How long after you put lime on your grass can your dog go outside on the grass?

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It's best to water them in thoroughly before letting your pet out, especially if he/she is likely to try and eat them.
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What is grass?

A herbacious plant with tiny stems that are only a few milimeters in height and long, slender leaves. It contains no branches like trees, shrubs and forbs do, and its growth points are very close to the ground. They flower by shooting their growth points up on one single stem and opening up the inid (MORE)

Why do dogs scratch on the grass after they go potty?

Answer . Because ....... I FEEL GOOD (SONG) by James Brown Whoa-oa-oa! I feel good, I knew that I would, now I feel good, I knew that I would, now So good, so good, I got you. Just like humans when we have a bowel movement it's such a relief at times that as James Brown sang 'IT FEELS GOO (MORE)

What does lime do to grass?

Adding lime to your lawn changes its pH value.. Lime is Calcium Oxide also known as Quicklime or Burnt Lime, which is an alkaline. Adding lime effectively reduces the acidity of your lawn.

Do dogs eat grass?

yes. only when they are sick yes they do when they have an upset stomach and they want to be sick then they eat grass

Dog eats grass?

Why Are My Dogs Eating Grass? So your beloved dog is clearly acting like a cow and you are totally confused to why you just witnessed your dog eating grass. Thinking to yourself, you begin to wonder.. Is he hungry? Bored? or Sick? Rest assured that you're not alone in your concern, especia (MORE)

What will happen if a dog eats grass?

It depends why the dog ate the grass. If it has an upset stomach and then eats grass, the dog will often regurgitate the food and the grass to clear it's stomach to make it feel better. Sometimes a dog will nibble grass for no other reason that it enjoys doing so. Also if the dog does happen t (MORE)

Why do dogs like to eat grass?

Dogs like to eat grass because it does not sit in their stomach, so if they ate something bad then they ate grass they would throw up the grass and the bad stuff thet they ate.

Why is there grass?

Grass exists because it has evolved to be able to thrive under wild grazing animals' grazing habits. However the true reason why grass exists is an ultimate evolutionary and botany mystery to us all. Think of it this way: Why do humans exist? A strange, yet great question. Grass is the type of plant (MORE)

Does lime kill grass?

Yes, lime does kill grass because it is very acidic. The acidity oflime kills the cells of the grass therefore leading to the dryingof the grass.

Why do dogs and cats eat grass?

Dogs eat grass usually to settle their upset stomach, it will help them vomit. It is a perfectly natural behavior. Don't worry too much about them eating grass but be aware there could be an underlying disorder. In addition, too much vomitting and prolonged stomach upset can lead to dangerous levels (MORE)

What does grass put in your letterbox mean?

unlucky, seems a bunch of kids dont like you.... or the mail man dropped the post..... either way not great you have a bunch of annoying kids. Mmmm thanks kaykay... glad you put the time into that....

Can you put a hermit crab in grass?

It's not a good idea if the grass has ever been treated with pesticides or even fertilizer, as most fertilizers contain pesticides. These can sicken or even kill your crab. You are also exposing your crab to the possibility of other insects and/or diseases.

Is it good for dogs to eat grass?

It shouldn't hurt them, however, when they eat grass it's usually a good sign that they are sick. Another answer: Eating grass makes dogs throw up, which usually relieves their minor stomach upsets. If they only do it occasionally and they're fine after they vomit, it's just their way of getti (MORE)

Will lime kill grass?

No it won't even in large doses, what it will do is increase the soil PH which some grasses don't like so check with a garden center in your area for your soils needs. Cheers, Barry

Why do cats and dogs eat grass?

Why Are My Dogs or Cats Eating Grass? So your beloved dog or cat is clearly acting like a cow and you are totally confused to why you just witnessed your dog or cat eating grass. Thinking to yourself, you begin to wonder.. Is he hungry? Bored? or Sick? Rest assured that you're not alone in your c (MORE)

Why is your pregnant dog eating grass?

While... Usually, when a dog eats grass it is because their stomach hurts. I'm assuming it is the same case with a pregnant dog.. Check out the related link.

How does lime help grass?

Lime wont directly help grass. Lime will decrease the pH of the soil. Australian soils are typically acidic and adding some lime can help bring the pH to nuetral.

Does eating grass hurt dogs?

