How do you dry catnip?

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One way would be in the oven on low temp. in a pan or on a separate rack or screen, and with the oven door open, checking every couple of hours, it will take a few depending how thickly you spread it, the more space around it the better. It's important not to rush it.

I cut it and tie it into a bundle and hang it in my garage. The heat tends to be high in there in the late summer/early fall and is enough to dry it out.
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What is Catnip?

Catnip is a herb mixture that cats like. If you take a sniff of catnip it will smell like tea. You can buy catnip at any pet store or Target, Kmart, or Walmart.

How does catnip work?

If you mean on cats: It has an aromatic oil which is like alcohol to a cat but the cat only has to sniff it and it kind of makes the cat drunk. Also the aromatic oil makes it addictive to cats.

Can dogs have catnip?

dogs and catnip . I know a person who's dog eats their cat's food so it should be okay, I just don't think the dog should eat it all the time then he or she could get sick.

What does catnip do to cats?

Not much. they're supposed to like the smell and go to it, but my cats don't. Some cats do though, its like a drug for them i guess. Iv'e seen some cats act really strange around it! Catnip has a drug in the leaves and stem called 'nepetalactone'. Nepetalactone is thought to be similar to LSD, but (MORE)

How do you make catnip?

You grow it from seed, Catnip is a kind of herb, grow it in a pot or in the garden, cats love it, it's acts like a mild drug and gives them a 'high'. If they find it growing in your garden they will roll around and play in it, or you can cut it like any herb and dry it, then stuff soft toys with it (MORE)

What happens when you give hamster catnip?

True catnip (Nepeta catharria) is actually closely related to plants in the menthe (mint) family. Some rodents have low tolerance to some species of mint and it may cause them to have digestive problems and diarrhea. Besides, the "good" effect of Catnip wouldn't happen with a hamster, since its s (MORE)

What are the effects of catnip?

The effects of catnip on cats are many and varied: - only 1 in 2 cats is effected by catnip. - Kittens less than 8 weeks old have no effect - High lasts 10-15 minutes - Cat will only want more 2+ hours later. - Effects range from sedate, to happy, to aggressive. Each cat has a different r (MORE)

Where do you grow catnip?

You can grow catnip in any country. It originated in Europe and Asia but has since spread across the world via owners who wish to share this treat with their feline friends. If the climate it too hot or cold to grow catnip outside you can purchase a small indoor greenhouse to grow it inside. Though (MORE)

Can kittens have catnip?

Kittens can respond to catnip as early as 8 weeks old. The positive reaction and desire for catnip is inherited from their mother - if mum likes it then kittens will too. All cats (in your case kittens) can, it is like a drug to them, but it is not like it hurts them like drugs hurt us.=D Also (MORE)

Where can you get catnip?

In the cat aisle at your supermarket and at pet stores.. You can also purchase seeds at your local hardware / nursery / garden centre and grow it yourself. Its not hard!

Can catnip get you high?

there are 250different species of catnip and when cats consume it they feel high for a while it also causes a mild high in humans too. and its legal so get eating your nip enjoy it causes a high in some people; about 1 in 7

Can you smoke catnip?

Pretty much any and every plant is smokeable. But smoking catnip will have no psychoactive effects. Meaning, it's not going to get you high. It's like smoking tea leaves: pointless, yet popular among little kids who want to experiment with drugs but don't know how to get any. You might as well tr (MORE)

How do you grow catnip?

Catnip is simple to grow. Purchase some seeds, a pot and some nice potting soil from your local gardening nursery... Fill the pot almost to the top... Sprinkle some seeds and then top off with a little more soil (just enough to cover all the seeds). Water lightly, twice daily until the plant is esta (MORE)

What is catnip used for?

catnip is sometimes used for the stuffing in cat toys so they play with them more. people spray them on scrathing posts so cats scratch on them.they put them in cat beds so they sleep there more often. the cats are hugely attracted to the scent.

Where can catnip be found?

Catnip is a plant that many people add to their gardens so havesomething fun for their cats. It is a type of mint plant and growsin sunny locations that have plenty of water. It is native to partsof Europe and Asia, but now grows in many places throughout theworld.

Where can you find catnip?

actually you can find toys for cats in the animals section Walmart with catnip in them >,..,< wish me good luck i just brought a new kitten into the house with two other cats that hate it and a big hound dog that thinks she the kittens mother....then the fishys ~Ashleigh M.O.R.G.A.N~

Where to buy catnip?

You can buy it at almost any pet store like Petsmart or Petsupermarket. You might be able to buy it at Walmart or Publix too.

What are the elements in Catnip?

Catnip is simply an herb or type of plant. It's considered some kind of mint. The ingredient cats like is nepetallactone which causes a hallucinogenic effect lasting 5-10 minutes. When eaten, it acts like a sedative. It effects about half of all cats even those not domesticated. They attempt to "bru (MORE)

What will catnip do to a human?

Humans can use catnip to help them sleep, for arthritis, for general joint aches and pains, and for a tooth ache. It is usually made into a tea. However pregnant woman should avoid handling or consuming catnip.

Is catnip edible?

it is. i think it tastes like chocolate. you should try it sometime. it can't be too bad. cats like it.

What happens when your cat eats catnip?

