What are the predators of a wolverine?

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Humans are recognized as the primary predator of the wolverine. Mountain lion, wolf and bear are predators of the wolverine.
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How old is Wolverine?

Wolverine's given name is James Howlett (called Jimmy by his halfbrother, and commonly known as Logan) was born in 1831, and was 178years old as depicted in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009). He was introduced into Marvel comics in July of 1974 with severalplanned origins never being provided. While (MORE)

What are predators?

Predators are any animals that hunt and eat otheranimals ( prey ). There are some plants , such asthe Venus Fly Trap, that eat bugs. Humans are predators, and ourpets are. Sometimes we are the prey, such as with tigers, lions andcrocodiles. predators are psychologically very tiny animals. They (MORE)

What is predation?

Predation is an interaction in which one organism captures anotherand feeds on the captured organism. An animal that consumes another animal is a predator , andthe animal consumed is the prey . predetation is when an animal eats another animal.

What is a predator?

A predator is an animal that hunts another animals, for food. Here are a few examples: 1. Lions are a predator to Zebras. 2. Whale sharks are a predator to Plankton. 3. Wolves are a predator to Moose. 4. Cobras are a predator to Mice. The term was coined in 1840 to described insects that (MORE)

Who is wolverine?

Wolverine is "the best there is'.. at what he does but as he will tell you; "What I do ain't very nice." Wolverine first appeared in The Incredible Hulk number 180 in October of 1984 and was created by Len Wein who was writing The Incredible Hulk at that time. Wolverine later joined the X-men first (MORE)

Where do wolverines live?

Australia and across Scandinavia, northern Russia, northern China,Mongolia and North America, where it ranges mostly across sixprovinces or territories of western Canada.

What are wolverines?

Wolverines Are Big Small Bear Like Creatures.But They Are atually A Part Of Mustlid Family.The Same Family As: Stoats,Weasles,Minks,Badgers And Others.They Are The Second Largest Mustlid After The Giant Otter.And Then.What They Eat.They Feed On:Elk,Racoons,Rabbits,Other Deer,And Other Animals.And Al (MORE)

What is predator?

a predator is an animal that hunts or eats a smaller animal than itself. for example, the wolf is the predator and it hunts the bunny which is the prey.

What is predatation?

Predatation is when one species is killed by another. In the ocean for example is when a baracuda eats a clownfish.

What do predators do?

predators eat consumer or hebivores or other animals or plants , and preators are on the top of a energy pryimad or a food chain or maybe a food web even predators may eat humans like u

When will wolverine be released?

The last film in the Wolverine franchise was The Wolverine and itcame out in 2013. The sequel will be released in March of 2017.

Do wolverines migrate?

No they dont typicaly migrate but in the past they have moved toother places of habitat loss.

Are there wolverines in Maine?

Yes, I saw one in Bridgewater and could not believe my eyes, it was there then it was gone like that. I had to look it up to figure out what it was.

When was wolverine born?

Wolverine was born in the year 1831, and as an adult ages extremelyslowly. His half-brother is Victor Creed (Sabretooth).

How did wolverine die?

Wolverine died by fighting the Hulk. They way it happened is The Hunk Stomped on his head doing that he separated his spinal cord from his head.

About the wolverine?

Wolverine had first appeared in the Incredible hulk series. He was hired by the government to fight hulk. Wolverines claws are made of indestructible metal. He is a mutant that has the power to recover from any injury immediatly. Some of his enemies are Sabertooth and the Wendigo.

How did wolverine get his name?

His ex-wife told him a story about a spirit which translates to wolverine. She then later is faked to die but isn't actually dead, wolverine then calls himself that name in memory of his wife.

Why do wolverines migrate?

they do not migrate. if they do, they follow the caribou in their migration and devour the remains of dead animals along the way.

What are wolverines powers?

Wolverine is a mutant who possesses the ability to regenerate damaged or destroyed areas of his cellular structure at a rate far greater than that of an ordinary human. The speed at which this healing factor works varies in direct proportion with the severity of the damage Wolverine suffers. For exa (MORE)

What are the wolverines predators?

The Only Actual Predator Are Humans. However Cougars, Bears And Wolves Can Compete With Wolverines And Can Attack A Wolverine. But However, The Wolverine Is A Vicious Predator And Can Kill Moose, So The Wolverine Can Sometimes Attack And Even Kill These Animals.

What endangers a wolverine?

Wolverines are not endangered. They are usually apex predators (excepting cases where wolves have learned how to hunt them), so no other animals hunt them for food, but they are sometimes killed by bears or wolves when fighting over carcasses. Humans have hunted them for furs, also.

Is a wolverine stuipid?

No it isn't. Wolverines are one of the smartest animals in the world. . By the way you spelled stupid wrong. Apparently, some people are a lot more stupid than a Wolverine.

Who was wolverine before he was wolverine?

