How do you tell your mom your pregnant if your a teenager?

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Think about how your parents have reacted to other situations. Try to imagine how they might respond, but remember it's impossible to really know for sure. Still, thinking about what to expect can help you feel prepared for the conversation you plan to have
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How should a teenager tell her strict and religious parents that she is pregnant?

There is no easy way to do this. But seeing as there is no other option, you sit them down an start at the beginning. Tell them everything. How it happend, what emotions you are experiencing, and what options you are considering. Be mature about this. If you can't face them, then write a letter. Ask (MORE)

How does a 16-year-old girl tell her mom she is pregnant when her mom thinks that the boyfriend and her don't see each other?

How Does A 16 Year Old Tell Her Mom She is Pregnant By The Boyfriend She Was Forbidden To See: . The same thing happened to me and I solved it by just letting my mother find out herself. I was too scared to tell her. . First be calm about it. Don't get scared. I'm about to have a baby. I'm so s (MORE)

If your mom tells you she wants you to be her friend even though she's your mom too does that mean that she would be there for you if you got pregnant?

That question is impossible for a stranger to answer. Everybody is different. You know your mother better than anyone else could, and are far better able to make such a judgment than someone who doesn't know either of you. I think it depends more on the level of trust you have in your mother's love (MORE)

How do teenagers get pregnant?

The same way as anyone else, they have unprotected sex the sperm from the man fertilizes the woman's egg and hey presto - pregnant! Answer Get a book from the library, it will have all the answers you need. Dont you have sex ed? Answer Well apparently you haven't been informed very well abou (MORE)

How can you tell if your mom is pregnant?

if your mom is having a baby she probably will be hungry allot so you will eat out allot then after 4 months she will buy lots of cloths and new things for the baby so on then also she will buy ma-be a new car or house to make room there is no reason to get mad over it but the baby may get more actt (MORE)

How do you tell a teenager she's pregnant?

My mother randomly told me to take a pee test when I was 28 weeks pregnant. I hid it very well since it was a cold season. But she was doing her monthly drug test and just decided to throw in the pregnancy test since she noticed I was getting bigger. Then when it came back positive, she knew and she (MORE)

How do you tell your mom that your girlfriend could be pregnant?

Answer . Wait until the OBGYN tell you both that she is pregnant before saying anything and then both of you sit down and tell her. You'll have to tell both sets of parents but chances are they'll be excited after the initially shock. My sister was 18 when she found out and due in Dec. Everyone i (MORE)

What to do when you are pregnant and a teenager?

babies are an insane amount of money and work!! make sure you can afford it with food and insurance and bills and everything!! it costs thousands of dollars (literally!!) just to have a baby, let alone care for it and teach it everything it needs to know in life. make sure it will grow up in a hom (MORE)

Can teenagers get pregnant?

Yes, teens can get pregnant. Teenage pregnancy is actually quite a struggle. There are national campaigns geared towards education and prevention. See the related link below.

Should you tell your mom you are pregnant?

If you are like 30, it is totally up to you. If you are a teen, you need to go have a talk soon. You aren't going to be able to hide it forever. I have known teen girls with big round bellies still trying to deny the fact they were pregnant. Everyone knows, and they are just causing themselves more (MORE)

Can a teenager get pregnant?

As soon as a teenager reaches their first period and produces eggs they can become pregnant. Although, they are a lot more likely to have a miscarriage. . Miscarriages happen frequently only to young teens, not to older teens between 16 and 20. . Yes

If im 13 and think im pregnant and scared to tell your mom what do i do?

I think you should be prepared to face the conseqeunces of your decision making. Tell your mom and tell her you realize the mistake you made. It was something made for only married couples. Not teenagers. Again, this was your decision, so you should be straightforward with her. Explain what you did (MORE)

How do you get a teenager pregnant?

You get a teenager pregnant by having sex with her. However, sex with teens is illegal is most parts of the world. In Sims, only adults can become pregnant. They've blocked teenage pregnancies in Sims to make a good impression on kids, adults and teens.

I'm scared of telling my mom and dad that I'm pregnant but I want to keep it?

