Is the biggest big cat the tiger if it is then what is the biggest tiger?

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The tiger is the second largest genus of big cat. The largest species of big cat is the liger, the cross breed between a lion and a tiger. Cool isn't it.
The liger does not count, as it is a man made hybrid. The largest race of tiger is the Siberian Tiger on average, but some Bengals may grow as large.
But that is a special kind of breed so a lion is the largest big cat is 500lobs or more and when it stands up it is 10.8 ft
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The biggest cat?

The biggest breed of cat is the Maine Coon. They can reach sizes from 20-30 lbs.

Are tigers the biggest cat species of all time?

Actually, no. Depending on who you ask and what your definition of size is, Panthera atrox, the North American Lion, was probably the largest cat of all time. Some tigers are currently the largest living cats.

Are tigers big cats?

Yes, All animals such as lions, tigers, leopards and cougars are considered the "big cats". They all come from the same genus called Panthera .

How big is the biggest tiger in the world?

In India, a 857 lb Bengal tiger was shot. A 650 lb Bengal tiger wasshot, a 620 lb bengal tiger was shot, a 630 lb bengal tiger wasshot, and a 600 lb bengal tiger was shot. In russia, a 900 lb siberian tiger was shot. A 850 lb siberiantiger was shot, a 847 lb siberian tiger was shot, and a 700 lbsib (MORE)

What is the biggest big cat?

The largest big cat is technically the Liger/Tigon. They are up to12 feet high standing up. The genetic codes in the liger's DNAcause it to have a mutation that makes it very tall. Unfortunately,scientists do not consider the liger/tigon a species, because it isa hybrid between a lion and a tiger. I (MORE)

The biggest and strongest big cat?

it is the tiger it can lift 1200 pounds. No it is the LIGER accually (mix of lion and tiger). That happens when a lion and tiger mate.

Why are tigers the biggest cat?

Yes, the Siberian and Bengal males can weigh over 600 pounds. Although other races are smaller, and some may only weigh half as much as the above races. Tigers have evolved to take large prey species, and in order to do so must be large themselves.

How big are the tigers?

Tigers can grow to 1.2m (4 ft) high, 4 metres (13 ft) in totallength nose to tail tip and weigh up to 300 kilograms (660 pounds)!

Which cat was the biggest?

There are many people knowing worldwide that tiger is bigger.However Frank Mendel a famous cat expert says the lion is longer. Reports do not support this that tigers are larger. The largest cat ever founded was a male American lion. American lions died about 10000 years ago but archaeologists had r (MORE)

Which is the biggest cat lion or tiger?

The biggest cat is the tiger. Siberian tigers are known to be significantly bigger than lions, the reason why they're considered the biggest cat. They can weigh up to 750 pounds, if not more. A male lion hardly weighs that much. On average male lion weigh anywhere between 330-550 lbs. Even Bengals w (MORE)

Which is the biggest big?

The biggest big is the big that is bigger than us and is so big that it makes big sond way less than big so big isn't big anymore, it's considered small.huge would be the new big but the hugest huge would be huger than huge so huge would be big but if big is little than huge would be little too and (MORE)

Why tigers are big?

they need anough wait to catch there pray/food. . the bigger you are the faster you can run. . they have alot of fur so they need alot a big body. .

What is the biggest tiger ever measured?

In India, a 650 lb bengal tiger was shot in 1940. In India, a 620 lb bengal tiger was shot in 1945. In India, a 857 lb bengal tiger was shot in 1928. In India, a 630 lb bengal tiger was shot in 1937. In India, a 600 lb bengal tiger was shot in 1950.

Is a Tiger the only big cat with stripes?

As the largest member of the cat family, the tiger captivates humans with its bright orange coat and astonishing black stripes. The chin, neck and underbelly of the tiger is white or cream colored. The tiger is the one cat that has stripes. A stripeless local strain of Bengal tiger; it was reported (MORE)

What big cat kills the biggest prey compared to its size?

Well,According to me,the Lion can kill a baby elephant.But its not a much bigger kill.The Biggest kill of the lions actually is a full grown giraffe.But mind it that was not a walk in the park.Even lions have a trouble hunting bigger animals.Tigers on the other hand live alone.So there are little ch (MORE)

Why are Tigers the biggest cats in the world?