Yes, if dogs eat grass they can barf, die, or choke. It matters what type of grass...or how much grass. My dog ate regular grass before. It made her bark when she was sleeping... :3 So don't let your dog eat grass... mostly if it's plastic. If any problems, send a e-mail to Enjo (MORE)

Can you put Atrazine on Bermuda grass?

Bermuda grass is not tolerant of atrazine and it can possibly kill the grass. Certainly some state agricultural agencies recommend using atrazine to control weeds in Bermuda grass, but its use should probable be limited to times when the average temperatures are at or below 50 o F, i.e. when the (MORE)

How do you stop dogs from burning the grass?

"Burning the grass" happens because a dog is urinating in one area too much, which results in a high level of nitrogen which kills the grass off. To stop this, you will need to convince your dog to urinate in different areas; a quality dog trainer can help you with this. Another option would be to g (MORE)

How does dog urine affect grass?

Dog urine, or any other urine for that matter, will affect grass by getting it wet if the urine comes in contact with it. This is due to the high water content of urine. If urine does not come in contact with grass, the grass should not be affected at all but I cannot confirm this statement 100%.

Does a dog have worms when it eats grass?

Not necessarily. Dogs will eat grass when their stomach is upset for any reason. If you suspect your dog has worms, it won't hurt a thing to give them a de-wormer and see if they stop eating grass within a couple of days. If not, best to have a vet check them out.

Is it okay if dogs eat grass?

It's OK if he only eats some but if he is grazing like a horse, call a vet. Because dogs and wolfs eat grass after a big meal to help it digest or help an upset stomach. If he eats way to much it is probably because his stomach hurts. Another answer: Specifically, eating grass makes dogs throw u (MORE)

Can you put Atrazine on Zoysia grass?

Yes you can. Atrazine does not hurt Zoysia grass. just be sure to use it at the recommended rate. If you use too much then it will cause damage to the grass.

Are dogs supposed to eat grass?

yes it helps with their digestive system. When a dog eats grass, it generally means something is up with their stomach. If they only do it occasionally, it should be no problem. However, if they do it all the time, you should go to the vet.

Will lime make my brown grass green?

Only if it needs lime. Have someone take a soil test for you to check the pH level. If it reads between 6.5 and 6.7 your fine. If the test reads low...its too acidic and then and only then do you apply lime which may green up the lawn. If the numbers are too high then it needs to be more acidic wi (MORE)

Why do dogs rub there bums on the grass?

Dogs rub on grass for the same reasons that people itch their bottoms. Either because they are wiping or cleaning something off of it, such as waste, or they are trying to itch it They could have worms, is your dog regularly dewormed. They also could have blocked anal glands , your vet can check f (MORE)

Why does your dog eat grass but not food?

Usually dogs eat grass to calm an upset stomach, or if your dog is dappy (like mine) they'll eat grass just for the sake of it. I would recommend that you take your dog to the vet for a check up if your dog still refuses food and eats grass after a couple of days, as there may be an underlying probl (MORE)

Can you put grass in hamsters cage?

You have to be careful with grass there could be pesticides on it or even run off pesticides from your neighbor both of which could kill your pet

Why does a dog eat grass and why?

dog eat grass simply because they ate somthing that does not agree with them. The grass makes the dog get sick so they can get rid of what ever was making them feel bad. so dont yell at your dog when they are eating grass because grass is like a tums for dogs.

Why dog eat the grass?

Why Are My Dogs Eating Grass? Former Veterinary Nurse - So your beloved dog is clearly acting like a cow and you are totally confused to why you just witnessed your dog eating grass. Is he hungry? Bored? or Sick? Rest assured that you?re not alone in your concern, especially if your dog is eating (MORE)

How often do I put lime on grass?

lol idk check it up !!! Answer This depends on the PH of the soil in your lawn area. In the northwest the soils tend to be acidic. Most of the time, you want lawns soil to be between. 6.5 and 7.5. If it is acidic, you want to add lime. Also adding lime to your grass is a good way to pr (MORE)

How do you get a dog to stop peeing in the grass?

You train them to go in a certain spot. My Nana trained her dog to do her business in the weeds that are connected to her back yard. Usually people put a little fence up in a corner of the yard big enough for them to walk back and forth looking for a spot to do their business and they will only go i (MORE)

How do you put grass into personification?

A "personification" is an attribution of a personal nature or humancharacteristics to something non-human. "Grass" is vegetation consisting of typically short plants withlong, narrow leaves. It is therefore not obvious how you could put one into the other.