How many bones does a rat have?

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A Rat actually has 223 bones
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Do rats have bones?

Answer . Yes! But I think what you're referring to is how they can squeeze into tight areas like an octopus? Rats and mice have bones that are more "flexible" and can compress their rib cages to fit into small spaces. So if their little heads will fit through a space, so will their bodies.. Answer . Yes they do have bones and when they die they leave behind a skeleton in their shape.. Answer . yes.... yes. Yes, I have four rats and you can tell just by petting them. I'm pretty sure all mammals have bones. If you don't have any rats they are awesome pets!!

How many babies can a rat have?

The average female rat will have to about 5-15 babies. But, I've seen litters as large as 5-25. And i've seen litters as small as 1-2. But the average is 5-15. My female Rat had a litter of 12! :D as much as 15000 descendants in a year They can have anywhere from 1-15 (in very rare cases 19-20) Rats can have from 1 - 20, though normally about 5 - 12 If your pet rat is gonna have pinkies (the term for baby rats) i recomend that you give her lots of protein - egg soaked bread is a good one ... And lots of nesting materials - paper, small animal bedding, but not sented woodchips as they are not good for a rats health. i hoped that helped :) Generally, with their first litter, especially if they are young, female rats will give birth to about 4-5 pups. More experienced breeders can give birth to 15+ in one litter. On average, a fully mature female rat will give birth to 10-12 pups in one litter. rats only have one baby at a time but in one session of giving birth rats can have about up to 9 to 12 babies. My female mouse had 12 babies and she let all of them die except 3 -do not know why -maybe she know how many she could take care of at one time- Rat can give birth up to 20 babies some of them can die when givenbirth. Don't touch them because the mother will bite your hand orkill the babies. Answer That can vary from just a couple to as many as a dozen or more. average is around 7-12. They can go as high as 20 (some times more) They can go as low as 2. Smaller litters are more common then large litters. ***Don't breed rats there are so many unwanted!!

How many toes does a rat have?

four maybe five on the back feet, but definitely four at least. Mine are hiding, but I pulled out one of their feet, and it looks like four . (:

How many chromosomes do rats have?

Rats are medium-sized rodents that have long tails and are similarto mice. Rats have 42 chromosomes, or 21 pairs.

How many rats are rats able to have?

The average female Norway rat has four to six litters per year and may successfully wean 20 or more offspring annually. The average number of litters a female roof rat has per year depends on many factors, but generally is three to five with from five to eight young in each litter. For more information about rats, breeding, habitat and control, please check out my bio.

How many rats are there in the world?

no one knows how many . Sorry, but you had some misspellings in your question. World. Many. There. the answer is....... well, i dont really know. These are the ones that I do know: fancy rats and albino rats. Hope that helps!! :)

How many rats in London?

In Greater London, it is believed that you are no further than 10 metres away from a RAT. Answer: Many movies stereotype London for "rats" I have been to London and there were only rats in the sewer or by sewers and some in the alleys. Nothing to worry about.

How many vertebrae in a rat skeleton?

students in my class are doing owl pellet dissections and we counted 54. We then went to this website ( and it seems to be indicating 54 as well. Hope this helps :)!

What is the difference between the bone structure of a rat and human?

Not much. Most all mammals have the same bones, only their sizes and shapes are different. For example: a giraffe and a human both have seven cervical vertebrae. In fact, all mammals, even whales have the same number of cervical vertebrae.

How many bones in a back bone?

It usually consists of 33 vertebrae and is divided into 5 different types: cervical (7), thoracic (12) lumbar (5), sacral (5 - fused) and coccygeal (4 - fused) vertebrae. Your back bone consists of 7 cervical vertebrae (making the neck), then 12 thoracic vertebrae, and 5 lumbar vertebrae. there are 206 bones in adult. i think you mean how many bones in your spine I'm not sure if that's your question. but there is 33 spinal bones 33 audults have 206 bones The human body has 33 vertebrae. There are 33 vertebrae in the human spine. (7 cervicals, 12 thoracic, 5 lumbar, 5 thatfuse into the sacrum and 4 that fuse into the coccyx.). The sacrum and coccyx are already fused into their respective bones at birth. The average human will eat 5 pounds of food in one day.

Why are there so many rats?

Rats are so populous due to their reaching of sexual maturity at roughly slightly less than 5 months of age, and each rat litter can consist of 10-18 pups.

How many offspring rats produce?

