If you catch a wild mouse living in your house can you keep it as a pet?

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yes i found one today!
you could but they have learned to live as wild mice and will not be a good pet. it is better to buy one from a pet store
This is not necessarily true. House mice do not tend to get the same sort of diseases as rats for instance. Mice are usually friendly little things, and very rarely bite, and then only out of fear.
A house mouse could be kept as a pet but would recommend freeing it some where safe and away from cats it before it gets too dependent on human handouts. A young mouse would settle into captivity easier than an older one. However if you really want to keep the little fella, get as big a cage as you possibly can, provide lots of toys they are active and intelligent, and provide the right foods and water at all times, treat it pretty much as you would any pet mouse (LOTS of infoon that if you just google it), as for handling,, start off with just stroking gently offer it something tasty (such as tiny amount of chicken, or thumb nail sized piece of wholemeal bread with a smidge of butter on it from your hand, (of course do drop it for the mouse if it doesn't take it from your hand) and it will come to associate you with pleasant things, and could well come to allow you to handle it as a pet might do.
I have one living with me at the moment, we call it Neville for some reason, and he's gorgeous.
ADDITIONAL RESPONSE -- I completely agree with the answer above. I found a very young brownish grey female mouse in the lobby of my apartment building in New York City. This was 16 months ago and Stu, (I thought she was a male at first), has become a much beloved member of my family which includes a dog, cat, and two humans. I bought a large aquarium as she was so small that she could have gotten through the bars in a traditional cage. I added several inches of bedding (AVOID the toxic cedar chips!) an exercise wheel, plastic tubing with several exits and entrances, a ladder, etc. It took a while, but after a few months of slow patient training, Stu learned to answer to her name and became completely tame. She could not be more friendly, keeps herself extremely clean, and is constantly entertaining. Although she has aged and is not as energetic as she once was, she is more loving than ever -- loves being held, stroked on the head and ears, and has been known to fall asleep cupped in my hand. I could never have imagined that I would become as attached as I have to a mouse. One thing to know if you do get a wild mouse, do NOT bring it into contact with a store bought mouse as store mice carry lots of diseases as well as mites, that a wild mouse is not immune to and will definitely make them seriously ill. Contrary to what you might think, a wild mouse is much healthier than one you could buy in a store and will live much longer -- but they will be made ill by store mice. Also, NEVER house two male mice together -- store bought or wild, as they will attack one another as soon as they are mature.
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Can you keep a wild baby mouse as a pet or does it have to go back into the wild?

Answer . I have had alot of wild mice as pets and they have loved it so I don't see anything wrong with it . You really should not release a hand raised mouse back into the wild. They rarely survive. They are very happy as pets, even if they are alone.. Wild Mice are perfectly fine for having a (MORE)

What wild animals can you keep as pets?

You shouldn't keep any wild animal as a pet. If you find abandoned babies then call your local animal rescue, but make sure it has actually been abandoned by keeping an eye on the animal for around 2 -4 hours to see if a parent comes back.

Can you mix a wild mouse with a pet mouse?

The answer should probably be "No". I researched this online and it is always recommended against. But, I caught a wild mouse and keep her as a pet rather than kill her or release her to the cold Chicago winter. She ran on her wheel and explored her cage for a few weeks, but then quit. I was worried (MORE)

Can you release a pet mouse into the wild?

No!!! You should NEVER release any pet animal into the wild. Your mouse would die within hours or days. It would not know how to find food or fend for itself. It would be very cruel.. If you feel you cannot look after your mouse any longer, you must rehome it by calling up an animal shelter. You ca (MORE)

How do you keep a pet mouse?

Here are the things you will need to keep a pet mouse: 1. A cage. The cage should be just the right size for 1 mouse to move around. Obviously, you would want a bigger cage if your keeping multiple mice. 2. Food made specifically for mice. Just fill up the food dish whenever it looks empty. (MORE)

How do you catch and keep wild birds?

It is illegal but you could take a box and a stick to support it up at an angle, ion one side. Then tie a thin string, kite string, at the bottom of the stick. Put bread in the middle and yank the string when a bird goes under the box.

Can you keep a wild gecko as a pet?

Yes, with the proper nutrition and daily care you can certainlykeep a wild gecko as a pet. However, it is best to let the geckofree and allow it to live in its natural environment.

Can you set a pet mouse free in the wild?

once a pet, always a pet. if u set it free into the wild it wont live more than a day before it is dinner. the mice u buy at petstores are a different breed than wild mice they just cant handle the harsh outdoors, if u really dont want ur mouse u should try to find it a new home, u can probably even (MORE)

How do you catch a pet mouse?

You can usually find 'humane traps' for mice in a pet store. Just ask someone who works there. (Look on the box/bag on how to use them) And no these traps do not kill the mouse, they just trap them, you can re-open the door later and set it free if you would like. .

Can you keep a wild bird as a pet?

You can keep a baby wild bird as a pet but not the father or mother.. If the bird is of an endangered species, you need licensing from the Department of Fish and Game in order to keep it and raise it. Check your local wildlife department.

Will a wild mouse and a pet rat get along?

No. Not at all, I don't think. Because rats are WAY bigger than mice (unless its like, a super small rat) and even then, the rat would probably kill the mouse. I don't recommend it.

