What can you get a rat for her birthday?

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You could get it a toy and/or a special treat.
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How can you have a rat?

Dont get a rat unless you want it! DONT TORTURE AN ANIMAL!!!!!!!!! ESCPECALLY A RAT!!! And you have a rat, like any other small animal, exept for the fact that rats are much B

Are you a rat?

Unless you are a mammal with a tail, has poor eyesight, two ears at the top of your head, a keen sense of smell, and somehow knew how to type, then YES, you ARE a rat.

What does a rat do?

This depends on what type of rat you are referring to. Wild rats spend most of their time in sewers, their primary function is to reproduce, which is pretty much the same for

How can you get a rat?

There are lots of different rat traps available to catch them. Or you can go to a pet store and buy one if that is the kind you want!

What can you get from rats?

If you bought a healthy rat and keep it indoors as a pet, you can'tget anything from it. It's the same as owning a cat or a dog. I wasbitten by my pet rats a few times, came i

What can a rat do to you?

Wild rats can give you Leptospirosis (from their urine). If you expose your self to alot of rat urine over a long time i can increase your chances of lung cancer. Wild rats

Why do you have rats?

Started off with two. because they are really miss under stood (from people who don't have them) & at the time i was having so many problems and felt like i could relate to