How much money is spent on pets in the Us in 2010?

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According to an August 6th 2007 issue of Business Week magazine, we spend 41 billion dollars on our pets annually.
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How much money is spent daily in the US?

500 dollars. no that is VERY unlikely the real answer in probably in the millions possibly trillions because think of how many ppl go to stores and spend ( this is just an ex

How much money spent on pet food in America?

Pet "Estimates" . Dogs 67 million*. Cats 83 million*. Pet birds 10 million. Ferrets 2 million. Rabbits 3 million. (*est: Petfood Institute - 2007) . I got these from

How much money is spent yearly on pet food?

over 10,000 $ because pet stores also biggs and other stores have been raising prices because the economy is doing vary poorly so they have been raising money in stores.

How much money is spent each on pets by their owners?

pets can become quite expensive with their yearly checkups and food, also unforeseen accidents. Always make sure you can really afford a pet before you decide to get one, if y

How much money is spent on pet food in the US annually?

It depends on the type of animal you have and if you buy caned food or kibble. Canned foor for cats 1 week- about $4.50 Canned food for dogs 1 week- about $4.50 again Sm