How will i know when my goldfish is going to have babies?

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Females will start to look rounder, and as they deposit their eggs around the tank, the males will chase them.
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How do you know if a baby mouse is going to die?

Listlesness, shallow breathing, no appitite. Your best to take your pet to the vets for a proper diagnoses. When a mouse hits around 23 days of age it is considered an adult mouse. Mice that are lethargic, underweight, or not eating may be dying. A common illness for mice is malocclusion which mean (MORE)

How do you know if you're going to have a baby?

you take a pregnancy test or you go to the doctors. Answer Feeling/being sick Needing to pee more Headaches Dizziness Exhaustion Moody and emotional Sore/tender breasts Certain foods/colours/smells making you feel/be sick

How do you know when a goldfish having babies?

Goldfish are egg laying fish, and unless there is a male in the tank to chase the female and convince her to release eggs, you may not know that she is either female, or even has eggs to release.

Do goldfish have babies?

Of course, all animals have babies. This is because reproduction is the only way to keep a species from becoming extinct. Since all living things eventually die, reproduction ensures that there will be a next generation to that species. Edit: In addition, goldfish lay eggs, which then hatch. The (MORE)

How do you know if fantail goldfish is going to have babies?

You should see that the female goldfish appears fatter than usual due to the eggs she is carrying. The male will have white spots on his front fins and gill covers and will pay the female a lot of attention chasing her around the tank or pond.

How do goldfish have babies?

The female scatters adhesive eggs into the vegetation in their pond and the males scatter their sperm over the eggs. The resultant fertilised eggs develop into fry which, if they survive, will eventually become adult goldfish.

How does a goldfish have babies?

Goldfish lay eggs. These eggs attach to objects in the tank orpond, like leaves. They stay there until the goldfish fry hatch.

How do you know if a goldfish is a he or she and how do you know?

Usually if your goldfish is a boy it will chase the girl around..also it will be more narrow if you look at it from the top and the girl will be fatter (due to pregnancy). Another way to tell is the fin. If the fin is more of a wave it is a girl; if the fin is more of a spike then your fish is a boy (MORE)

How do you know when your sheep it going to have her baby?

\nThe earliest sign is that she will wander from the flock. This does not happen all the time, but usually does occur. This will happen roughly a day prior to lambing. Around the same time droplets of milk will appear around the teats, which also swell and redden. The sign at which the farmer shoul (MORE)

How do you know that a goldfish is going to have babys?

You should see that the female goldfish appears fatter than usual due to the eggs she is carrying. The male will have white spots on his front fins and gill covers and will pay the female a lot of attention chasing her around the tank or pond. when the the goldfish have babies?

How do you know if a female lizard is going to have babies?

easy.when she gets pregnant she won't eat much food as much as she used when you catch or buy bugs for her you should not get as many.and when female lizards are pregnant they only eat injured bugs because of her pragnacey she can't catch fast bugs or it will not only hurt her her larvas will (MORE)

What color are baby goldfish?

Up until about 2 months they are usually see through! After that, they are a dark brownish color. When they grow to maturity, they grow in orange scales.

Why is the baby goldfish attacking the larger goldfish?

to eat it. the reason? I do no know Edit: Possibly in order to defend themselves. Normally it's the other way around. If the fry are small enough, goldfish will eat them. Either that, or the babies are naturally aggressive towards the bigger goldfish.

How do you know if your rabbit is going to have a baby?

they start plucking there fur and making a nest with the stuff the have in there cage :) oh and if you own the male rabit you should take it out of the cage the Girl riabit is in he girl rabit eats her baby(s) if he is in there hope this helps :)

What to know about goldfish?

Goldfih are fairly easy to care for so you'll just need to know the basics. e.g. What they eat/ what not to feed and how much to feed them. The correct size of tank to put it in. You'll need a bigger tank for more than one. How to clean their tank and what disinfectant is safe for the fish. and so o (MORE)

How will you know when your dalmatian molly is going to have babies?

The gestation period for this fish is usually 28 days but sometimes can take some more time. Like all livebearers when the female is in pregnant it will develop a dark triangular shaped gravid spot near her anal vent. As the pregnancy progresses this dark triangular shaped gravid spot will get lar (MORE)

How do you know if your rabbit is going to have babies?