Tigers simply evolved that way. But, not all tiger subspecies are the biggest. Here is a list of the world's biggest cats by average weight, heaviest cat first: Siberian tiger male-550 pounds Bengal tiger male-500 pounds African Lion 450 pounds Indo Chinese tiger male-430 pounds Asiatic li (MORE)

Are tigers the biggest cats in the cat family?

Yes, the Siberian Tiger is the largest and heaviest cat. Siberian tigers are known to be significantly bigger than lions, the reason why they're considered the biggest cat. They can weigh up to 750 pounds, if not more. A male lion, however, weighs anywhere between 330-550 lbs.

Are tigers the biggest in the cat family?

Yes, the Siberian Tiger is the largest and heaviest cat. Siberian tigers are known to be significantly bigger than lions, the reason why they're considered the biggest cat. They can weigh up to 750 pounds, if not more. A male lion, however, weighs anywhere between 330-550 lbs.

Which are the biggest cats?

The biggest cat in the cat family naturally is the Siberian (or Amur) tiger. The Siberian tiger can reach a length of 286 centimetres which makes it the largest of the different tiger variants. Male Siberian tigers are much heavier than the females, and usually weigh around 190-306 kg, although b (MORE)

What is the biggest and smalest tiger?

The largest subspecies on average is the Siberian, with males averaging around 530-560 pounds, and many reach 600 pounds or more. Many Bengals have been recorded at the same weight, reaching 600 pounds, but on average weigh 450-500 pounds. The Sumatran is the smallest living tiger, with males weighi (MORE)

When was Tiger Woods' biggest streak?

Tiger Woods rapped in one last putt, the final stroke of his U.S. Open masterpiece at Pebble Beach. No one had ever been more dominant in 140 years of major championship golf. Those who played with him that week doubt anyone will see such a performance again. The scoreboard behind the 18th green sto (MORE)

What is a tigers biggest enemies?

humans are the worst but tigers have enemies like elephants.. so elephants are the largest/biggest. Elephants are not tiger enemies, in fact, elephants are terrified of them, and tigers have been known to kill them. But, tigers usually do not attack such big and powerful animals as elephants, becaus (MORE)

What was the biggest saber-toothed tiger?

The Smilodon often called a saber-toothed cat or (incorrectly) saber-toothed tiger , is an extinct large cat that was native to North and South America. There are three widely accepted species of Smilodon: Smilodon gracilis died out about 500,000 years ago and was the smallest and earli (MORE)

How big are a tigers?

They range from 6 - 13 feet long from nose to tail, and 180 - 900 lbs, but average is 7 - 12 feet long from nose to tail and 200 - 660 lb.

Why are tigers called the big cats?

Tigers are not the only big cats. Numerous species of wild cats are referred by that name. The four 'big' cat species are: . Lions . Tigers . Leopards . Jaguar

What is the biggest a tiger has ever gotten?

500lbs Many tigers exceed 500 pounds, especially the Bengal and Siberian subspecies. There is a record of an 845 pound Siberian, and an 857 pound Bengal. These records may be suspect, however. Bonafide records exist of 700 pound Siberians, and 600 pound Bengals. B2, a large male Bengal, was nearly 6 (MORE)

Are tigers the best big cat?

Tigers are so decades ago. They are my leas favorite big cat. Cheetahs are alot better. yes tigers r the best big cat of the family because they are more flexible ,faster and quick in reflexes as compared to the others

What is the biggest to smallest tiger in the word?

SMALLEST: Chinese tiger 3-6 feet long BIGGEST: Siberian tiger 6-13 feet There are six living tiger subspecies. I give male average weights, females are about one quarter smaller than males. 1. Siberian tiger-490-550 pounds, to eleven feet in total length 2. Bengal tiger-435-500 pounds, to ten feet, (MORE)

Do lions tigers or bears have the biggest paws?

A Kodiak, Grizzly or Polar bear would have a paw several times the size of any large cat. The hybrid, lion/tiger, "liger" is the largest cat. I recently saw a mounted Kodiak that had paws that were easily 10" wide. I'm sure they get much larger than the one I saw.