Is cinnamon dangerous for dogs?

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In excessive amounts, I have tried a little sprinkled on my dogs food, who is a diabetic, but the cinnamon did not help lower her BG, but it did not hurt the dog, I don't recommend using it unless you have a reason, if you do only a sprinkle.
I recently checked with my veterinarian after giving my dog cinnamon and he did not know of any problems and did not have any concerns.
my dog ate cinnamon toast crunch i dropped on the floor, and then he swelled up like a balloon. he threw up and pooped 4 times before he went to bed. he passed alot of gas, and today he is normal size. was it the cereal he ate that made him swell?
I don't know, but Cinnamon toast crunch is not good for any creatures, including humans. Read the ingredients.
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What are some dangerous foods to dogs?

Any "people food" can be potentially harmful to an animal, it is not possible to distinguish which dog might be allergic to which type of food product. Chocolate or anything containing caffeine should always be avoided. Grapes, garlic, most nuts, and any fatty foods such as bologna can upset a dog's (MORE)

What breed of dog is most dangerous?

The most dangerous dogs are those that are not properly cared for, trained, socialized, housed, and fed. Breed makes little difference. Another answer The most dangerous dog to other people that are not in its direct family is the Fila Brasileiro. They were and still are raised to love and a (MORE)

What is cinnamon?

Cinnamon derives from the bark of a small evergreen tree. It is commonly used in sweet dishes, as well as in Middle Eastern dishes.

Are dogs dangerous?

It depends really all dogs are dangerous some are just trained so they don't do anything but the top 10 most dangerous dogs are pit bull terrier, husky and other just go to google in images and type in top most dangerous dogs in the world and so many dangerous dogs will come up. HOPE i answered you (MORE)

What are the dangers of inhaling cinnamon powder?

Cinnamon, can dry out the mouth airway and lungs because of its fine powder consistency. unlike salt which is more of a granule, cinnamon is a fine powder which can more easily coat surfaces. it might not be deadly but can be very detrimental to your health to eat or inhale cinnamon powder by itself (MORE)

Worlds ferocious and dangerous dog?

There is no such thing as the World's most ferocious and dangerous dog....even though Pitbulls have been banned in many countries doesn't mean that they are dangerous. They have that reputation because many horrible people raise them and TRAIN them to be ferocious and evil. I have a pitbull and she (MORE)

Is it dangerous for a dog to eat bread?

Unless the dog has some kind of gluten allergy, or is lactose intolerant and the bread had milk in it, though neither of those would kill the dog and might at worst need a trip to the vet if it was a very severe allergy, then Bread is fine for dogs, though a high calorie bread shouldn't be given to (MORE)

Can dogs eat cinnamon?

Cinnamon is not toxic to dogs, but it is toxic to cats. You can giveyour dog a stick of cinnamon, as long as you don't have a family cattoo, which could be licked by the cinnamon-breath dog or may try andhave a nibble of the stick to see what the dog is eating. Cinnamon is basically the bark of a (MORE)

Can dogs have cinnamon?

Yes. Cinnamon is fine for Dogs. It is Chocolate & Peanut butterthat will hurt them. . Peanut butter is fine for dogs in small amounts. The bad partabout it is that it is filled with fat and oils which could notonly make Fluffy fat but also give him a tummy ache, like a littlekid who ate too much (MORE)

What kind of dog is in the Cinnamon Toast Crunch commercial?

I wanted to answer the question since I am Kuma's mom. He was rescued as a shelter dog and listed as a Lab /Husky on his kennel card. I think he also has a lot of Border Collie in there since he is very intelligent and loves to herd! He is very, very vocal and has a very thick coat which probably co (MORE)

Will a small dog be okay after eating a cinnamon stick?

I have a small dog and due to him wanting to chew on everything he can get his mouth on, I gave him a cinamon stick to chew on. He chews on it a little bit at a time. He seems to enjoy it. I haven't seen any negative effects yet.

What are dogs dangers?

Dogs can have many dangers especialy when they run would depend in their size because they can get run over by a car and if their small maybe a bird can take them away trust me i had a pomeranian and owls took him away!its really sad so you should take care of your dogs!

Can a dog be dangerous?

Yes. Dogs can be very dangerous. my Friend got attacked by a husky while trying to kneel down to pet it. She got 27 stitches because of the attack. Any kind of dog can be dangerous whether the dog is cute and very cuddely it can attackk someone or something.

Is a dog dangerous?

yes, but most dogs are nice. Depending on how you train them, dog's can be very friendly and only dangerous if they think they are threatened. Hope this helps!dogs help most blind mans

What is the danger of eat powder cinnamon?

Quite simply it is impossible to swallow it as it dries the mouth out quickly. Bu not being to swallow it, it can be inhaled or make you choke, resulting in your possible death. Eating raw liver has choked a few college students in the past by having the same effect. It is too coarse to slide down t (MORE)

Are cinnamon graham cracker sticks bad for dogs?

There is really no information saying Cinnamon is bad for dogs, and it is even believed that it is beneficial for dogs with diabetes. Warning though: My dog got a hold of some cinnamon and she developed hives. They started off on her body but soon spread to her face and it ballooned. She is fine but (MORE)

Is eating cinnamon dangerous?

Cinnamon helps you stabilize your sugar levels. Many diabetics knows this and uses it. It has not been found to be dangerous.

Is it dangerous for a dog to be bitten by another dog?

