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Muro-Ami Fishing, otherwise known as reef-hunting, is one of the cruelest, most cataclysmic forms of illegal fishing that destroys the coral reefs and exploits children. This practice consequently destroys corals which take whole lifetimes to form and causes the deaths of some of these unfortunate children. For casualties ensuing from these practices (either a kid gets caught in the big net that they use, or the bomb explodes before the children assigned to handle the bomb could leave the area), bodies are left in the shoreline because they are too expensive to return to their homes.
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What is muro ami fishing?

Muro-Ami is a kind of fishing method wherein it uses an encirclingnet with devices. The devices contain large stones that adapt onthe ropes.

Effect of muro ami?

Effect of Muro ami Do you know that doing muro ami can eliminate all the coral reefs

What are the effects of muro-ami fishing?

Muro ami fishing is knocking the coral reefs for the fishes to get out.When they do this thing the coral reefs will be destroyed causing the fishes to have loss of home.If there is no coral reefs the fishes will also have no food. . It destroys corals which takes centuries to build. . It pollutes the water. . It kills some of the fish. . It disturbs the marine ecosystem in the area. . It exploits children who are used to handle bombs and big nets. (Some of these children die in action and their corpses left in the shoreline.) . The list goes on.

What does the name Amy mean?

Amy is a modern version of the old French name " Amée, "modern French as "A imée, " which means beloved.

What is the meaning of the name Amy?

The name Amy means "to love", and is originally from France. The name Amy comes from the French word "aime", which means "to love", and therefore, the name Amy means to love, and is French.

What does AMI mean?

Its a Hebrew boy name but it means My country, my nation. . Source(s): . I speak Hebrew .

What does Mes ami mean?

Mes ami should read mes amis (plural) and means myfriends, whilst mon ami (singular) is the translationfor my friend. .

What does 'amie' mean in English?

The word' amie' means female friend . It's the singular form of the noun. The plural form is 'amies'. A male friend is 'ami', and male friends 'amis'.

What does the name ami mean?

The word Ami is a complicated yet meaningful word..... Many different cultures have different meanings for this word. Although the most common definition is worship time.

Cause of muro ami?

di ko alam ee tanung nyo nalang sa nanay nyo o kaya sa tatay nyo.........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

Causes of muro ami fishing?

Muro-ami fishing is a technique that is performed on coral reefsfound in Southeast Asia. It is done by encircling a net togetherwith pounding devices like large stones fitted to ropes and thenpounded into the coral reefs.

What does amis mean?

AMIS MEANS: . Amis is a phrase or word used in French for a friend or Friends. it is commonly used in childish games in france. by super answerer

Why muro-ami has it become a problem?

muro ami is a work of destroying coral reefs and they instruct it into decors like jewelries and the DENR has a problem on this situation so i suggest don't imitate the muro ami workers....

Bad effects of muro-ami fishing?

bad effects of muro-ami fishing?. it pollutes the water,it kills some of the fish, and it disturbs the marine ecosystem in the area

Who are the main characters of muro ami?

Cesar montano as fredo (ruthless captain) Pen medina as dado (father of fredo) Jhong hilario as butong (friend of fredo) Amy austria as Susan (girlfriend of fredo) Rebecca lusterio as kalbo

What does Nada mon ami mean?

Nada is spanish for nothing and 'mon ami' is french for my friend. So this sentence means "nothing, my friend"

What does if you seek Amy means?

Please clarify your question. Is it, "What does 'if you seek any means'" or is it "What does 'if you seek Amy' mean"? If you are refering to the song by britney spears then the words mean nothing so to speak but what she was aiming fo was the sound that they make. The lyrics go " but all of the boys and all of the girls are begging to if you seek amy ." Think of how the words sound and you will most likely get it!

What is the biblical meaning of the name Amy?

There technically is no biblical meaning for the name. The name Amy comes from the Old French name which was derived from the Latin 'amatus', meaning dearly beloved, or beloved.

