How long do catfish live in saltwater?

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long do catfish live in saltwater
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How long does a catfish live?

That depends on the species of catfish unfortunately. Corydoras are common freshwater aquarium catfish and can live from 10-15 years.

How long do catfish live for?

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How long does a saltwater crocodile live?

They normally can live to 60 years in the wild. But rumors persist of 100 year old crocs and gators. Most scientists agree that 80 years would be the maximum age for crocodili

How long can Cory catfish live?

5+ years is the average for just about all types of Corys. Also keep in mind that they are happiest when in groups of at least 3.
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How long can a Cory catfish live out of water?

Not long they can breath air as a way of surviving in low oxygenated water were most normal fish would die. Out of water they would die when they became to dry half hour max I