How do you catch a pet mouse without harming it?

You can usually find 'humane traps' for mice in a pet store. Just ask someone who works there. (Look on the box/bag on how to use them) And no these traps do not kill the mouse, they just trap them, you can re-open the door later and set it free if you would like. .

Can you keep a wild bunny as a pet?

No, it's a really bad idea. Not even baby bunnies should be kept aspets, and the rabbit will probably die within 48 hours or so.Try tokeep a wild rabbit as a pet. If you really want a rabbit, get one.

Can you keep a wild bunnie as a pet?

No! I think its illegal in most places. And besides its cruel to keep a wild bunny. If you really loved the animal you would let it go. Think about it. The rabbit has a family. What if you were the rabbit? DONT keep it! Release it immeidiatly!

How do you catch a pet mouse that escaped from its cage?

You can find traps called; 'humane traps' for mice in a pet store. Just ask someone who works there. (Look on the box/bag on how to use them) No these traps do not kill the mouse, they just trap them, you can re-open the door later and put it back in your cage if you would like. .

How do you keep a wild salamander as a pet?

you have to find a cage and put grass in it. put water on one side and put little fish in it. that is it. mine goes in the water and ate all the fish fast so i had to buy more and more lol.

Can you keep wild crabs as pets?

While it is never a good idea to bring crabs home from the beach, all hermit crabs are wild because they cannot be bred in captivity. So in essence, the hermit crab you buy at the petstore IS a wild crab as all hermit crabs are wild harvested.

Can you keep a pet mouse outside?

If it is wild, then yes, keep it outside like in your garage. Make sure in can't get out, or your in big trouble. Tanks or buckets with lids and air holes are best for wild mice. Pet mice can go in a wire cage though. The same with keeping a shrew as a pet [where to keep it]. hope this helps.

Should you keep a pregnant wild mouse?

I wouldn't recommend it. Sometimes people catch hantavirus from wild mice. Baby mice usually learn off the behaviors of their parents, so if the mother is mischievous, you may end up with 4-12 naughty little ones! If you are thinking of letting the mouse go, go to a park and do it otherwise you'll h (MORE)

Can a wild mouse live with pets?

I wondered about this, but the answer is definitely no! All wild mice carry a disease called LCMV and may carry other diseases in the wild that domestic pets (and people) are not immune to. Hamsters and guinea pigs can become infected with LCMV and other diseases from contact with wild mice. Never, (MORE)

How do you take care of a wild baby mouse if you want to keep it as a pet?

If you find a a wild mouse and you want to keep to keep it as a pet first get a cage or a ten gallon aquarium. If you have any other other pets get a screen covering,( available at Walmart or pet stores). Then get food and bedding, ( not pine or cedar chips or shavings). Get a food bowl and water bo (MORE)

Can you keep wild rabbits as pets?

Unless you got a baby wild rabbit (before it's eyes opened) and bottle fed it you would be unlikely to befriend a wild rabbit and cuddle with it like you could a domestic rabbit. If you caged it it would probably die from the stress.

Can you keep wild cats as pets?

I would love to have a wild cat as a pet, but sadly, no, it is cruel to take a wild animal from its home,family, and habitat. Wild cats should always get freedom.

Can you keep a wild hedgehog as a pet?

No - it's illegal most places to keep wild animals as pets. Not to mention, it's highly dangerous for you and will most likely kill the hedgehog due to stress. A wild animal can never be a pet because they are not domesticated.

Can you keep wild lizards as pets?

Of course you are! It's real easy! Just catch one. Put it in a small tank. Put some grass in it. Give it a some water in a tiny container. I fed it fish food, honey roasted sunflower seeds, and rainbow sprinkles and it's as healthy as ever! That make great pets! Everytime you look at it you'll think (MORE)

Can you keep a dragonfly from the wild as a pet?

No stupid. It will set your house on fire with it fire breath! --- It may or may not be POSSIBLE to keep a dragonfly as a pet, but I would not advise it. First of all, dragonflies, in general, have a fairly short lifespan. Second dragonflies are quite hard to feed, eating live insects- usually o (MORE)

Is it bad to catch a wild rat or mouse?

I have never tried this before but I'm guessing it isn't a good idea. Domestic mice and rats are AMAZING pets (I have had mice and my friend has rats), but wild ones might have diseases like rabies. I don't know what you would be doing with the rodent after you catch it (kill it, keep it, etc.) but (MORE)

How do you tell if a wild mouse is a deer mouse or a house mouse?

You can tell by size behavior and markings size wise house mice will tend to be fatter with thinner fur deer mice will be smaller thinner and and fluffier behavior wise house mice will be used to humans and while still startled by you they will become used to your presence more quickly but deer mice (MORE)

Can you keep wild hedgehogs as pets?

Check the laws in your area to see if it is legal to confine wild animals; my guess is that this is against the law in most countries. Just because a a wild animal is caged or restrained does not make it a pet. A hedgehog is not domesticated; it is not used to or desirous of human interaction, and, (MORE)

What do I feed my wild pet mouse?

Wild pet mouse? Either the mouse is kept in a cage or is livingbehind the skirting boards. Either way provide water and food. I don't know your circumstances, but when you put down food, keepvery still. Eventually the mouse may be trained to take food fromyour hands - it requires patience.