Is lime poisonous to dogs?

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Lime is used for gardening and disinfecting and drying out moist, smelly areas. It is a component of calcium carbonate and is used to enrich the soil or disinfect barns. It is not harmful to animals or insects of any kind. It is not a pesticide as some think. It only enriches the soil and helps vegetables or fruit grow better.
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Poison to dogs?

Answer . do not feed ham to dogs they will die apporximately one hour after they eat it and other poisons are the stuff that poisons us and the poison that we kill ants with. Ham is NOT poison to dogs, if your dog has an allergic reaction because of food allergies, negative effects may occur, (MORE)

What are poisonous for dogs?

something that is bad for a dog is chocholate never give a dog chocholate,also never give it milk or candy it will disturbe there stomach and have to go to the animal hospital Grapes and onions are also dangerous to dogs.

What bugs are poisonous to dogs?

Monarch butterfly caterpillars, these guys feed on milkweed whichcontains cardiac glycosides so they can be toxic to the heart. Somecaterpillars have stiff spines or hairs that can do physical traumaand cause oral and GI irritation. The puss or asp caterpillar,flannel moth larvae is considered the m (MORE)

What foods are poisonous to dogs?

Go to the link below to get a correct list of problem foods for dogs. raw meat! . Grapes and Raisins can cause irreversible damage to the kidneys, possible resulting in death. . Onions can cause a form of hemolytic anemia called Heinz body anemia, a condition that causes the destruction of re (MORE)

What is poisonous for dogs?

There are many things that are toxic or poisonous for dogs. Some of the common problems: 1. Chocolate - the theobromine in the chocolate can cause the heart to stop and the liver to fail 2. Antifreeze - the ethylene glycol makes crystals in the kidneys and causes them to fail 3. Daylily plants (act (MORE)

What is poisonous to dogs?

Dogs don't do well with chocolate. Also toxic to dogs: daylillies, avocado, onion, barbecue flavor potato chips, hot peppers, grapes, tree nuts (but not peanuts), raisins, and various outdoor plants.

Dog ate ant poison?

If you mean your dog ate ant posion he/she will be okay i had the same sitution, but my dogs ok so to freak out

Is cheese poisonous to dogs? In moderation it should be fine. Canines have been known to not digest lactose well, but in small amounts it should be fine. You can also use low-fat cheese, which is a bit easier to digest as well.

Is Silvadene poisonous to dogs if ingested?

This just happened to my 5 lb Yorkie and I freaked! She ate some, about the size of a quarter. I called the National Poison Line and they suggested I call the Animal Poison line but warned me that they charge for any info. Great! It cost $35 for them to tell me since this is a topical solution the b (MORE)

Can you put lime in a dog pen?

Lime can burn if not fully dissolved into the soil. Another alternative is dolomite which can be added to soils and soilless potting mixes to reduce their acidity ("sweeten" them).

What is poisonous to a dog?

Many things (so be alert!), such as: chocolate, daylillies, avocado, tree nuts, tomatoes, raisins, and more. Ask your vet for a complete list.

Is lime poisonous to toddlers?

Lime as a fruit I don't believe is poisonous to anyone. However, lime as a substance (the powdery stuff) is almost certainly unhealthy.

Are limes poisonous for dogs?

Lime is used for gardening and disinfecting and drying out moist, smelly areas. It is a component of calcium carbonate and is used to enrich the soil or disinfect barns. It is not harmful to animals or insects of any kind. It is not a pesticide as some think. It only enriches the soil and helps vege (MORE)

Can dogs die from poison ivy?

No , dogs generally don't die from contact with poison ivy [ Toxicodendron radicans ]. The allergic reaction tends to be confined to the human population. The reaction is in response to the irritating urushiol oil that's found in all of the plant's parts. But dogs may die when poison ivy is burned. (MORE)

What does a dog do when they get poisoned?

If the dog knows it has consumed something that is hazardous to it's health, or feels ill, it will generally try to eat common grass to make itself throw up, thus removing the toxin from it's system.

Are money trees poisonous to dogs?

I had the same question, yet no websites were useful. But then, I searched non toxic plants, and Paricha, aka Money Tree, were unharmful. So basically, No. Money Trees are not poisonous or toxic to dogs. :)

What is the treatment for a dog with poison ivy?

Dogs don't react to the urushiol oil in poison ivy [ Toxicodendron radicans ]. So they may have the oil on their bodies without showing any discomfort. But that very oil may provoke a strong allergic reaction in any human who comes into contact with the dog.

What if dogs eats mouse poison?

Get it to the Vet right away and don't waste a second. On the way to the vet, call him/her on the cell phone. As a matter of fact, ask the vet before hand what should you do if the dog eats mouse poison, so you will be prepared in case of such an emergency. If you didn't ask, get the dog to the vet (MORE)

Are limes bad for dogs?

