What color aer black bears?

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Well, the name is almost self-explanatory. Black bears appear to be black or a very dark brown.
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What color is a black bear?

A black bear is black emphasis on the Black in its name Black bears can also be brown, cinnamon, blond, and white. They can also be dark brown with a cinnamon nose. black and it could possibly be darkish brown

Do black bears eat other bears?

Black bears are not known to eat other species of bears, or to be cannibalistic in nature. Here is a detailed outline of their diet: "Black bears are omnivores whose diet includes plants, meat, and insects. Their diet typically consists of about 10-15% animal matter." --Wikipedia For more informat (MORE)

Are black bears always black?

No (like most creatures they can suffer from Albinism) Answer Black Bears come in a variety of colors. Black, Cinnamon (brown), White (not albino, though they do come in albino as well), and Blonde.

What color are black bears?

Most black bears are mostly black with brown around the muzzle and may have a patch of white fur on the chest. Some black bears may have brown, blonde, or even white fur.

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What colors are bears?

Answer: They are brown,black,white,and sometimes a light yellowish color. Answer: Bears come in the following popular colours! White: Polar bears White and black: Panda Bears Brown and White: Spectacled bears Light Brown: Grizzly, Kodiak, Honey Bears Dark Brown: Brown Bears, Black (MORE)

Do black bears kill grizzly bears?

No. A grizzly bear is more likely to kill a black bear if they cross paths than a black bear killing a grizzly. A male black bear may kill young grizzly cubs if he comes across them, and the same if a grizzly comes across black bear cubs, but a black bear is no match to a grizzly.

Is a black bear really black?

70% are black while the remaining are blond, cinnamon, light brown to dark chocolate brown, with many intermediate variations existing.

Why are bears black?

i would assume it would have to do with a bear's adaptations and the pigment in it's skin, or something like that...

Do black bears eat grizzly bears?

Black bears only eat dead or injured grizzly bears that they rarely find, but black bears usually eat unguarded grizzly bear cubs.

What kinds of colors are the black bear?

Most are black, but in the western part of their range many are brown. There is a white and a slate blue color races found in the Northwest. There is a brownish, blond color variation of black bear sometimes referred to as a "cinnamon colored bear", still a black bear

Why are Black bears called Black bears?

The first biologist to conduct a survey of animals in North America (1700s) saw only individuals with black coats (almost all bears east of the Mississippi have black coats) so he named them 'Black bears'. Only much later did the investigations in the western regions reveal bears of the same species (MORE)

Why are black bears black?

They evolved the dark coat to conceal them in their nocturnal wanderings. Some black bears are not black. In some western areas, brown or "cinnamon" colored black bears are found, and British Columbia has the Kermode bear, a black bear whose population has around 10% of it's population being white o (MORE)

What is the name of the rate white or cream colored sub-species of black bear?

That isn't a subspecies. Black bears differ in color. Most are black, but some are brown, and a few are cream colored. For the most part, these differences can exist between individuals of the same subspecies (although the subspecies Ursus Americanus Cinnamomum is known for being reddish brown), b (MORE)

Is the grizzly bear superior to the black bear?

To answer this question, you have to consider which is the better fighter or the most likely to survive. The best fighter is the grizzly bear. It even has an extra back muscle on its back that helps it to dig better, to run faster, and to fight better, but the black bear is going to outlast the griz (MORE)

Is 'Smokey Bear' a Black Bear?

Smokey is a cartoon character, of course, but the living symbol of Smokey Bear was in fact an orphaned American Black bear (Ursus americanus) cub found in 1950 as a result of the devastating springtime Capitan Gap wildfire in the Lincoln National Forest near Taos, New Mexico. Originally named (MORE)

Do black bears change color?

They don't change color as time goes by, by black bear's hues include blonde, red, brown, and black. They may lighten if they're constantly put in sunlight, but nothing has happened to prove this so far.

How are black bears and brown bears a like?

For the most part, they are the same, except one is brown, one black, and black bears a re smaller. Diet changes too, as brown bears are carnivores, while black ones are omnivores. Your more likely to see a black bear in a tree too. :)

What is meaner a black bear or a grizzly bear?

A black bear is more meaner than a grizzly bear. If you happen to come across one, then run far way. Another opinion: Both species are just as mean and ruthless as the other. Even though there are more reported attacks with blacks than grizzlies, both should NEVER be taken lightly or for grante (MORE)

Can a kodiak bear kill a black bear?

Yes. Kodiak bears weigh 1200 pounds, stand 10 ft tall, and has more muscles than a black bear. Black bears weigh 600 pounds and stand 7 ft tall.

What colors attract black bears?

Specific colors attract bears no more then specific colors attract us. Even the whole "bulls go crazy when they see red" is false

How are black bears different from polar bears?

Black bears are black, polar bears are "white" (actually they've got translucent fur). Black bears are found in boreal and temperate forests, whereas polar bears are found in the Arctic on the sea ice. Polar bears are more carnivorous than black bears.

What does the grizzly bear do to the black bear?

Grizzly bears never come into contact with black bears so the question is invalid. -------------- Of course grizzly bears come in contact with black bears. Grizzlies tend to inhabit more open areas, and black bears tends towards forested areas, but their ranges do overlap. Black bears evolved in (MORE)

How do you tell a grizzly bear from a black bear?

Black bears are smaller and less dangerus then commen or grizzly bears. Some grizzly bears are nearly black, while some black bears are brown, bluish, even white. Black bears lack the shoulder hump of grizzlies, and have narrower faces with a roman nose, where grizzlies have a "dished in" facial pr (MORE)

Can a teddy bear hamster and a black bear?

If you mean breed, I wouldn't risk it. Its really dangerous to make hybrid hamsters. It could cause many serious genetic problems. If you mean live together... I dont think you should. hamsters are solitary animals, but if you get a big enough cage ,then, maybe it depends on temperment an sex of th (MORE)

Can a black bear kill a brown bear?

Only one smaller, like a cub or yearling. Adult brown bears are too much for the black bear to handle. In fact, grizzlies sometimes kill black bears.

Where do grizzly bears and black bears live?

Bears are endemic to the northern hemisphere. Grizzly bears share space with black bears, but grizzlies are more likely to be found in the mountains of Canada and the far northern US, i.e. Montana, N. Idaho, N. Washington.

What is a black bear color?

Black bears commonly come in black, but they can also be a cinnamon colour. Very rarely will there be a white black bear--an albino black bear. "Spirit" bears found along the coast of British Columbia are black bears but white in colouration, however they are not albino.

Is the brown bear or black bear who is biggest?

The brown bear is, on average. However, there is overlap between the two. There are many brown bear races, varying in size, from 450 pounds to over 1200. Black bears can weigh as much as 800 on rare occasions, with the record being a North Carolina specimen of 880 pounds.

Is the black bear stronger then a polar bear?

Black bears are much smaller than polar bears. Hence, polar bears are far stronger than black bears. The only bear that could rival a polar bear is the Kodiac bear, a subspecies of brown bear.