.______________________________________________________________________. lol onen ight me and my sis both had a dream about the same movie and it came true on tv (MORE)

Are ponys real?

Yes pony's are real! Any equine under 14.2 hands high can be classified as a pony.

Where are ponies from?

depends what breed. ponies origionally came from coler, rocky places where food was scarce, thus making them smaller and hardier. some breeds where bred to be smaller, probably by breeding smaller horses.

How big does a pony have to be to become a horse?

The International Federation of Equestrian Sports defines a Pony as less that 148 centimetres high at the withers (that is without shoes, 149 cm with shoes) anything larger than that is considered a horse. Other horse associations may have different standards.

How do you become a pony?

You have to eat one first then you become a pony. but if you poop you will AUTOMATICALLY turn back into a human. To make a long story short dont poop ok

How can you make your real pony a Breyer horse?

First, you can buy one from someone that makes CMs (Custom Made Breyers). Or, you can purchase a Breyer that looks (shape and position wise) like your horse or pony. Then you can buy pastels or acrylic paint, and some good brushes (not large ones!) and start painting! You can also use a very sm (MORE)

How do you become a wizard in the real world?

You cant. Wizards are myths. I believe in magic however I would not call someone who has learned to use magic a wizard. People who use magic aren't special they just have developed a skill that is widely unknown. There isn't any special ritual to be able to use spells anyone can if they work ha (MORE)

Why can not you have a pony?

Because some people have not had enough training in looking after horsses and sometimes do not treat them good.

How do you become an animorph in real life?

Well, first you have to "be" the one. I mean, I know it sounds corny, but that's what you have to do. For real, me and my friend Maddie are totally in the faze that we can morph. Again. But we buried letters on the playground and like, three times we got letters back from them. One from Rachel, one (MORE)

Do you have to feed ponies real horse feed?

Absolutely. Ponies are really just smaller-sized horses. Though the proper amount of feed for a pony would most likely be less than a horse, it'd be the same type of feed. For examples, search What do you feed a shetland pony and how much ? Runninghorse

How do you become a real wizard in real life?

This is a controversial subject and it is important all sides are heard. Please do not blank these answers, just add your own thoughts to the bottom of the list. Answer 1 Well you can't, because there's no such thing as magic! Harry Potter is just a movie! Answer 2 If you want to become (MORE)

How do you become a real estate analyst?

To become a real estate analyst, you must have studied real estate finance, real estate investment, real estate appraisal or MBA finance course. You can pursue these courses from any leading real estate management institute. As a real estate analyst, you identify and evaluate real estate investment (MORE)

Why did fossils become real?

Fossils (from fossus , literally "having been dug up") are the preserved remains or of animals (also known as zoolites ), plants, and other organisms from the remote past. The totality of fossils, both discovered and (MORE)

How do you become a princess in real life?

You cant become a princess unless you are the daughter of a prince. My Version All little girls are daddy's little princess. As girls get older they find that Princesses are born into royalty or They marry a Prince. That's the only way, I hope you find your prince.

What can ponies do?

Ponies can do the same things that full sized horses can do so long as you make adjustments for their heights. Miniature horses should never be confused with ponies, they should never be ridden.

What is the real spell to become a werewolf?

The full moon always has entranced me this is one of Satan's doorways to me. As much as I love God I long to run in the night and roam the trails of discovery, the shocking reality of werewolves have been shown clear to me now. To become a werewolf you are to strike an eternal deal with Satan for a (MORE)

Can a pony become a horse?

A pony is not just a horse that is small because it is young - a pony is a breed of horse that is small even when full grown.

Where did ponies become ponies?

There is no one specific place where ponies developed. The term'Pony' is simply a height designation for a equine that is 14.2hands and under. Most horse breeds were originally pony sized andonly became taller as humans began to breed for taller individualswithin the breeds themselves.

Is scary My Little Pony real?

What you're thinking of is probably fan-made. With the possible exception of certain scenes, it's usually not that scary.

How did the world of vampires become real?

Vampires are not real; they are creatures of fiction. Much of the.modern myth of vampires is owed to Bram Stoker and his novel Dracula , and subsequent vampire movies and stories.

What is the appeal of a Fur Real Pony toy?

The Fur Real Pony toy is designed for a market audience of females age 4-6. The toy has numerous capabilities including animated facial expressions and making lifelike sounds, to name just a couple.

Is My Little Pony Fall real?

There is an actual toy line and there have been several TV showsand movies, but that characters themsealves are fictitious.

Is My Little Pony Equestria Girls real?

If you mean to ask if it is a real movie, yes. It is scheduled to have a special showing on June 15, followed by a wider release on June 16. If you mean to ask if the characters and such are real, no. The story is of course fictional.

What actors and actresses appeared in Becoming Pony Boi - 2009?

The cast of Becoming Pony Boi - 2009 includes: Beate Antares as Bee Rita Besikof as Rita Stein Monej Cruz as Sam Mike Erazo as Gym Trainer 2 Christina Jay as Hotel Groupie 1 Louisa Kendrick as Girl in wine shop JosieRae Lange as Princess Dimitry Mignon as Fanakababa Taralee Minshall as TLA Sergio My (MORE)

What does a pony do?

Well first let me begin by helping understand the classification of a pony. A pony is a horse that is under 14.2 hands. A hand is a unit of measurement used to measure equestrian species and is exactly 4 inches. Many ponies (like one I had during the summer) are used for pulling carriages either ind (MORE)

Is My Little Pony a real show?

It is an actual show that is shown on television, yes. There havebeen several TV series that have borne the name "My Little Pony."The current series in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic ,which airs on the Discovery Family Channel, formerly known as theHub Network.