How long can mice survive without water?

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"Mice can live from 9 upto 16 days without water."


Mice cannot live more than two to four days without water or a source of moisture.
Hydration gel packs are used to keep mice alive and healthy during any sort of transport for labs or pet stores. Whoever wrote this must hate mice.
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How long will the man survive without food but with water intake?

If you're lucky you can survive up to 3-4 days without water.But usually it's 2-3 days. With water intake and doing no heavy physical a man can survive 30 to 80 days ,People of the Jain religion undergo fasting and fasting for a period of 8 days is very common in them.

How long can a person survive without water?

People have been known to last up to 4 days. It usually depends how much water they took in before they initially started going without water, how active they are, are they eating at all, the temperature, and the weather.

How long can a scorpion survive without food and water?

they can survive for more than twelve months without food as well as they do not need to drink for months. Apparently they can also survive without air. I captured a scorpion in San Antonio and put it into a glass jar with a tight fitting lid. After a while it stopped moving and I thought it was de (MORE)

How long can the human body survive without water?

A human being can survive an average of three to five days without water but this also depends on your age. The more younger you are the more difficult it is for your body to not run water. Water helps our cells function properly without it they may shrink or shrivel up then they're pretty much usel (MORE)

How long can someone survive without water?

While the body can survive without food for about five weeks, the body cannot survive without water for longer than three days. " An average adult male can survive for 30 to 40 days without food.

How long can bearded dragons survive without water?

WHY do people keep asking these kinds of questions ! It doesn't matter what kind of reptile it is - it should have fresh water EVERY day ! I get the impression that people asking this kind of question are planning on going away on holiday , and leaving their reptile to fend for itself while the (MORE)

How long can bees survive without water?

If you have trapped and bee and made food and water inaccessible,it would take about 48 hours to die. If he is not trapped, he willgo search for food and water to prevent death.

How long can a hamster survive without food or water?

A hamster can't live for more than a day or two without water. I just discovered my seven year old daughter forgot to put her hamsters water back in the cage three days ago. We were out of town so I just discovered it. I just gave the hamster some water, and she wouldn't stop drinking for ten min (MORE)

How long can people survive without water?

3 days, under normal conditions. . It should be noted, however, that the environment can also affect how long we can survive without water. This includes air temperature, relative humidity etc.

How long survive without water?

The longest known case was 4 days according to a documentary on the Discovery Channel. Typically the average is considered 3 days. This can be remembered by the rule of 3's: 3 minutes without air 3 days without water 3 weeks without food There have been extreme cases going beyond thi (MORE)

How long will you survive without water?

If you have neither liquid nor solid food then probably ten days at most, greatly dependent on the environment (heat, wind, sun, ...) and your initial condition.

How long can elephants survive without water?

it depends on the elephant. Desert elephants can survive days without water but a regular African elephant has to drink at least once a day.So it depends on the species ur talking about. :]

How long can a human survive without food and water in Antarctica?

Antarctica is the highest, driest, coldest, windiest, coldest, darkest continent on earth. Without proper extreme cold weather gear, a human can freeze to death in less than one hour. It is recommended that a human drink two liters of water daily, to keep up with the extreme dryness in the Ant (MORE)

What animals can survive long periods of time without water?

i would guess no because they run around and play a lot and they can hot and they will need water and if they don't get water they might pass out or get sick or something like that but if you have a dog make sure they get plenty of water especially in the middle of summer time

How long will baby mice survive without food?

Newborn, a day or two. They are too small to even feed with a dropper at this stage. I did find some wild newborn mice once. A cat had killed their mother and he was trying to get under a discarded door. I found six naked babies underneath, and finally got the idea to cut a tiny piece of flannel and (MORE)

How long can a kitten survive without food or water?

Not very long. Young kittens can die within 24 or 48 hours without food or water. Older kittens will survive a little longer than this as they are bigger and have bodily reserves. If your kitten stops eating for 24 hours, it is highly recommended to take it to the vets.

How can camels survive long periods without water?

they can store water in their humps, depending on how many humps they have, is how long they could go without food or water. A camel with just one hump, could go for a maximum for up to 3 weeks without food and water. The reason camels are able to live without water for so long is because they are (MORE)

Can newts survive without water?

No. Newts are amphibians, and they rely on water for their lifecycle. Depending on the species, they may send almost all of theirtime in water, or they may be semi-aquatic, sharing their timebetween land and water. Either way, they must have water.

How long can a goat survive without water?

Goats can go around a day or two, considering a lot of their body is made up of water; just like humans, they should be able to sustain about at least 1/3 of the time we can. Mainly because they are a third of what size an average human in America is. Humans can go three to five days without water (MORE)

How long can a cat survive without food and water?

A cat can survive 24 hours without food and water at the absolute most. Cats may look like they can survive more but NO THEY CAN NOT. Another Answer If you cannot feed your cat for a day for whatever reason, get an automatic food feeder at the pet store. Also, put out a large bowl of water. Y (MORE)

How long can the fish survive in the tank without water pump or air?

Depending on the fish, the size of the tank, number of occupants in the tank, last time a proper water change had been done the exact number of hours is hard to determine. Each case would be unique to the circumstances. Close observation of the tank would be required to properly gauge time restraint (MORE)

How long will a dolphin survive without water?

A : In principle, a dolphin can live for many hours out of the water, since, like humans, it breathes with its lungs. However, a dolphin's skin must be kept damp at all times. In addition, its body must be cooled by pouring ice water on its flippers, which carry numerous blood vessels just below th (MORE)

Can a ladybug survive without water?

NO! Ladybugs do get water from plants they eat, but at least provide tea, water, or sugar water. DO NOT make the sugar water too thick when you boil it. Simply heat it till the sugar goes away.

How long can animal survive without water?

No animal can live without water. You are probably thinking about those animals that can live a long time, or even their entire lives without drinking water or absorbing water through their skin. Such animals do exist, because they can obtain their water through their food. Many food items contain w (MORE)

How do fish survive without water?

They don't, if they are true water breathing fish. If you catch them and put them back in oxygenated water quickly they may recover. The oxygen in their blood stream takes time to be used up by their muscles and brain. So just like people can recover from drowning, if acted on quick enough so can fi (MORE)

How do you survive in the desert without water?

If you do not have water or a means of extracting water from plantsor the soil, you will start experiencing ill effects in a few hours(especially in summer) and be dead in 3 days or less.

How long can frogs survive without water?

This depends on the species. Most will die in an hour of dryingout. However there are a few unique species, including the desertwater holding frog, that will secrete mucus over itself andmaintain estivation for up to 2 year without water. Estivation: Itis similar to hibernation except it is for extr (MORE)

How long can your body survive without consuming any water?

The length of time that a human being can survive without consuming water has everything to do with the person's health, age, environment (desert or cool area, etc) and many other factors. However, the average aged human being can survive for no more than 6 days without consuming water.