How tall is a pallet of horse feed?

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The height of a pallet of horse feed will vary according to how thick the bags are. But most seem to be right around or just under five feet tall.

How do you feed a horse?

you can feed a horse hay, carrots ,apples and you need to feed the horse at less two times a day

What do you feed a horse?

This is what i know what to feed a horse. You can feed it obviously grass, there is hay, carrots, apples , turnips , oats, salt licks , sugar cubes. Apples can cause col

What to feed a horse?

Well It depends........ I feed my horse 2 flakes of hay and 2 lbs of Bermuda blend pellets 2 times a day. Everyone has a different opinion on feeding but if you have a horse t

What does horses feed on?

hay, straw Horses Feed Upon Grass or Alfalfa, if they're domesticated. It all depends on the breed and age and temperment of the horse what you feed them or how much you feed

What can you feed a horse?

Horses generally eat the same things and the base of their diets should always be roughage such as grass, hay or the like. Some horses in moderate or harder work, those that a

What does horses get feed?

chaff...forage 'n' Fibre...limestone powder...garlic...pony nuts... HI

What feeds on horses?

Well, horses in the wild can be fed on by cougars or other predators like that, I s'pose.. lol =]

How do you feed horses?

\nyou hold your hand out completely flat, about 5-6 inches under the horse's mouth. then, you wait (make sure your thumb isn't sticking up) until the horse eats the food.

What can you feed your horse?

Generally speaking, it is best to turn out a horse for at least ten hours a day so as to allow them to graze. In the wild, a horse will eat very small portions multiple times

What not to feed a horse?

Chocolate of course, blueberries, eggplant, squash, tomatoes, zucchini, kiwi, pineapple, and other fruits and veggies. I only give my horse apples, crackers, and strawberries.