What body parts help protect sloths?

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How are macrophages a help to the protection of the body?

This question refers to the human immune response system.Macrophages are analogous to the main battle tanks of the bodiesdefenses. As the prefix of macro implies are a huge ty

How antibodies help protect your body?

They fight of bacteria and infections that are plaguing your body. Simply put, they keep you from getting sick and help you get better if you do get sick. And also are part of

Helps protect the body from disease?

Some vaccines, certain foods like garlic and onions are good for the blood, vegetables, Fruit, a glass of red wine occasionally etc eating healthy and drinking water.
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How does inflammation help protect your body?

an inflammation doesn't protect the body! It messes you up and puts you through sheer pain. It possibly contaminates your partner also... Avoid sex during inflammation until y