Were does flamingos find food?

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they eat other flamingos and their babies because they are evil!
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Where in the world can you find flamingos?

They live in the forests of Africa They may be found along Atlantic and Gulf coasts of tropical and subtropical North America and in South America, Africa, southern Europe, Asia, Madagascar, and India.

What is a flamingo?

A flamingo is a long legged pink feathered wading bird of Africa.It has a large down turned beak for sifting shallow lakes for shellfish etc which maintains the pink plumage. The broad pink wingshave black wing tips. There was also an aircraft of the 1930s called the De Havilland(UK) Flamingo. It wa (MORE)

How do worms find food?

Worms find food by chewing their way through the earth and throughthe decaying material on top of the soil. As they chew, they eatand absorb food items while allowing unusable items, such as dirt,to pass through their systems.

How do cnidarian find food?

Cnidarians are carnivorous, feeding mostly on zooplankton but also on small crustaceans, fish eggs, worms, smaller cnidarians, and even small fish. . For the source and more detailed information concerning this subject, click on the related links section (Answers.com) indicated below.

How do bears find food?

they use they nose to smell seals under water Bears hunt or fish to get food. They wait at streams to catch fish,or they will even rummage garbage cans and picnic areas in nationalparks.

What foods do flamingos eat?

They usually eat fish or scraps of food they can find. They like sea food -- prawns and other sources of fish. Their beaks are shaped so that they can sift-feed brine shrimp and blue-green algae.

Where can you find a pink flamingo?

One could find a pink flamingo in Africa, South America, or Argentina once it reaches maturity. Another place would be the local zoo if interested in seeing one in captivity.

How do flamingos get their food?

They catch the food by putting their heads down, putting their beaks in the water upside down, and using their beaks to extract spirulina, which are definitely not shrimp (they are blue-green algae--not even the same Kingdom). Flamingos do this using bristle-like structures in the mouth as a filter, (MORE)

How do the flamingos get their food?

They get their food by sticking their head in the ground almost using their beak as a drill and getting food from the ground,somtimes they stick they beak in water. They eat by putting its head upside-down into the water looking backwards. It takes in water that is rich in tiny organisms and filters (MORE)

Where can you find the weight of a flamingo?

nationalgeographic.com tells some information on the flamingos weight and some info. on other things as well. what I've seen on there is that they weigh about 8.75 lbs (not counting the little chicks).

A pink flamingos food chain?

A Flamingo eats brine shrimp and blue green algae, plants at the bottom of a river or pond and other little fish and creatures on the sand bed floor. The flamingos feathers are pink because brine shrimp bare reddish orangey colour. A flamingo will sooner then be eaten by ferel pigs and other large a (MORE)

Can you show me a flamingo food chain?

A Flamingo feeds on Brine shrimp and blue-green algae, the flamingo had pink feathers because of it's diet, the shrimp. Flamingos will then be eaten by bigger predators like wild dogs and ferel pigs.

How do flamingos find mates?

Usually flamingos find and mate in the water. The female will lower her head and the male will jump on her back while the female spreads her wings. Flamingos dont always breed each year. Sometimes they can breed up to two times in one year.Usually when flamingos reach about six years old, they beg (MORE)

How do crocidiles find food?

Crocodiles spend a lot of time laying in wait in the water, readyto ambush a passing fish, or an animal going into the water. Duringthe annual wildebeest migration, crocodiles will gather at thecustomary river crossing places, waiting to catch a wildebeestattempting to cross the river. By crossing i (MORE)

Where do horses find they food?

Domestic horses find their food in their feed trough. Horses living in the wild usually live where their can find food meaning places where grass grows.

How do crayfish find food?

They go around and with the atteni one of them is used to find food and one grabs it and takes it and puts it into its mandibles!! :)

What food makes flamingos orange?

Flamingos eat large quantities of shrimp. .....Not. They eat Spirulina -- a species of algae found only in a few lakes in Africa, the main one being Lake Tanganyika, which is the second- largest freshwater lake in the world. Spirulina has a HUGE amount of carotenoids in it (several versions of v (MORE)

How do bears find their food?

They find their food by using their nose. Bears close to humans tend to eat at the garbage dump. Deeper in the bush they eat berries, grubs, roots etc.

Where can you find kosher food?

Any store. You just have to look for a kosher symbol like an o with a u in it. That means a Rabbi made sure no non-kosher ingredients went into the product. Many Wal-marts and Shoprite carry Kosher food.

Where do you find food?

usual place is in a supermarket, or if you want fresh food, either make it your self or for fruit pick it off tree or where its habitat is.

Is it hard to find food in the jungle?

well it depends on what kind of jungle it is, you can eat eat edible plants and all kinds of fruits that grow on the trees. if theres a lake or river you can also eat fish.

Where do you find praying mantis food?

It depends on the religious denomination of the "Praying Mantis". Different religions not only have designated places to seek food, but also, the type of food that the Praying Mantis may eat. I believe Hermosa Beach, in California has a Homeless Mission for the Praying Mantis; however, the food (MORE)

Where do cougars find their food?

Cougars can be found in Canada, the United States, and in some countries in South America. They are able to eat almost any animal that they find, from mice and squirrels to elk and deer.

How do startfish find their food?

they can move haha, they crawl along the ocean floor and eat the little stuff in the sand. or if they find a body (ex) dead fish, they eat that. =P

Were can you find a animal food chain?

A food chain shows how each living thing gets its food. Some animals eat plants and some animals eat other animals. For example, a simple food chain links the trees & shrubs, the giraffes (that eat trees & shrubs), and the lions (that eat the giraffes). Each link in this chain is food for the next (MORE)

How do copepods find food?

Copepods find food when walking on marsh floors . Sometimes they take bactirea from the plants them selves other times they do other things! for more info go to bing .com and hit copepods facts

How does Katniss learn to find food?

With Katniss living in such a poor neighbourhood, she has learnt and had no choice but to either hunt for food or starve.. Katniss likes hunting and creating snares to catch rabbits and other small animals. She can climb and use her bow and arrow with high skill.

What food can you find vitamin k in?

Vitamin K is not found in food but rather is produced by the micro-fauna that inhabits your intestines. Studies on Vitamin K were first done by destroying the micro-fauna in the guts of animals and observing the symptoms they developed - like hemophilia.

How does the spider monkey find its food?

Spider monkeys forage for food. In some species, there are designated females that leave the main group to find food, and lead the rest to it. Where necessary, the large social groups of 15 to 30 split into smaller groups and spread out to avoid fighting over the same food. Where food is plentiful, (MORE)

What is the flamingo food chain?

food chain....... i am not sure but they eat...... . Blue, Green, Red Algae . Larvae from Incests . Crustaceans . Mollusks . Small Fish Hope that Helps

Does the food flamingos eat make them pink?

Yes. Flamingos' pink coloration derives from pigments called carotenoids, which are the basis of red/pink/orange coloration in a variety of animals. These pigments cannot be generated by animals, but originate in photosynthetic organisms (plants, algae, some fungi and bacteria) and are then passed f (MORE)

What can flamingos do?

FLAMINGOS can eat so diff. from humans. They can fly which is also what a human cant do either.

How does flamingo digest its food?

They poo it out I am not kidding. Added by Dr. Misha: uh, yeah, pooing comes After Digestion, which, technically, is the breaking down of food into nutrients which are capable of being absorbed by the body. Without exception, in all birds digestion starts starts in the crop, an organ in the thro (MORE)