How long does it take for deworming pills to work on humans?

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it takes about 1 week but you should take another tablet after2 weeks to ensure they are gon
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How long does it take for deworming medicine to work?

My puppy right now has worms. She started too poop out the worms a few hours after I gave her the medicine (I gave her the medicine at 5 she pooped out some worms around 10) t

How long does it take for a dewormer to work?

I gave my 5wk old puppies deworm. They started pooping worms within two hours. Triple wormer is an over the counter medication available at animal supply stores (without a pr

How long does it take for a dewormer to take affect in a puppy?

Depends on the strength and where it came from, the pet store or a Vet. Most dewormers start when they dissolve in the pups stomach. Within the first hour. It may take fro

How long do hair pills take to work?

Hair pills can take weeks or months to work. They tend to be gradual in action. In some cases or some scalp areas, they don't work at all.

Does human pills work on dogs?

2nd Answer: Never give human pills to dogs. Check with your Veterinarian before giving your dog any medication made for humans or better yet, take your dog in to see your Vete

How long does it take deworming medicine to work in cats?

Each type of deworming medicine works different for cats. Most ofthe medicine to treat worms is given over a period of time tocompletely kill all of the worms. Some are given