Solution of muro ami?

Hindi ko alam tanong nyo sa nag tanong sa inyo para madali nakakainis talaga ang nagtanong ...............pinapa answer tayo?>.....

What does petit-ami mean in American?

What do you mean in amercian?! Petit ami is french for boyfriend, or literally 'little friend'! It can mean girlfriend too if spelt 'petite amie'.

How does muro-ami fishing disrupt the ecosystem?

It is the most violent form of fishing-fisherman pound huge, usually cement, objects such as steaks or large blocks. This displaces & scares fish into the surrounding nets and then captures them. Like anything in the environment, if you disrupt on organism, you will do the same to another.

What is muru- ami fishing?

It is a method of reef fishing that uses children to scare fish into a net. see the link below for a wee expose of Muro-ami.

What does Bel Ami mean in english?

"bel ami" means "beautiful friend" in French, but it is an expression that is never used in French. It was more common in the nineteenth century, and it "sounds" very French, hence its usage for the movie named after Maupassant's novel.

What does Etre Amis mean?

to "be friends" so to say "we're friends" you could say "nous sommes amis", or to say "im your friend" you'd say "je suis ton ami" (depending on wheteher you're a man or a woman)

What does the name Jessica-Amy mean?

Jessica first appeared in this form by Shakespeare, where he used it in his play 'The Merchant of Venice' ; it belonged to the daughter of Shylock. It is very likely that Shakespeare originally based it on the Biblical feminine name Iscah (which would have been spelled Jescha , in his time.) Iscah comes from the Hebrew Yiskah -- meaning "To Behold." Amy is the English form of the Old French name Amée , known to mean "Beloved." It is a vernacular form of the Latin Amata .

Does Amy mean sweetheart in bulgarain?

The English Christian name Amy means "beloved" and derives from Latin Amata; the modern Italian version is the same as the Latin, but in French it is Aimée. Bulgarian may have adopted the name but it is definitely not Bulgarian in origin and has no such meaning in the Bulgarian language.

What does vato dale un like añ muro mean?

This seems to be talking about Facebook®. It appears to be saying, "Dude, give it a 'like' [on] [the][his/her?] wall." There is no English translation for 'añ' because it is not a registered Spanish word.

What does the name Amy mean ?

1).- Primarily a feminine given name, Amy derives from the French and Latin amor, meaning loved or beloved. The name carries other meanings from other languages around the world as well. See the related House of Names link listed below for more information. #2).- Amy's are treated like royalty around the world.

What actors and actresses appeared in Muro-ami - 1999?

The cast of Muro-ami - 1999 includes: Gigi Agustin as Aurora Policarpo Araula as Kanor Amy Austria as Susan Ranilo Boquil as Kokoy Jhong Hilario as Botong Rebecca Lusterio as Kalbo Pen Medina as Dado Cesar Montano as Fredo Walter Pacatang as Tibo Jerome Sales as Filemon Erwin Sevilla as Dante Cris Vertido as Albularyo

What are the release dates for Muro-ami - 1999?

Muro-ami - 1999 was released on: Philippines: 25 December 1999 (Metro Manila Film Festival) Philippines: 19 January 2000 (Davao) Germany: 29 June 2000 (Munich Film Festival) Japan: 10 September 2000 (Fukuoka Asian Film Festival) USA: October 2000 (Chicago International Film Festival) South Korea: 13 October 2000 (Pusan International Film Festival) USA: 23 October 2000 (AFI Film Festival) Japan: 30 October 2000 (Tokyo International Kanebo Women's Film Festival) USA: 9 November 2000 (Hawaii Film Festival) USA: 25 April 2001 (San Francisco International Film Festival) USA: 2 May 2001 (Philadelphia Festival of World Cinema) USA: 1 June 2001 (Seattle International Film Festival) Japan: September 2001 (Fukuoka International Film Festival)