Names of migratory birds to India?

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Great flamingo,Ruff,Black winged stilt,Common teal,Gad wall ,Yellow wagtail,Starling,Blue throat,Asian koel,Comb duck,Cukoos
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Name 4 migratory mammals?

There are lots of mammals that migrate! Here are four: 1. zebras 2. wildebeest 3. California sea lion 4. goral

Give information about 3 Migratory birds that come to India?

Birds such as wagtails, brown shrikes, pintails, ruddy shelducks, garganey birds, shovellors, mallards, herring gulls are not seen throughout the year because they have come from some parts of the globe for a certain period of time. These birds are what we called migratory birds. The best place t (MORE)

Name some migratory birds?

There are: Loons, Grebes, Cormorant, Swans, Geese, Ducks, Rails, Cranes, Plovers, Sandpipers, Gulls, Terns, Doves, Owls, Hummingbirds, Woodpeckers , Flycatchers, Larks, Swallows, Jays, Crows, Vireos, Wood Warblers, Tanagers, Sparrows, Titmice, Nuthatches, Wrens, Blackbirds and Finches For the ful (MORE)

Name of migratory birds?

Migratory birds are birds that fly to another region duringdifferent seasons. A name of a migratory bird is the Barnaclegoose.

Name of migratery birds which migrate to India in winters?

There are many birds that migrate to India in the winters. Some ofthe birds are the greater flamingo, ruff, Siberian cranes, commonteal, black winged stilt, white and yellow wagtail, gadwall, rosypelican, northern pintail, northern shoveler, wood sandpiper,common greenshank, black tailed godwit, Eur (MORE)

What are migratory birds?

Birds that move as the season changes. If a bird primarily eat insects it'd starve if it stayed somewhere where winters get cold.

Is it illegal to destroy a migratory bird nest?

The Migratory Bird Convention Treaty signed between Canada and the USA about 100 years ago was one of the first internation wildlife treaties. The Treaty was placed into law in Canada with the Migratory Bird Convention Act. The Act makes it illegal to destroy or disturb an "nest" of a listed migrato (MORE)

What migratory birds visit Australia?

81 species are listed in the annex to the Agreement between the government of Australia & the government of the People's Republic of China for the protection of migratory birds & their environment, 1988. See .

Are quail migratory birds?

Only one species of gamebird in the entire world is migratory - the Eurasian migratory quail - coturnix coturnix.

Why do birds store fat before migratory flights?

If a bird is going to go on an extensive migratory flight, the it will be burning a lot of energy just to stay airborne. Therefore, it will need to eat a lot for the energy to survive a long journey.

Six name of migratory birds along with pictures and details?

Several birds have migratory patterns. Birds that take part in longdistance migration include swallows, bar-tailed godwits, andgarganey ducks. Some birds migrate for short distances, and theseinclude the wall creeper, common chaffinch, and the woodlandkingfisher.

Migratory birds in India with their pictures?

There are many migratory birds which come to India in the winterseason. For example, there are the Siberian Cranes and the GreaterFlamingo. Birds with their pictures can be found in avian books.

Examples of migratory birds?

Siberian Cranes, Greater Flamingo , Ruff . Black Winged Stilt,. Common Teal. Common Greenshank. Northern Pintail. Yellow Wagtail. White Wagtail. Wood Sandpiper. Spotted Sandpiper. Eurasian Wigeon. Black Tailed Godwit. Spotted Redshank. Starling.

Is penguin a migratory bird?

no they are not because migratory birds move from one place to another due to seasons changing. Penguins do not migrate because they live in the arctic regions and there is only one season there. one more thing, they cannot fly.

Definition of migratory birds?

Definition? Migratory birds are birds that migrate. They move to another part of the world (or country) in the winter. Then they migrate back again when the weather warms up.

10 migratory birds images and names?

Birds migrate mainly due to seasonal changes. Ten migratory birdsare the bald eagle, great blue heron, killdeer, marsh wren, osprey,snow bunting, spotted sandpiper, swamp sparrow, and double-crestedcormorant.

Name 5 birds that migrate to india?

in winter: siberian crane,greater flamingo,rosy pelican,ruff,yellow wagtail,white wagtail in summer: asian koel, comb duck,cuckoos,blue cheeked bee eater,blue tailed bee eater

Is a wading bird a migratory bird?

yes it is A wading bird is not necessarily a migratory bird. Many wading birds in sub tropical and tropical climates do not migrate. Those living in colder regions, where the surface water of lakes, ponds, and rivers may freeze in the winter, do migrate.

5 migratory bird migrate to INDIA?

1. siberian cranes 2. greater flamingo 3. eurasian golden oriole 4. black winged stilt 5. common greenshank .............. this is all.........

Do migratory crane birds fly in a v formation?

They fly in that kind of formation because it helps to make their work easier and faster without easily getting tired. they are CRANE MIGRATORY birds and CRANE MIGRATORY birds fly in either V or J formation.

Why do migratory birds have to be protected?

Many bird species migrate in order to survive. However, migration is a perilous journey and involves a wide range of threats. Only a small number of birds are actually threatened by natural events. Sad but true, human activities are the source for most dangers migrating birds are exposed to. And as (MORE)

Is crow a migratory bird?

Yes. A flock of crows is called a - wait for it - murder. Yes, a murder. And if even just one crow in the group is killed on their migration route, the group will change it completely. Like if their route was over a farmer's field and a crow gets shot, they will no longer pass over that field.

Can you name any 15 migratory birds?

Terns, ducks, geese, warblers, certain hawks, certain sparrows, purple finch, evening grosbeak, rose breasted grosbeak, hawk owl, long eared owl, American robin, whooping crane, sandhill crane, hummingbirds, kinglets, gnatcatchers.

What is the name of the beautiful bird in India?

AsianParadiseFlycatcher The amazing Asian Paradise Flycatcher is a impressive medium-sized bird found across all over India.The male Paradise Flycatchers has a long and impressive tail with a with a greyish throat and underparts. Rufous and white forms of an Asiatic paradise flycatcher can be spott (MORE)