We have had two litters of rabbits with a mixture of bucks and Kits. We found the normal placid mother to be quite aggressive coming close to the delivery. Buy a good gardening glove to protect yourself. Thanks Billy the Bunny!

How do you know when a cat is going to have a baby?

Well my cat just had 5 sexy kittens. The signs to her pregnancy was that she started being more affectionet and her stomach got bigger by the weeks and her NIPPLES!!!!! were getting larger by the minute. If u think she is prego and not sure take her to a local vet in ur local town!!!!!!!! if ur Cat (MORE)

How do you know if your mouse is going to have a baby?

Your mouse with start shredding paper (if you put paper in the cage) or start nesting in a separate area. She will become bigger and may bite you if she doesnt want to be picked up. Normally a couple of days before she is due to have the babies her stomache is noticably bigger and out of proportion. (MORE)

When do baby goldfish go gold?

There is no set length of time for goldfish to colour up. They usually show some colour by around 3 or 4 months but in some cases it could be a year or so.

How do you know when hamster r going have there babies?

You could tell if your hamster is going to have babies by viewing the sheer size of the belly. If your female hamster is active with a male hamster, check the sice of her belly and mark the size on a piece of paper. You could also tell by if the Female Hamster Tend to sleep a little more than usuall (MORE)

What do you do with the babies when the goldfish have them?

Goldfish are egg scatterers. They will normally eat most of the eggs if the adult fish are not removed from the spawing area/tank/pond. The few ova that are not eaten may develop into fry which also may be eaten. Whatever fish survive can be sold or kept depending on the amount of room available, re (MORE)

Can a goldfish have a baby?

\nThink about this for a minute.. goldfish do not appear out of no where and they aren't artificially created. How else do they appear? Well they breed to produce eggs where goldfish fry (babies) come from.

How do you know if your guinea pig is going to have a baby?

The Guinea Pig Will Experience Unusual Weight Gain, If You Think You Have A Female That Is Pregnant, Gently Feel Their Belly You Should Feel Some Hardness In About 4 Different Places (Guinea Pigs Usually Have 4 Pups In A Liter) If Your Guinea Pig Has Babies, You Must Separate The Mother And Babies (MORE)

How do i know when to go to hospital to have my baby?

. Your water may or may not break until you are fully dialated that's something you see in the movies. If your water breaks then yes, call your doctor. Don't call your doctor every day, you will see them once a week. Your body will know when it's time to go, but to not get sent back home you should (MORE)

When do the goldfish have the babies?

When they mate a few days after they will eggs. They tend to do this when it is about 70 degrees in the tank as it simulates spring when they would lay eggs in the wild.

How do you know if your goldfish is going to reproduce?

Usually when fish are about to reproduce, or have reproduced, they tend to dig holes on the little rocks/sand in the fish tank. They also tend to be aggressive to other fish coming near their "nests." look for any of those signs.

How do you know how many babies your going tohave?

Make a fist in your right or left hand. Now make your fist as hard as you can. With your other hand, put your thumb on top of your other hands wrist. If you see a bump or more, well guess what? That's your baby! Check your other hand and see if there's more.

How do you know if your goldfish had babies?

Your goldfish will eat a lot more. You would see lots of small white eggs sticking to the aquarium walls and fixtures. The ones that survive hatch into tiny frys. Eggs should be removed as soon as possible because the parent goldfish usually eat them up.

How will we know when the rats going to have her babies?

I had a pet rat who, when we got her from the pet store, was already pregnant. We didn't know this until we had her for a couple days. She kept kidding bigger and bigger until about a week after we had her, she gave birth. Rats are pregnant for 28 days -occassionally they may have them a day or two (MORE)

How you know when hamsters are going to have a baby?

When the animal does not move at all. And its laying down as if its resting. In order to know this try to clean their cage, and by this also try to take out the hamster you'll find out is stiff and not easy to handle, the animal would be agressive if it is bother by this movement.

Do your pet goldfish eat their babies?

Yes. If your goldfish lay eggs, and some hatch, have a spare tank and carefully put their young in there so it wouldn't be eaten. But make sure the water is in room temperature.

Do goldfish know you?

Yes, well it depend what you mean. When you walk past the tank they will follow you and get excited. If they know you apart from another human that's hard to tell. Goldfish are actually really smart.