If you plan on having this child you need to tell your parents. The sooner the better. They might be upset but usually parents are more understanding than you think. They can help you while you're pregnant. They've been through this and they know what to do. Your parents will find out eventually onc (MORE)

How do you tell if mom dwarf rabbit is pregnant?

A pregnant doe will make a nest within 21 days of her pregnancy. She will pluck fur and carry straw to the nest. You can gently palpate her abdomen with your thumb and forefinger. The babies feel like hard peas. Also if she is in kindle she will not allow a buck to mate with her again and will run a (MORE)

Why teenagers get pregnant?

Birth control fail No sex ed and/or only been taught abstinence Wanting a family because you and the boyfriend is so perfect together Always wanted to be a young parent Want someone to love them unconditionally Thinks it wont happen to them and once without condom is OK Feels too awkward (MORE)

How do you tell your mom you are pregnant at 16 years old?

Well there's the classic "Hey mom, guess what? I'm pregnant!" but most people don't really go for that.. Just sit her down, be serious, and tell her what's up. She's probably going to be mad, but if you're mature and willing to talk things over with her, then you can probably work something out.

How can a teenager get pregnant?

Well, first you have to go to a churchyard and say "I am dumb" 3 times, and then you have to cut your toenails and eat them, and same day you have to kiss a ladybug 10 times on the genitals... If you fall asleep within 12 hours, you're definitly a pregnant teenager. Congratulations honey, call MTV

Im a teenager how do i deal with your mom?

okk most teens doesnt get along with their own mothers but u have to keep trying to deal with her like if shes being a pain just ignore her and u know sometimes moms try to make u feel guilty dont fall for it and dont always be sorry even if ur wrong trust me there gonna keep waiting for it!!so i pr (MORE)

Teenage moms that have no baby father?

1st: they have 2 haave a baby father 2 get pregnet . 2nd:someone will avenyuly help tyhem trake care of their baby because theres always a nother man that has more responcibility

When you find out for sure that you are pregnant how should you tell your mom?

This all depends on the type of mom you have. If i had to tell my mom i would: I would sit her down and just tell her, as soon as you find out for sure. Its better to tell her then keep it from her, and she'd probably appreciate it if she knew right away. I would also tell her how you feel abo (MORE)

How do I tell my mom I want to get pregnant?

Well, I am guessing that you are not near old enough to get pregnant nor in a good situation. Talk to her about it in a sense that "one day" you look forward to being a mom. That is a perfectly natural instinct (and it is very hard to ignore at times). Sometimes that instinct is even greater when yo (MORE)

How did your mom get pregnant?

It may be shocking to you, but your Mom got pregnant that way that all women get pregnant- by having sexual intercourse. If you do not understand what that means (we DO have some very young folks around here) there is a link under this answer that can help give you some information.

What are my rights as a mom of a teenage mom?

This is a tricky issue which varies greatly from state to state and by your circumstances. Your county probably has a legal aid department or a community social worker who can help you in your local area. As a public school teacher, I saw too many 28 and 29 year old grandmothers. All of them wanted (MORE)

What are my rights as a teenage mom?

No RIGHTS, just responsabilities. The courts protect rebels and out of control teenagers, as soon as they start crying and lying, then you become an abusive, control freak parent. When a teenager learned how to play the system you are in trouble, no matter how good, responsible, honest and har (MORE)

How do you tell your mom your pregnant at 12?

I would suggest waiting until it's just the two of you or ask her to set aside some time for a personal talk. When the time is right just come out and tell her - there's no leading up to this conversation. Expect some tears and possibly even for her to be angry - allow her some time for this to si (MORE)

What do you do if you are a teenager and you are pregnant?

If I were you, I would keep her/he. The minute you lay eyes on your baby, you will fall in love with he/her. If your under 16 and you don't have anyone (someone living in your house) willing to take care of her/he while your gone, get a pregnancy agent. Consider adoption. They will discuss and reall (MORE)

Why does my mom tell me what to do?

Because she is your mother u came out of her and she maybe gave up her dreams for u so u can live your dream even I hate that but I still love