If man evolved from monkeys why are monkeys still here?

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Humans did not evolve from monkeys. Humans are more closely related to modern apes than to monkeys, but we didn't evolve from apes, either. Humans share a common ancestor with modern African apes, like gorillas and chimpanzees. Scientists believe this common ancestor existed 5 to 8 million years ago. Shortly thereafter, the species diverged into two separate lineages. One of these lineages ultimately evolved into gorillas and chimps, and the other evolved into early human ancestors called hominids.

Homo Sapiens (Humans) genetically are still about 98% chimpanzee. Different species branched off and evolved differently according to the conditions around them. We either adapt or become extinct. In a way, one could say that humans are just one of the monkey-type species that still exist today.
Same reason bacteria, fish and other ancient lineages are still here, there is still a niche they fill adequately. Evolution doesn't necessarily replace the previous forms, just as you didn't replace all of your cousins, they just went their own way.
We didn't.
The DNA overlap between humans and pumpkins is 75%. We share 93% with fruit flies. We are not pumpkins. We are not fruit flies. We are not monkeys.
The human genome has around 3 billion base pairs, each of which stores two bits (to indicate one of four bases).

That's 6 billion bits. 6,000,000,000 (6 Billion) x.02 (2%) = 120,000,000 (120 Million)
That's a lot to work with. The majority of DNA just tells cells how to build, replicate, and function. So while every living thing has similar building blocks, that does not make them the same creature (or evolved from the same creature.)
Evolution theory is the best theory we've got to explain the fossils and similarities between species. However, this doesn't go along with the Bible and creationism so people (like the one who wrote the answer above) who are theists don't like to believe in evolution. They usually like to affiliate evolution to 'man evolved from monkeys' and define it like that. Actually man just has a common ancestor with other primates. All creatures originally evolved from the same species, according to the theory of evolution.

Funny, the Bible and Creationism was never mentioned in that post. Nowhere in your anti-religion rant did you bring any actually argument, backed by scientific, historical, or theistic evidence. You've effectively bastardized the Spark Notes of Darwin's theory of evolution, minus correct punctuation.

There isn't a specific end result in evolution. Humans branched off from some sort of ape, but that doesn't mean that all of the apes must evolve into humans. Some evolved into gorillas, some into chimpanzees, others became orangutans, and so on.
We evolved from apes, not chimpanzees as such. Chimpanzees belong to the same subfamily as us (Homininae). They are the closest living evolutionary relatives to humans and we have 94% identical DNA to them.
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If humans evolved from apes and monkeys why are they still here?

Answer As an analogy, you can liken this to how most Americans are decended from Europeans... yet there are still Europeans. We did not evolve from today's monkeys and apes. We have a common anscestry with them. Evolution acts like a tree. It splits. Let's say we have one group of animals, and s (MORE)

If humans evolved from monkeys why are they still here?

Human don't come from monkey. We are related to monkey. Instead of human evolve from monkey, human and monkey may came from same ancestor. --- There isn't a specific end result in evolution. Humans branched off from some sort of ape, but that doesn't mean that all of the apes must evolve into h (MORE)

Did you evolve from monkeys?

No we did not. Monkeys have a close relative but we did not evolve from them. . MONKEYS EVOLVEDD FROM US! as of october 1st, 2009 a new species was found called ardi who was a human(woman) that was relativly large and hairy with ape like hands and feet.

Is it true that people evolved from monkeys?

People did not evolve from monkeys. This is not the belief of creationists or evolutionists. Claims that people evolved from monkeys come from a popular misconception and oversimplification of the theories of human origins developed from the fossil record. Creationist belief on the origin of m (MORE)

If man evolved from monkeys and apes why do you still have monkeys and apes?

Firstly, it must be understood that evolution is not a pastoccurrence, but an ongoing process that is a universal facet ofbiology. Everything evolves, by its very nature of being alive.Evolution is part of the process of adaptation, which is one of thebasic characteristics of life. That much said, (MORE)

Did humans evolve from monkeys?

No, but they share a common ancestor from many millions of yearsago. You don't look much like a fly or a worm. But believe it ornot, you share genes with both of them and with every other livingorganism. We share 36% of our DNA with fruit flies.

Where can you get a monkey?

You can get one from private breeders, but it is very expensive,and monkeys are extremely hard to take care of. Also, there arelaws in many states and areas limiting what kinds of pets you canown, so be sure to check your state and local laws first.

Did Monkeys evolve from Skunks?

yes. I would say no. While monkeys evolved from tree-dwelling insectivores that probably evolved from ground-dwelling insectivores, that far back they were not skunks, or even mustelids. Both evolved from some distant mamal.

Did monkeys evolve?

Yes, monkeys and all other primates, including humans, share a common ancestor. Animals and other organisms evolve because they need to be better adapted to the conditions they are faced with in order to survive.

What can monkeys do?

Monkeys can climb and hang on the trees. They can walk with two feet or 4 feet.

Why did humans evolve from monkeys?

First of all, humans did not evolve from monkeys. This is a misconception made by people who have a simplistic idea of evolution. Monkeys and humans do share a common ancestor. I will answer the general question: Why does any organism evolve? Organisms evolve in order to better adapt to and su (MORE)

What monkeys do?

will steel keys and will trick each other and will HANG out ( ha ha)

When did monkeys evolve?

Monkeys evolved from the order called primates. Primates first evolved about 60 million years ago, 5 million years after the last dinosaurs, and this was early in the Paleocene epoch. Monkeys did not appear until the Oligocene, about 34 million years ago. My source is from Palomar College's website (MORE)

Who are The Monkeys?

