How much water are you supposed to drink per day?

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How much water are you supposed to drink a day?

It depends on the factors like weight, climate etc. Here are some factors: Weight : You should be able to determine how to much to consume based on your weight. If you wei

How much water should people drink per day?

A general rule of thumb is that a healthy individual with normal exercise and perspiration should drink a minimum of 1 cc (ml) of water per calorie of food consumed. For examp

How much water a person suppose to drink a day?

One should drink atleast 1.5 liter of plain water in a day to fulfill his/her daily water requirement. You can drink 3-4 glasses of water in the morning with empty stomach, ca

How much water do rabbits drink on average per day?

It really depends on the rabbit. As long as you provide a regular sized watering can/bottle for your rabbit it should be fine. When your rabbit gets thirsty it will drink so b