What are some fish of the northwest US coast?

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Here are some fish that live in the northwest coast: cabezon, giant Moray Eel, walleye, surfperch, Flag rockfish, and the monkeyfaced eel.
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What tools did the northwest coast people use?

- Sledgehammers for splitting wood were made out of stone. -For hunting they used bows and arrows, snares, deadfalls, and harpoons. -For fishing they used nets, underwater traps, bone and wood hooks, and harpoons. They also used fishlines, which were made out of cedar. -Food was served on wooden pla (MORE)

What foods did the northwest coast Indians eat?

The northwest coast Indians ate cod, salmon, bear, and deer. they had abundance of food so they didn't have to farm also the weather was to mild to farm. they also hunted seal and had whale hunts.

Northwest coast climate?

The climate of the northwest coast of the United States is cool andhumid. The coastal area has some hot days, but the temperatures aremostly mild and on the cool side all year.

What weapons did the Northwest coast native peoples use?

The most common weapons of Northwest coast natives were spears (long "outdoor" and short "indoor" varieties), bows (short & simple, probably 35-45 lb. draw weight), double-ended daggers (pointy on both ends, made of wood, whalebone, or rare copper), "slave killers" (stone hand mauls with a 4-sided p (MORE)

Where was the northwest coast location?

In the western side of British Columbia, and of course British Columbia is located in Canada, it's one of Canada's provinces Norway in Europe. Scotland in the UK Morocco in Africa Gujarat in India Columbia in South America

What are the northwest coast indian's customs?

Having potlatchs (is like a party) where you give away your finest possessions and at the end you burn everything you have to show how wealthy you are. They did this to gain prestige and prestige meant a lot to them. They also made totem poles to represent something or someone. CORRECTION from M (MORE)

What did the Northwest coast Indians eat?

They ate berries, killer whales, Elk, bears, mountain sheep and salmon. Also, flying sheep and dinosaurs. But mudkipz are their favorite. They also ate tacos for ceremonial purposes.

How was the pacific northwest coast formed?

The formation of coasts is also heavily influenced by their lithology. The harder the material the less likely it is to erode. Variants in the rock create different-shaped coastlines. Tides often determine the range over which sediment is deposited or eroded. Areas with high tidal ranges allow wave (MORE)

Why did the northwest Coast eat salmon?

The northwest Indian tribes ate salmon because it was simply an available food .Just as the Sioux ate the buffalo, the salmon to the northwest tribes was the most available food source. They also would eat berries and plants native to the region. They also hunted animals indigenous to the region. (MORE)

What can you catch when fishing on the coast?

The answer varies greatly according to where you are and what you are fishing with. In general, you will only catch coastal fish that inhabit the continental shelf. The species of rod fishing includes striped bass, redfish, sharks, rays, and sea trout. Using a casting net, you can catch mullet, croa (MORE)

Why trade was important to the economy of the Northwest Coast?

When an economy needs something that they do not have, they trade for that item. Like in Native American times, they use something called a trading system to get something they need. In all, trading was important because it allowed different economies to receive what they do not have.

What crops did the northwest coast Indians grow?

The Yurok, Wiyot, and Pomo Indians of what is now northern California hunted game, fished the rivers and the Pacific Ocean, and gathered plant material and acorns. They did not plant crops. The Chinook people who occupied what is now Oregon and Washington also hunted game, fished the rivers and oc (MORE)

What is the Pacific Northwest coast known for?

Even though some of our Pacific Northwest coastal tribes are very small, they are some of the nicest people, best neighbors, and community supporters of all the Tribes I have known. They are well-organized in their Tribal endeavors, and manage to live in the 21st Century while preserving their herit (MORE)

What were the NorthWest Coast Indians jobs?

the lumber, fishing industries in Humboldt County, California and as far north as Puget Sound were the biggest sources of employment. There was some building and construction jobs, but not widespread.