As long as both dogs have had recent Rabies Vaccinations it should be okay, as long as the wound(s) is/are not too large, it/they will heal just fine. You may want to apply some Neosporin or other disinfecting medication similar. Bear in mind that regardless of whether the biting dog has a communica (MORE)

Does cinnamon get rid of dog worms?

2nd Answer: No, Cinnamon does not get rid of a dog's internal parasites. You would need to take your dog in to be checked out by your Veterinarian. Bring a small sample of your dog's feces in with you too. Your Vet will give you the appropriate medications to deworm you dog, according to what your (MORE)

Why are boxer dogs dangerous?

boxers are very friendly,but if they are not socialized they will become afraid and try to protect themselves ,the reason they CAN be dangerous is because of their ability to hold things such as prey for a long time and their teeth can be very sharp another reason is because they are very strong and (MORE)

Which foods are dangerous for dogs?

Chocolate . Grapes . Raisins . Onions . Tomatoes . Caffeinated beverages . Garlic . Macadamia nuts . Cooked bones (chicken, turkey, pork, beef) . Walnuts . Xylitol (sweetener in many sugar-free gums and candies)

Are chicken bones dangerous for dogs?

Raw chicken bones are not harmful to most dogs. Cooked chicken bones become brittle and will splinter when they are broken or chewed and can become lodged in a dogs mouth, throat or stomach. Raw bones, however, are much softer and safer and are said to have teeth-cleaning benefits, particularly ones (MORE)

Is horse manure dangerous to dogs?

No, horse manure won't hurt your dog unless he eats a great deal, or there is wormer or other chemical in it. Dogs are drawn to the protein content of horse manure. It's icky, but not usually harmful.

Are foxes dangerous for dogs?

Yes, very bad for dogs to be around foxes.It's also bad for you to be with foxes too, so just be careful and aware. :)

Is it dangerous to mix breeds with dogs?

No, it's not dangerous to mix breeds! It's actually pretty fun to see what your new mixed breed puppy! I have one at home, and she is a mix of a poodle and bijon! She is very cute! Anyway, if you are thinking about mixing breeds, you should go for it!

Is cheese dangerous to dogs?

No, cheese is not dangerous to dogs, we have always fed it to ours and never had a problem. I imagine some breeds might have an allergy to something in certain kinds of cheese but that would be up to the vet to decide.

Is cinnamon dangerous?

The only time cinnamon can prove dangerous is when a large amount is ingested it will dry your throat out and possibly cause asphyxiation.

Are armadillos dangerous to dogs and cats?

An armadillo would much rather roll into his shell and play deadthan to have a skirmish with a dog or cat. They do carry diseasesand that is far more dangerous than any armadillo attack.

Where can you buy dangerous dog insurance?


Are invisible dog fences dangerous to dogs?

No. They are effective, but if they were in the least dangerous, they'd have never made it into the marketplace,simply because of the potential lawsuits the manufacturer would face.

How can being a military dog be dangerous?

it can be dangerous as it could not know you and as being trained to attack intruders it may attack you and it could give you serious injuries and wounds or even kill you

Who is the most dangerous dog?

No one. There is no "Who" as far as dangerous dogs are concerned, less than the matter of "What." What is the most dangerous dog is the dog that has been spoiled rotten to the point where it considers itself the dominant female or male of the human family. It is also the one that has never been soci (MORE)

Why should dangerous dogs be banned?

dangerous dogs should be banned from the society because the are highly dangerous and can attack any one and injure that person badly + the dog should be taken to a dog care and be treated there so that the dog is able to relate what he/she wants. Once the dog has got that he will be fine and then c (MORE)

Are poinsettia plants dangerous for dogs?

Eating poinsettias is somewhat dangerous for dogs, specifically because of the white sap it produces. The sap contains diterpenoid euphorbol esters and detergents. The Animal Poison Control Center deals with dozens of cases involving poinsettia consumption every year, often with symptoms including m (MORE)

Is pure ground cinnamon dangerous?

Some cinnamon can be dangerous because it contains ingredients that are bad for your liver. If you are going to use it just for seasoning you would be alright, but if you are going to use it to lower blood sugar or help insulin levels which you would need more cinnamon you need a cinnamon called cey (MORE)

How can you make your dog dangerous?

Don't exactly make it dangerous. If it's dangerous, it could bite someone and get put down. You can't just make any dog dangerous, and trying is irresponsible and unfair on the dog. How a dog acts largely depends on its breed or personality. Some dogs are just very friendly to the core.

Is dog scratch is dangereous?

depending where your dog has been walking. one time a dog walked through oil and scratched my friend and the oil went into her body she had to get her stomach pumped . but if it walks in a normal place an stuff yer fine

What are the dangers of eating dog seamen?

You could get preggers from your dog, and then have half human half dog mutant babies and then the government would run experiments on them and you would never get them back and then you and the dog would get a divorce then you would start to go insane from boredom then you would try dating and get (MORE)

What is a dangerous dog?

Depends on the dog. An injured and cornered dog can be dangerous, one that would morelikely go for fight rather than flight. An undersocialised dog can be dangerous towards strangers. A dog trying to protect its territory or food can be dangerous toanyone approaching. A dog with an aggressive pe (MORE)

Is it dangerous for a dog to chase a larger dog?

Nope, unfortunately, he/she has a case of little man syndrome! usually they will realize that they are beaten when the bigger dog gets a little growly. If the bigger dog decides he doesn't want to be mean, take the little dog aside and keep it in its kennel for, say, 5 minutes. Keep working with it (MORE)