Monkeys are a type of primate, related to apes (including humans). The Monkees are a pop rock group, formed in 1966.

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'Monkey Man' Mystery . According to Who2 Biography, the "Monkey Man" was "an unknown creature which allegedly attacked several dozen people near Delhi, India in early 2001..." To read the rest of the quote from Who2 Biography, and to read more on Answers.com about the legend of the "Monkey Man (MORE)

If a man evolved from monkeys and apes why do you still have monkeys and apes?

I think it is because some of them kept climbing the trees and others started to use 2 legs and stand straight there fore after doing that for a few years there semen would start to mature like that and there parents would have also made them procreate. They then probably stoped picking ticks off ea (MORE)

Did monkeys evolve into humans?

Rather than existing in a hierarchical relationship , monkeys and humans evolved from a common ancestor. In other words, they branched off and evolved separately.

Where do monkeys come from if we evolve from monkeys what did they evolve from?

The theory of evolution posits that both monkeys and humans evolved from a common ancestor (an arboreal primate). Nobody who knows the theory would state that people evolved from monkeys. That image was introduced by religious detractors from the theory, in the early twentieth century. Early example (MORE)

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If You have a monkey he will or may try to kiss you . and he might like u who knows . please dont say nothin bout monkeys they r CUTE

How did monkeys evolve?

Primate evolution is thought to date back at least 65 million yearsago, even though the oldest known primate from the fossil record is Plesiadapis (55-58 mya) from the Late Paleocene. The first primates probably evolved around 60-65 million years ago,shortly after the extinction of the dinosaurs, (MORE)

Are people really evolved from monkeys?

No. Evolution neither shows nor claims that human beings evolved from monkeys. . Monkeys (more accurately, the class of primates known as 'the great apes') and human beings evolved from a common ancestor.

Why are monkeys still her?

I don't know who she is, so it is hard to say why monkeys are still her. Perhaps she can't stop being monkeys or (due to their less evolved nature) they can't stop being her. If you are asking why monkeys are still HERE. Well, look at it this way- my grandmother came from Ireland to America and had (MORE)

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Any Thing you can teach them i know a monkey that can cook!. Any Thing you can teach them i know a monkey that can cook!. Any Thing you can teach them i know a monkey that can cook!

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It depends, if it has a tail it's a new world monkey from the jungles of south America and the carribean, if it doesn't its an old world monkey from the plains or jungles of Africa.

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usally you can get one in africa, or they do sell them online. But you will hava to get a permit before you are able to buy the organism

Where can you get a monkey from?

These are wild primates. They should not be obtained as pets, and many are endangered species which should not be traded as pets.

If you are from monkey why is it there are still monkey till now?

We aren't actually directly descended from monkeys, they're just cousins in evolutionary terms, as we are part of the same evolutionary chain. We are merely the most recent major evolutionary step in the primate family, so much so that we are barely a part of the family anymore, but we are more clos (MORE)

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Monkeys can do a billion and one things like eat bannanas, bugs, climb trees, play, pick things up with their opposable thumbs and much more!

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If you are a monkey i am a twilight addict!! hehe um its A monkeyA group of monkeys , but if we're all monkeys were a a group of monkeys?? :P

Why isn't man still evolving separately from monkeys?

Man may still be evolving, but 4000 years of recorded history is a miniscule period of time in evolutionary terms. Neanderthals lasted over 170,000 years in primitive competition with modern humans. Any small changes would also be vastly overshadowed by the physical changes that are no longer bei (MORE)

What can monkey do?

they jump,they swing from tree to tree,they eat bananas and other fruits. what else do u want to know bout monkeys except the simple things

Why do monkeys still exist if you evolved from them?

In the theory of evolution, it is thought that man and other primates (including monkeys) have evolved from more primitive versions. No theory of evolution actually believes that we literally are the offspring of modern day monkeys. Please consult with your biology teacher for a fuller explanation, (MORE)

Do scientists believe man evolved from monkeys or apes?

Yes they do--or more accurately, they believe that man, monkeys, and apes all evolved from a common ancestor.. They believe this actually happened because they can follow the skeletal evidence that points out many similarities between apes and humans.

Did humans evolve from a monkey?

It depends... Some people believe we did evolve from monkeys because humans and monkeys are the only things on the earth that have opposable thumbs... This is called evolution Some people believe we did not eveolve from monkeys but that God created us... This is called Christianity And some (MORE)

If you are a monkey what will you do?

Try to work my way up the established hierarchy, survive, eat, sleep, and pass on my genes through a female to ensure that my legacy hopefully lives on.

Did we evolve from monkeys?

No, that is a common misconception. We didn't evolve directly from monkeys, but we do share a common ancestor with monkeys. We also share many similarities with them, the first being we are both primates. Humans not only share a common ancestor with monkeys, but with every single organism on Eart (MORE)

Were you monkeys?

well we developed from apes. If you go to a museum you might see a skeleton of an ape then one of us and you can see how alike we are to apes. But no we weren't monkeys. we developed from apes.

How human beings evolved from monkey?

Humans did not evolve from modern monkeys. Both share a common ancestor who lived around 30 million years ago. Humans are more closely related to the great apes (chimpanzees, bonobos, gorillas, and orangutans), who live a more terrestrial lifestyle. These animals do not have tails because they spend (MORE)

Why do people believe we evolved from monkeys?

What "people believe" is irrelevant. It's what can be scientifically demonstrated that is important. People generally do not hold that we evolved from monkeys, but that we share a common ancestry with modern apes. However , we and the other apes also share a common ancestry with monkeys, and (MORE)