Cats are able to consume catnip, but ONLY in small amounts. Big amounts can cause digestion problems. The aroma of catnip is what makes them have the euphoric "high". Catnip has actually been shown to act as a sedative to cats when eaten, though they eat and chew on it to release more of the oils, s (MORE)

Is smoking catnip bad for you?

Smoking anything is bad for you. It is harmful to your mouth, throat and respiratory system. However, it would take many years of heavy smoking to do any permanent damage to your body, and nobody would smoke that much catnip for that long, because it doesn't do anything to you. It's not a drug (MORE)

Where can you buy catnip?

Catnip can be bought as a plant from garden centers, however you can also buy a large range of cat toys and treats which contain catnip in a dried form.

Is catnip a flower?

yes, it is and there is also a plant called cat mint which is very pretty. Catnip is a member of the group referred to as herbs. Catnip (Nepeta cataria) is a perennial, which means that it grows again from the roots the next year. It will bloom/flower in the early to middle of Spring time. The flo (MORE)

Can pregnant cats have catnip?

Yes. There are no known health risks associated with catnip. Though it seems to affect cats like a drug, it doesn't cause addiction or any of the problems we associate with humans and drugs.

Who discovered catnip?

Catnip was Native to Europe and Asia, catnip is now naturalized in North America, growing in dry roadside places and in mountains

How do bugs get in catnip?

They eather crawl in after you buy it, or they are in there at the factorie..... most of the time its when you take it home they get init...

What types of catnip is their?

There are over 250 types of catnip. The most common are: - common catnip - camphor catnip - greek catnip - lemon catnip - catmint. Learn more about these types of catnip here:

Can you eat catnip?

Yup, people make tea out of it (i love it), it can make you a little sleepy though. It's in the mint family so its similar to eating mint, and it was way more commonly used back in the day-like a hundred years ago and before. Its often used for treating insomnia, digestive problems, anxiety, and oth (MORE)

Is catnip banned?

No - catnip is not banned :) Its a perfectly legal high for your cat. You can purchase it as tea for humans, it has no effect on humans, the tea is supposed to be "calming" though like chamomile.

What can a catnip be used for beauty products?

Catnip has soothing qualities, as well as antiseptic qualities. Boil catnip in a soup of other soothing herbs. Mix it with soap after cooling and then apply to hair like shampoo. Let it sit and then rinse.

Where to get catnip oil?

We have original catnip oil @ USD 250 Per kg. Kindly contact us Regards. Rajat Mehrotra Meena Perfumery Kannauj,India +919839739547

Is catnip safe for rabbits?

Fresh catnip is safe for rabbits. It isn't poisonous, anyway. Some rabbits like it, some do not. As with all new foods and rabbits, when giving catnip to a rabbit for the first time, offer only a bite or two; gradually work up to a handful over time (at least a week). Keep an eye on your rabbit's he (MORE)

What are the side-effects of smoking catnip?

At this time, there are no known common side-effects to smoking catnip. It is recommended that anyone taking other medications should consult their physician and pharmacists before using it. It has many herbal uses and is used for several different remedies.

Who nicknamed Katniss catnip?

Gale nicknamed Katniss "Catnip". When they first met, she said her name and he thought she said Catnip, when she really said Katniss.

Will smoking catnip lead to cancer?

"Catnip is generally not recommended for human consumption, and so there are no definitive tests as to whether or not it causes cancer in humans. However, some tests show that catnip may in fact help fight kidney cancer."

Catnip toy how long does the catnip last in toy?

I find catnip toys lose their effect within the first month. I purchased a small toy in the shape of a mouse you can open and change the catnip yourself works best. The effects would depend on the cat though! :)

What is the opposite of catnip?

If you are talking about the Hunger Games character Katniss, her opposite (who calls her Katnip) would be Gale... Later on it becomes Peeta. However, if you are just talking about catnip as a product, no real opposite exists. Since catnip gives your cat a kind of "high" feeling, a cat valium woul (MORE)

Is catnip smokeable?

Pretty much any and every plant is smokeable. But smoking catnip will have no psychoactive effects. Meaning, it's not going to get you high. It's like smoking tea leaves: pointless, yet popular among little kids who want to experiment with drugs but don't know how to get any.

Is catnip poision?

Catnip is not a poison. Catnip is a natural high for cats, they know when they have had enough and it cannot hurt them. To read more about the effects of catnip on cats check out this infographic:

Is catnip cannabis?

No, catnip is completely different than cannabis, there is no connection between the two plants.

What is wrong with catnip?

To the best of my knowledge, nothing. Some cats find the scent of catnip alluring and somewhat intoxicating - they may roll around in it, eat it and play with it, then run around with a lot of energy afterwards. Other cats couldn't care less about catnip and pretty much ignore it. Either way, the ca (MORE)

What is a catnip used for?

Catnip is a intoxicant used to make a cat get silly or playful, kind of like marijuana for cats. Catnip is used for the cat to play with or chew on depending on whether it is fresh or dry. You can sprinkle catnip on top of cat food in order to get the cat more interested in eating their food.

Where can you purchase catnip?

Pretty much any pet store. At places such as Petco and Petsmart,the loose catnip is usually located in the same aisle(s) as the cattoys.