How do you fish in the Mediterranean?

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You can make it as simple or as complicated as you wish:-) I'm in the UK, so am able to fish around the Med several times each year, as a part of vacation trips, and the methods vary very little from country to country. If you are in an urban centre / city, it is possible / probable that you will be able to take part in organised fishing trips on board a boat, which can be anything from dangling a line overboard to big-game fishing. Most fishing probably takes place from shores / breakwaters, in harbours etc ... and remember, tides are not really an issue in the Med, as for all intents and purposes, they do not exist!:-) Fishing methods can range from the lightest rod that you own, with a naural bait (virtually anythiung edible!), to a powerful rod capable of casting 5 ounces (160grams) well over 150 yards / metres .. or anything in between, including the full range of lure / baitcasting rods. It REALLY is that flexible .. take what you have and simply enjoy yourself .. like the world over, you'll find that anglers talk to each other:-)
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