How much water do cows have to drink to produce milk?

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This really depends on the salinity of the feed, the time of year, climate, weather, heat index, etc. Since milk is 98 to 99% water, most of the water a cow drinks goes into milk production in addition to the cow's bodily needs for water. Lactating cows tend to drink more water than cows that are dry.
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Do cows drink milk?

Not as a staple liquid. They drink water to remain hydrated. However, there are cows that will suckle from another cow (called milk-stealing), or older heifers suckle on older cows or each other. There are even reports of a cow reaching back to suckle milk from her own udder if she can reach back fa (MORE)

How much milk does a cow produce daily?

It depends on the cow and it's quality we have some that produce 100 lbs per day and some that produce about 10 lbs per day i help milk alot This question should be answered in fluid ounces, as milk is a liquid, not a solid. Most milk is talked about either in pounds or in liters. I have never h (MORE)

Why do people drink cows milk?

Because it contains two essential needs calcium and potassium which helps prevent brittle bone at an early age when where older.

Can rabbits drink cow milk?

No, rabbits can NOT have cows milk. They are unable to handle the fats and lactose in this. Rabbits milk is VERY rich, and baby rabbits may suffer convulsions and die when given cows milk for a certain length of time. Goats milk and kittens milk are the next closest alternatives for orphan rabbits.

Can puppies drink cows milk?

No, A puppy cannot drink cow's milk because it will cause diarrhea. most dogs have a lactose intolerance...If you wish to give your puppy milk, get puppy milk formula at a local Pet supply store OR you can do goats milk or you can try this: 500ml Goat's Milk 1 small cup plain yogurt 2 egg yolk (MORE)

Can ducks drink cow milk?

Yes, and often do. Free range farm ducks often go for the milk pail to get a drink. Milk has good amounts of calcium and proteins that would help the duck produce good solid egg shells. Ducks and chickens enjoy a feed of cheese whenever available also.

Can cats drink cow milk?

Its Not good for cats to drink milk unless it Is milk Made For cats otherwise it can make them ill. :)

When can babies drink cows milk?

There are several reasons to delay the introduction of cow's milk until your baby reaches his first birthday. Most important, a baby's digestive system can't digest cow's milk proteins. Cow's milk also has too much sodium, potassium, and chloride, which can tax your baby's kidneys. Even if his sy (MORE)

How much milk does a cow produce in its lifetime?

The amount of milk that a cow gives per lifetime depends on the breed, the most common breeds of dairy cattle produce the following amount of milk per lifetime. Aryshire: 15,094 lbs. Brown Swiss: 16,701 lbs. Guernsey: 14,070 lbs. Holstein: 20,318 lbs. Jersey: 14,275 lbs. Milking Shorthorn: 13,930 lb (MORE)

How much milk does a cow produce in a week?

A young cow can produce 25 gallons of milk a week. A jersey cow, 28 gallons per week. Guess it depends on the size of the cow. And no, cows that stand in the shade do NOT give chocolate milk. :) My parents Holsteins were giving approximately 40-49 gal a week. My Jersey on silage will produce 35gal p (MORE)

How many gallons of water must a cow drink to produce one gallon of milk?

Water intake depends on many factors including humidity and airtemperature, salinity of the feed, physiological needs/stressors,size of the cow, how much milk that cow produces per milking or perday, location (as in latitude and climate), etc. This means that numbers will vary. Some sources say two (MORE)

Can a puppy drink cows milk?

No, A puppy cannot drink cow's milk because it will cause diarrhea. most dogs have a lactose intolerance...If you wish to give your puppy milk, get puppy milk formula at a local Pet supply store OR you can do goats milk or you can try this: 500ml Goat's Milk 1 small cup plain yogurt 2 egg yolk o (MORE)

How much milk will a high producing dairy cow produce in one year?

Depending on the breed of the cow,the food available and how long the cow is in lactation (eg a split farming system with a genetically breed cow for production and not reproduction) a cow could produce anywhere from 350 - 700 KgMS/yr and either side of this by 100kgMS. A high producing cow could pr (MORE)

Milk Milk Milk What Do Cows Drink?

With this trick question, most people will say "Milk," (which is not true) just for the fun of the questioner catching the questionee off guard. Cows drink water, not milk.

Can your kitten drink cow milk?

No, kittens or adult cats should never be given cow's milk. Cats cannot digest the lactose found in cow's milk very well, and some can develop diarrhoea after ingesting it. This can be particularly risky in younger kittens, as diarrhoea can cause it to dehydrate quickly, which can be fatal if not tr (MORE)

Do baby cows drink milk?

in fact a baby cow is called a calf, and yes they do drink their mothers milk the first few feedings of milk is called bee-stings its very nutrious for the calf but unsuitable for human consumption, a cows milk is suitable for human consumption 4-5 days after calving(giving birth)

Why does a cow drink its own milk?

The majority of cows don't, actually. Rarely do you ever see such a thing occur, as recorded by those who post such a thing on YouTube. It's rare because it's not noticed by most people (unlike those few who recorded it and posted it to YouTube, making everyone think that it may be common). It's not (MORE)

How much milk the cow continue to produce after the calf is born?

A cow will produce milk as much as her udder can hold, which depends on the breed. In reference to dairy breeds like Holsteins, this can be around 150 lbs per day for 10 months. For beef breeds like Angus, this can be around 40 to 50 lbs per day for 6 to 8 months.

Can you drink milk straight from a cow?

Yes, definitely. Raw milk is supposed to be good for you, better than pasteurized milk from a conventional dairy. But note that you don't drink milk straight from a cow like a calf would. You just milk the cow into a cup or pail then drink it.

Do cat drink cows milk?

They can, and many cats love the taste of milk, but its not good for them due to the lactose that is present in cow's milk. Many cats are lactose intolerant (they cannot digest it properly) so can get sick from ingesting it. Goats milk, or specially formulated cat milk do not have lactose in so are (MORE)

How much milk will aryshire cow produce?

Ayrshire cattle will have an average milk yield of 15,094 lbs. Keeping in mind that this amount can change per cow, from area to area and from feed being digested.

Can piglets drink milk from a cow?

Cow milk is not so good for newborn piglets as it will cause indigestability to them. Even it is not a good substitute for pigmilk, can use after a few days

What countries drink cow milk?

The United States, Canada, most of Europe and South America. The practice originated in western Europe and was exported as Europeans immigrated to other countries.

Can a tiger drink cow milk?

No. A tiger is better off drinking water, not cows milk. Most cats like tigers are lactose intolerant, so it will do more harm than good if a tiger drinks cows' milk.

How much water do cows drink daily?

On average, a bovine is expected to drink around 7 to 10% of its body weight per day, though this in itself is highly variable due to all sorts of factors like diet, time of year, physiological demands, humidity levels, etc.

How much milk can produce a cow?

Answer: None . No milk can produce a cow. But, a cow canproduce milk, and depending on the breed! A cow can produceanywhere from 10 to 20 pounds of milk per day (typical beef breeds)to over 40 pounds (typical dairy breeds like the Holstein).