What are the major geologic events in the quaternary period?

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Slight shifts caused frequent ice ages. Polar ice advanced and retreated each time, carving and moulding the land. A pattern of the Ice Ages emerged, but by the last Ice Age, the ice began to melt and the sea levels rose rapidly. Many ice land bridges were formed between continents. There are not names for the major geologic events, but here are the names of some things created by the Ice Age shifts: Beringia/Bering Land Bridge (between Asia and North America) Doggerland (landmass connecting Great Britain to Europe) Bering Straight Crossing (between Russia and Alaska)

What are the major geologic events in the cretaceous period?

One of the major geologic events was the continuing breakup of Pangaea (which began during the Jurassic). At the close of the Cretaceous period, another mass extinction occurr

What were the major events during the Quaternary period?

We are living in the Quaternary Period so any major event that's happened in human history could potentially be used. Big things that happen way back when in the begining of t

What are the major geologic events in the carboniferous period?

The Carboniferous Period occurred from about 354 to 290 million years ago during the late Paleozoic Era . The term "Carboniferous" comes from England, in reference to the ric

What were the major geologic events of the Jurassic Period?

The major geologic event in the Jurassic Period was the continuing breakup of Pangaea. ____________________________________________________ This is correct, but I found a mo