How fast can a cheetah run in 100metres?

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A cheetah can run the 100 metres in 3.33 seconds.
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How can a cheetah run that fast?

A cheetah can run fast because it has a special spine that is made/fit for running at the high speeds it can. (70-80 Miles per hour)

Who fast can cheetahs run?

How fast do you drive on the highway? 65-70 miles per hour, right? Well, that's how fast a cheetah can run.

Can cats run as fast as cheetahs?

Depends on what you mean. . Cheetahs are considered a cat specie - so Cheetahs ARE cats.Which makes cast as fast as Cheetahs. . OTOH the particular cat specie known as the C

How does a cheetah run fast?

cheetahs have things called legs. they use these said "legs" to run and when they run its fast then a magic force field forms around them and little invisble garden knomes car