In a female rat's lifetime, they can have around 5 litters, each litter having atmost about 14 babies. So that's like around 70 babies per rat's life!

Can rats bite down to the bone?

Most rats can butt only stray. Pet rats are known to be very tame . good luck . Alyce Denning XX only stray rats can bite down to the bone . P i copied lol . beat that alyce . xxx . ~#Melissa#~ . P Doon't be meaaaan'x RATS CAN BITE TO THE BONE BUT ONLY NASTY STRAY RATS DO :@ . iiLoooveYoouu x

How many babies do kangaroo rats have?

They atleast have 1 per mate with the father but they mate their own siblings

Do rats eat many things?

The usual rule is that rats can eat pretty much anything humans eat. But avoid carbonated drinks as they cannot burp; these kinds of things could kill your pet rat.

Do rats have back bones?

No, They just have an abnormally long penis that runs down the place of where the spine should be.

How many rats make a mischief?

A group of rats make up a mischief. Since 2 is a pair, then treequalifies as mischief. *Philipians 4:13*

How many rat kangaroos are there?

Rat kangaroos are members of the Potoroidae family, which belong to the group known as Kangaroos, and are completely different to the kangaroo rats of North America. The term "bettong" and/or "potoroo" are sometimes used interchangeably with the term "rat-kangaroo". Thus, there can be considered to be either one of two surviving species of rat-kangaroos: . Rufous Rat-Kangaroo, also known as the Rufous Bettong or Woylie . Musky Rat-Kangaroo The Desert rat-kangaroo (also known as the Buff-nosed Rat-kangaroo or the Plains Rat-kangaroo) was another species. The last confirmed record of the Desert rat-kangaroo was in 1935 near Ooroowilanie, east of Lake Eyre, but some scientists believe that, as it is/was a very elusive creature it could still exist in the remote desert.

How many bone do you have?

How many bone do you have . The adult skeleton has 206 bones. The skeleton of an infant has 350 some of the bones fuse together with age 206 of those bones make up your hands and feet. . there are 206 bones in the human body

How many bones are in your face bones?

There are 14 facial bones. A pair of each of the nasal , lacrimal , zygomatic , palatine, maxilla, and inferior nasal conchae bones, and the single vomer and mandible bones.

How many offspring can a rat have?

When I was young, I occasionally came across a nest of baby mice. I usually saw 3 to 5 in a nest. Other than that, I have no idea how many offspring a rat can have.

How many bones does the tarsal bone has?

There are 7 tarsal bones; the talus, calcaneus, medial cuneiform, intermediate cuneiform, lateral cuneiform, navicular and cuboid.

How many babies can a rat have in its lifetime?

I was interested in finding this out because a pair that is at the petstore I buy from keeps getting pregnant. They are EXCELLENT parents and produce awesome babies, but the dad just keeps getting the mom pregnant. Anyway, I used a calculator to try to figure out how many babies she could have in a lifetime... . She has about 12 babies per litter. The gestation period is approx 20 days. I used an average of 4 years for her lifetime. . 365/20= 18 times per year possible to get pregnant . 18x4= 72 times possible to get pregnant in her lifetime . 72x12 (per litter)= 864 babies in her lifetime (about 216 babies per year if you want to change the number of years variable) . 216 babies in 1 year . 432 babies in 2 years . 648 babies in 3 years . 864 babies in 4 years . 1080 babies in 5 years . Might not be the most accurate because that is if the female is immediately pregnant again right after having a litter, so those are like the maximum potentials, but still interesting to see. That's a LOT of babies!

Do rats have more cartilage than bone?

No, rats have more bone than cartilage, same as most mammals. However, their skeleton has more flexibility at the joints, particularly the pectoral girdle and rib cage, which allows them to bend and squeeze into spaces that do not look big enough for a rat.

How many bones are in the breast bone?

The breast bone, or the sternum, is a single bone located in the centre of the chest area. It isa thick, flat bone designed to protect the chest cavity. It joins to the rib-cage.

How many days do rats have a baby?

Rats have about 6 to 18 babies every 23 days unless you sperate them, i recommend it, because its a lot on the mother.

How many rats die in a year?

I'll get back to you when I conduct the 2009 Rat Census.. About 100,000,000 its a really large number.

How many rats in a typical rat family?

Hi there I Know a fact that if you see one rat above ground theres usually 3 underground. The rat families though can differ to any size 3 to hundreds .

How many bones in a collar bone?

The collar bone is one bone on each side of the body called the clavicle.

Should your pet rats eat cooked or raw bones?

