What are quail beaks for?

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So they can eat. The beak is just their mouth.
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What do quails eat?

Most of the time, most species are basically seed-eaters, but they will eat most invertebrates that they happen across. For most species, a diet exclusively or very high in insects is essential for the first few days of life.

What is a quail?

A quail is a ground bird who seldom flies. It prefers to run in ground cover and nests in that same ground cover. It is a smallish bird, generally weighing less than two pounds. . Answer . 1. a small, migratory, gallinaceous game bird, Coturnix coturnix, of the Old World. 2. any of several oth (MORE)

Where are quails found?

Quails can be found in most areas of the world. They prefer to livein forest areas and woody habitats.

What do quail do when it rains?

Mostly they will seek shelter under natural cover.. The oil that birds have on their feathers is not a water-proofer, the waterproof nature of feathers is a function of their structure. Birds with oil glands surgically removed are still waterproof but suffer vitamin D defficiency.. (Only a few sto (MORE)

Where does quail live?

Different species of quail can be found throughout the United States and other countries depends on what type of quail you are asking about...

What animal is a quail?

The quail is a bird, and comes from turkey family; they lay very tiny eggs. Quail are members of the family Phasianidae, including pheasants, closely related to grouse.

How big is a quail?

A quail is a small bird that generally stands less than 5 inches inheight. The quail is hunted for sport and for food.

What are the quails enemies?

The quail family has many predators. Besides man, hawks take a number of quail. Also, cats, foxes and coyotes. Snakes may feed on young quail.

Where can you buy quail?

In most outdoor magazines, there are sections that tell where one can purchase gamebirds like quail and pheasants.

What does the beak of an octopus do?

The answer to your question "what does the beak of an octopus do" is... The beak of an octopus helps it to eat. The tentacles help grab the food and then they put the food into it's beak. Don't ever touch the beak of an octopus. i is very sharp and can hurt you. (if it is still on an octopus) (MORE)

How big do quail get?

Quail come in several varieties in North America, but in general terms all of them are about 10-11" long, have a 13-14" wingspan and weigh 6-8 ounces.

How big are Quail?

The average quail weighs about 14 ounces up to about one pound.They also average about 10 to 11 inches long.

What does a quail symbolize?

Quails symbolize group harmony and protectiveness in the NativeAmerican culture. It also symbolizes victory, lust, love or theability to overcome obstacles.

Are quails canivores?

Quails are not carnivores. They are herbivores eating only fruits,vegetables, and other plant matter. They may, however, eat worms onoccasion.

What eats quail?

There are many animals that eat on quail. These animals includeskunks, snakes, coyotes, foxes, bobcats, possums, hawks, and owls.

Is quail a colour?

I'm sorry but no, quail is not a color but a bird that lives all over North America.

Are quail extinct?

No, well not all of them. I'm pretty sure the Himalayan quail is extinct, though I'm not exactly sure. There was one thought to be extinct, but was seen again: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/5125244.stm

Can you eat quail?

Yes, they are delicious! I have had them with wine sauce, really a nice meal.

What do quails do for protection?

They will freeze,and remain still until the danger has passed, or will take flight, then regroup with a piping sound called a covey call.

What are facts about quail?

Quail - common name for a variety of small game birds related to the partridge, pheasant, and more distantly to the grouse. Ok, I'll give you 3 facts and a website. 1.Quail live all over North America. 2.Some quail have a feather on there head called a 'bobble', and is smaller on the females. 3.Qu (MORE)

What is eats a quail?

Quails are prey to foxes, coyotes, hawks and occasionally snakes and humans. Yes, I had a recall pen and I had to protect my quail from all these preditors.

What is a valley quail?

The valley quail is California's state bird. The valley quail became the official state bird in 1931, and was named for the Native Americans.

Are quails vertebrates?

Yes. The quail is a vertebrate. Like all birds, it has a backbone. Birds, mammals, fish, reptiles and amphibians are all vertebrates.

Where do quails nest?

Most species nest on the ground, hidden under brush or a clump of grass or similar. Some species, especially tropical ones, may nest off the ground in a tree hollow or similar.

How do you kill a quail?

There are so many way to kill a quail. The best way it to slaughterit just like you would slaughter chicken.