Well when he was just a kid he killed a man who claimed to kill his father, but the man he killed was actually his father. Wolverine' [Logan at the time] had killed the guy with boney claws that had just slid out of his knuckles. Then he realized his older brother had the same abilities as him, stre (MORE)

Can Wolverine swim?

Well, in the movie X-men Origins- Wolverine, Gambit drops him from a plane into the sea, and he ends up on shore eventually, so I assume he swam... and in Ultimate Xmen #60-65 (I dont remember which, sorry) he shows up, on the roof of a building, dripping wet. And the building is on an island so I a (MORE)

What is the habitat of a wolverine?

Wolverines are common in Canada, Russia and other northern continents. They inhabit the subarctic and alpine forests of the northern hemisphere.

Why is a predator a predator?

A predator is normally an animal that feeds on its prey. Like the predator, for example a snake, feeds on its prey, a mouse. A predator is the hunter, and the prey is the one, sadly, eaten. Or: Because they were hungry!

Can wolverine be tortured?

Yes he can, he can get tortured in the red room where he gets tied up to chains and have loads of these little disks on his body (every were) and then electric runs through the chains through his hands and feet then through those little dicks then he'll have 10,00,000 volts of electric flowing thr (MORE)

How do you kill a wolverine?

u have to cut off his head and keep it away from his body for more the 12 hours other wise he will reatach his head and his healing abilty will make him whole again

What is the diet of a wolverine?

The Wolverine is an omnivore and eats plants, berries, and smaller prey such as rabbits and rodents. But it is also known to attack prey two times its size. .

Who is wolverines sidekick?

Wolverine actually does not have a sidekick. Although it is speculated in the Marvel Series created by Stan Lee Wolverine perfers to work alone because he has regret for joining with Victor, and Victor's bloodthirsty actions caused him to have hatred for his brother hence why Wolverine intends to hu (MORE)

Does Michigan have wolverines?

Michigan does not naturally have wolverines even though The University Of Michigan's athletic name are the Wolverines. However in 1927 the Detroit zoo bought three wolverines from Alaska and they were brought to a Michigan Wolverine game in that same year.

What species is a wolverine?

The wolverine, Gulo Gulo, is the largest and most powerful member of the Mustelidae, or weasel family. A pugnacious and active carnivore, it fears nothing, and has been known to appropriate kills from bears, wolves and cougars!

Does wolverine have a weakness?

Yes he does they are: . Asian woman . Muramiza blade . Electric . Heat . Villains with magnetic abilities ( Magneto ) . Any person with telepathic abilities ( Charles Xavier , Jean Grey ) . And if his head is cut from his body and taken quite far away from his foreseeable body There (MORE)

Does a wolverine have an exoskeleton?

He has the opposite. Insects have exoskeletons. Hard on the outside, not on the inside. BUT it is interesting to note that Colossus essentially has an exoskeleton although I have never heard it put that way.

Does Wolverine have adamantium?

Yes Wolverine does have adamantium, which was injected into his sketal system during the Weapon X test. The only reason Wolverine survived the procedure was because of his hatred for his father and his brother Victor Creed ,Sabretooth.

Is the wolverine a rodent?

No, wolverine is a mustelid not a rodent. Though different families, many mustelids do resemble overgrown rodents.

Are wolverines diurnal?

In short, yes. Although technically they are both diurnal and nocturnal. Wolverines are on a 4 hour cycle. What they do is nap for 4 hours, then venture out, forage and hunt for 4 hours. At night they sleep more than hunt because their eyesight is not as good as other nocturnal animals (ie. raccoon) (MORE)

How scary are wolverine?

Wolverines are smaller than many other animals, but they can be downright nasty. They are even known to kill small wolves.

Is a wolverines solitary?

He seems to show the actitude of beign a solitary hero and he can do his job alone, but as you see that's not true he has worked in many teams such as the Team X, X-Men and even the New Avengers

What Is The Competition Of Wolverines?

Wolves, Bears, Cougars And Lynxes. Wolverines Do Not Have Any Natural Predators But They Do Have Competitors. Lynxes Will Strongly React With Wolverines, Wolverines Will Kill And Eat Lynxes But It Cannot Be The Other Way As Wolverines Are More Stronger, However, Lynxes Might Occasionally Kill (MORE)

How is the wolverine in dangered?

the wolverine are endangerd because of the climate and the govermant doesnt really care about the wolverine just to let you know.....

What are wolverines scared of?

Wolverines are scared of their natural predators. Most of these preditors are carnivorous animals larger than them. These animals include mountain lions, bears and wolves. However, humans are considered the primary predator.

What does predators?

predators are an animal that eats other animals or hunt and those animals that they eat are called their prey and thats a predator I ANSWERD THE QUESTION

Does the wolverine have a backbone?

Yes, both the animal and the Marvel Comic character with the same name are vertebrates. The fictional character's backbone is reinforced with adamantium.

Who will play Wolverine?

Presuming you mean now that Hugh Jackman has decided to leave therole, there is no indication the role will be recast as ofMarch 2017.