Rats are omnivores and rodents. They will eat anything. Feeding either kind of bone to them will help with keeping their teeth worn down. Being a rodent, their teeth never dtop growing.

How many babies do a rat have a litter?

Rats can have up to around 10 pups in a litter, but the doe's (female's) first litter is usually smaller. Maybe around 5-8.

How many living rats are there on earth?

All of them, except the dead ones. Actually that would be like asking "How many grains of sand are there in Mona Loa. Quick answer "A lot". No ones ever counted them.

How many rats in a rat king?

its hard to tell, sometimes its just too many to count. other times it could be only four

How Many bones are in the collar bone?

There is only one bone - the clavicle - that is often referred to as the collar bone. It is a long bone that makes up part of the shoulder girdle.

When cats eat rats do they eat the bone too?

Yes, of course! Cats eat ALL of their prey, including the bones which gives them vital nutrients such as calcium. A cat's digestive system can quickly and easily break down raw meat and bone, especially very small bones from prey such as a rat.

How many babies rats have?

Rats can have from 6-24 babies. The most common average is 8-15 baby rats. Larger litters are more uncommon that smaller ones.

How many babies do wild rats have?

They can have many babies, 6 is not unusual. They can have 12 or more though, it often depends on many things. Sometimes it's genetic, whereas it can also depend on how well fed and sheltered the mother rat has been. (help trust points)

How many bones in your shoulder bone?

The shoulder consists of one bone called the Scapula. If you touch your shoulder blade this is the bone that you feel. The scapula articulates with the clavicle(collar bone) and humerus(upper arm bone).

How many bones in your leg bone?

There are three bones from you hip (femur) to you lower leg which is you shin (Tibia/Fibula).

How many bones knee bones?

there are two 'knee bones'. One on each leg. They are both called patellas. (singular: patella).

Can a cat eat an entire rat bones and all?

Answer: Yes, but it is bad for them. Could cut something going down the digestive track, seriously injuring them. Answer: Cats can indeed eat rats and other small animals in their entirety, but it is certainly NOT bad for them. Cats are strict carnivores, so all the nutrition they need is provided by its prey, be it a mouse, bird, rat or other small animal. The prey's organs and muscle meat provide the cat with essential proteins, fats and other nutrients such as taurine, the skin as well as other parts provide the cat with fat, and the bones contain all the calcium a cat needs. A mouse or a rat is much smaller than a cat. Their bones are tiny and are easily crunched up by the cat's teeth. The digestive tract is quick and effective at digesting raw meat and bone so it is unlikely that anything would get caught in the digestive tract.

How many baby's can a rat have?

It depend on the type of rat. But a typical garden rat or pet rat can have up to 10

How many babies can pet rats have?

they can have around 1-8 babies, but that is just the usual average so they can have more than that.

How many rats in a rat colony?

Well that depends on how good they are eating, drinking, and what they are living in. If they are eating crumbs or scraps on the floor or in corners and drinking from a dripping faucet or a leak in a fish tank and you have a large or medium sized house and/or yard then there could be hundreds and even thousands. My suggestion on catching them is to be to use mouse traps or if you want them to live, then you can order a humane no kill mouse and rat trap from Amazon. They are 13-14 dollars if you get the small ones for mice and rats. The others are expensive. Hope I Helped! :)

How many rats can you keep together?

You can keep as many as you want only if the cage is big. Hope that was some help to you.

What effect does saline have on a rats vertebral bone density?

Injections of saline do not change a rat's vertebral bone density.This is known because the T score is unchanged after theinjections.

How many tastebuds does a rat have?

Rats have 5 taste buds: sweet, sour, bitter, savory and salty, it's being looked into if they may have another called Calcium

How many liters a rat has a year?

Female rats can get pregnant, generally, from 5 weeks old onwards. If they are left to have back to back litters (get pregnant, give birth, mate with a male within a few hours of birthing), then they will have 1 litter every 19-25 days, so there being 395 days in a year, that gives you as many as 20 litters per year. As for male rats, it would depend how many females they managed to get pregnant, for example if a male got 5 girls pregnent, you just go 20 x 5 = 100.

Why are the rat creatures after phony Bone in the bones book series?

The rat creatures want to perform a forbidden Ritual that is intented to free the locust using Phoney Bone,so they are after him.

How many bones are there in your collar bones?

The collar bone or clavicle is a single bone on each side of the body, for a total of two separate bones (the left clavicle and the right clavicle).