How many eggs do turkeys lay at one time?

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15 to 18 eggs
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How many eggs can a turkey lay?

Turkeys lay from early spring to early summer, a span of about 4months. During that time the turkey will lay 12-18 eggs and thensit on them. If you collect their eggs they wil

How many eggs do turkey lay?

Most hens (female turkeys) lay a clutch of 12-14 eggs per spring. If a nest is destroyed by a predator, the hen will get bred again, and then lay another clutch of 12-14 eggs.

Why do turtles lay so many eggs at one time?

Turtles, like many other animals, lay so many eggs at one time for many reasons. For example, not all turtles make it out of the egg; some never hatch. The biggest reason, how