What are the differences between Akitas and German Shepherds?

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Compare the two breed standards, see links below.
  • Akitas were developed in Japan, German Shepherds in Germany. * Akitas were originally developed as hunters, German Shepherds as sheep herders.
  • Akitas and German Shepherds are generally the same height, but on average an Akita will probably weigh a little more.
  • Akitas are a very ancient breed, while German Shepherds are relatively knew (established in 1899).
  • on Stanley Coren's Intelligence of dogs scale, Akitas are ranked 54 (average working obedience) while German Shepherds are ranked 3 (brightest dogs).
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Other than both being used for guarding or home protection, not much. They do both have a tendency to be vilified as vicious or overly aggressive. This is of course completely