What are cacti?

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The plural of cactus. A cactus is a poky desert plant.
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What is a cacti?

There is no such thing as a cacti. Cacti is plural for the singular cactus.

When do you water a cacti?

It is best to let your cacti soil dry out all the way before watering, this way you will not risk the cacti getting root rot. If cacti are not allowed to dry out in between ea

How do you id cacti?

You find out what genus it is in and then what species it is, there many good websites for cacti identification out there, I suggest using on of them.

Why are cacti fleshy?

To protect the moisture inside the cactus. They have to protect it to survive because they usually live in dry, hot, areas across the world.

Are cacti carnivores?

No. They don't eat meat or herbs. They absorb water through theroots and produce there own food by photosynthesis.

Can you root cacti?

You don't really "root" cacti, like you would other plants. You just take a piece of the plant and set it in the potting soil, wherever you want it to grow. It will take root

What is this cacti?

Ive got this cacti it is 4cm high with lots of small bunny ear like spines it isn't spiky but fairly hairy the spines are in random place going up or diagonally it kin