How do you sex quails?

All except fully and partially leucistic, and albino forms are visually sexually dimorphic, even if the differences are slight.

What is the classification of a quail?

QUAIL Domain: Eukarya Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Subphylum: Vertebrata Class: Aves Order: Galliformes Family: Phasianidae There are four subfamilies that are considered Quail: Meleagridinae, Perdicinae, Phasianinae, Tetraoninae

Is quail kosher?

Only the Pharoah quail (coturnix coturnix) is kosher but it's very very difficult to slaughter them properly for kosher use.

How do you breed quails?

you get a male and female together, then put shredded paper in a corner and then let nature take its course. by birdexpert 11

Are quail herbivore?

No. They're more omnivorous than herbivorous, since they will eat bugs along with grains and fruits.

How do you cook quail?

There are different ways to cook quail. You can roast, deep fry,boil it or even bake it. Quails are cooked in the same manner aschicken.

How do you get rid of quail?

Every American county has what is known as a "County ExtensionService," and inside that taxpayer-supported office (usuallylocated on or near a state university), is a person known as the"County Extension Agent." This person is trained to deal with allkinds of aricultural and animal problems that mig (MORE)

What rhymes with quail?

Vail Rail Sail Mail Jail Bail Fail Tail Some words that rhyme with quail include: . wail . fail . trail . tail . bail . bale . dale . frail . gale . hail . hale . jail . mail . male . nail . pail . rail . sail . whale . veil . vale . Yale

How do you raise quails?

If you are going to raise quail you will have to plan your project. You will need to know what breed of quail you want to raise. I would strongly recommend either the Coturnix or Bobwhite quail. This will help in determining the type of coops needed and the amount of space. You will also have to det (MORE)

In The Bible what is 'quail'?

There are four references to 'quail' in the Bible, but no description of this bird. I suppose it would be very much like the present day quail. These birds are believed by many to have been the 'Coturnix coturnix', from the pheasant family, which commonly migrate in large flocks, north from Africa (MORE)

Why do manatees have beaks?

Manatees don't have beaks. There mouths are somewhat like a like a pugs in a way the way they are squashed in, it's much less narrow though.

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Can quails be mixed with other quail breeds?

Yes, you can. As they are the same species then they can be bred together. Think of it like dogs- a labrador can be mixed with a poodle, as although they are diffenet breed they are the same SPECIES

What can quails do?

quails are very peaceful quails and they don't take alot to look after. quails can fly, but mine prefer to jump instead. quails lay a range of different colured, size eggs. this depends on the type of quail you have for example, coturnix ( japaniese) , jumbo and chinese quails. quails can also be h (MORE)

What color are beaks?

It usually depends on the type of bird. Large birds such as the toucan or puffin have orange beaks. While smaller birds tend to have black brown, neutral color beaks, etc.

Does a quail coo?

Yes, some of quails is able to inflate the neck and coo. The most noticeable example is Button quail. Their coo is soft and whispering.

How does a platypus have a beak?

The platypus does not have a beak. It has a bill. The platypus's bill is covered with thousands of tiny electroreceptor cells, which enable it to detect the electrical impulses of tiny water-dwelling creatures. Once detected, the platypus then uses its bill to shovel the mud and get to the creatur (MORE)

Why do platypuses have beaks?

They don't. The platypus has a leathery snout, sometimes called a bill. It is nothing like a duck's bill or a bird's beak. The platypus uses its bill to find food. It closes its eyes when underwater, and uses its bill to detect movements. Equipped with electroreceptors, the sensitive bill can sens (MORE)

Where can you get quails from?

I got mine of the internet. They will be shipped in a very good packing, mine came in a small box with lots of shredded newspaper on top, on the bottom were 2 egg cartons with eggs inside them. There was cotton on both ends of the egg inside the carton to avoid cracked eggs.

Can quail smell?

Yes, well really it's their excrement that smells not them. Putthem in a cage with a wire bottom floor, and use a litter of woodshavings, straw, or even dirt - as long as it stays dry it won'tsmell so bad. Using diatomic earth helps a lot too.

How tall do quail get?

Male bobwhite quail can get to a good 6 to 8/9 inches, but the female grows to about 5/6 inches tall.