I would guess so because they are so high in acid and that is bad for dogs. By the way are you smarter than a fifth grader? Because I am a fifth grader.

What kinda poison can be used to poison a dog?

Type your answer here... its not nice to poisen dog anyway its against the law, If it's your dog take itto the pound or the humane society and give it up, If it's a neighbors dog casuing problems call the police or animal control, If you live on rural property and the dog id killing or harrassing l (MORE)

How do you know your dog has samonella poisoning?

This is a dumb question. DOGS CANT GET SALMONELLA POISONING! But if your dog eats raw chicken wash of his/her paws and mouth after or YOU could get salmonella poisoning! Also if your dog eats a squirrel you are on trouble take him/her to the vet immediately because you don't know if that squirrel ha (MORE)

Is avacado poison to dogs?

No, avacado is not poinious to dogs. Chocolate and sugar-free gum can both be potentially fatal, depending on the amount consumed.

Are dogs poisonous?

No. no dog on earth carries venom in it's fangs. the only thing you'd have to worry about would be it caring a disease or just ripping you to shreds.

How do you treat Ibuprofen poison in dogs?

in order to save your animal you should call your veterinarian immediately. If you there is a possibility that your animal had been exposed to ibuprofen, then you should inform your veterinarian at the beginning of the appointment. Ibuprofen poisoning is a hard diagnosis to come across. It has th (MORE)

What is the treatment if your dog has poison from chocolate?

You take your dog to the veterinarian for treatment. The theobromine in the chocolate is the toxic bit and can cause signs for 3 days in a dog. Treatment includes anti-seizure medication, anti-arrhythmic medication for heart rhythm problems and lots of fluids to help flush the toxin from the dog's (MORE)

Can dogs be allergic to lime?

When someone/something is allergic to a certain food- it is usually not the actual food, but something the food contains- just like gluten, or sugar. Just like Humans can be allergic to almost anything, animals, like dogs, can be allergic to mostly anything- including limes.

Is burnt wood poisonous to dogs?

Burnt wood is essentially sterilized carbon. That won't hurt your dog, with one exception: If the "burnt wood" is burned lumber that was pressure treated , yes, it could poison your dog. But a burnt tree limb, or log of ordinary fire wood? No.

What are some poison to dogs?

Definitely poison itself, venom, and rabies. Sorry, that's all I know! But chocolate, candy, butter, salt, or anything oily, greasy can make your dog really sick. It's best to just stick with dog food and no people food.

Is garden lime safe for dogs?

That depends on what you do with it. If you're planning to drop 50 pound bags of it on them from five stories up, for example, it's probably going to be deleterious to their health. It's also most likely bad for them to eat a lot of it. It's kind of unlikely that they'd volunteer to, since it bas (MORE)

Are sweet peas poisonous to dogs?

No. Sweet Peas are perfectly safe to feed a dog, though you want to gradually increase the amount of fruits or veggies you feed a dog because the extra roughage can cause loose stools, if you over do it. Sweet Peas, and other vegetables or fruits can be used as a healthy treat! Dog-safe vegetab (MORE)

Is radishes poisonous to dogs?

Well, I know that onions are poisonous to cats and radishes are related to onions so I should think that they are poisonous to dogs as well. I wouldn't risk giving them to the dog though anyway.

How do you recognize poisoning in dogs?

Symptoms of poisoning vary depending on the particular poison. Vomiting, coughing, choking, panting, swollen tongue, squirming in discomfort, listlessness, collapse. One has to be very careful when using poisons to combat vermin. Always put rat poison where a dog can't get at it. The rats can go jus (MORE)

Can dogs get food poison by dog food?

yes. depending on how it is made. people can sometimes accidently spill poison in the dog food. or sometimes people purposely put poison in the dog food to get rid of the dog

Is a lime tree poisonous to dogs?

yes, if they simply lick or eat or even touch a lime tree they can get a poisned willy which means they can not make any babies with the female sex x x x x x x x x x

What to do if my dog eats ant poison?

It depends on the kind of poison and how much. If the poison is something like the bait "Max Force" (trade name, sorry), forget about it; it is harmless except to ants and a few other invertebrates, but if it is one of the sprayed insecticides that are dangerous to practically everything (example: c (MORE)

Is lime poisonous for dogs to walk on?

Lime is not poisonous ,or toxic when in contact with skin , unlessthe dog licks it's feet, and ingests it . Lime is however causticwhen wet , and can cause burns , or at least irritation. The bestthing to do if you notice your dog has stepped in lime is to washthe feet immediately in lots of water , (MORE)