What do you call a flying dinosaur?

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A bird. Since birds are members of the clade Dinosauria (specifically Aves, etc.), and most can fly, they would be the flying dinosaurs. It is possible that some closely related dinosaurs (such as Rahonavis, etc.) could fly while not being members of the clade Aves (and therefore, not birds).

Answer2: Paleontologist have unearthed bones of many smaller dinosaurs. Some not much larger than a chicken. However, the pterosaur (winged lizard) were not actually dinosaurs nor were they birds. They were flying reptiles and are classified with other reptiles such as dinosaurs and crocodiles. Some had wingspans of more than 50 feet [15m]. These were perhaps the largest animals ever to fly. While the pterosaurs appeared to be a bird with stiff aerodynamic wings, they were much different. A bird's wings use feathers rather than a membrane as was the case with the pterosaurs.
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Did dinosaurs fly?

Contributors have said: No. None of the dinosaurs flew. The flying reptiles that lived during the Age of Dinosaurs were not dinosaurs. According to recent fossil finds in China, there were lots of feathered dinosaurs in the late Cretaceous period, but none of them flew -- their bones were just (MORE)

Were flying dinosaurs dinosaurs?

What most people think of when they hear the phase Flying dinosaurs is animals like Pteranodon , Quetzalcoatlus and Rhamphorhynchus and the like. Those were 'flying reptiles' contemporary with dinosaurs. Such flying reptiles were called pterosaurs and they are not dinosaurs. However there (MORE)

Can dinosaurers fly?

Dinosaurs could not not fly but pterosaurs lived during the dinosaurs age and they could fly. pterosaurs are not flying dinosaurs they are flying reptiles that lived at the same time as dinosaurs. Some examples of Pterosaurs are: Pterodon Pterodactlus Hopee this helpsss! from Megggannn

How may dinosaurs can fly?

Many people say that dinosaurs cannot fly and that it is Pterosaurs such as Pterodacktylus that can. But I know of one dinosaur that is actually a dinosaur that can fly. It's name is Microraptor gui. It appeared in an episode of Prehistoric Park. It was about the size of a modern day kestral. (I t (MORE)

Why are dinosaurs called dinosaurs?

The word is derived by joining two Greek words together, as happens a lot in scientific names. The words are dino- from 'dienos' (powerful/terrible/fearful) and saur from 'sauros', a lizard. (source: A Dictionary of the Roots and Combining Forms of Scientific Words. Tim Williams) At the very begin (MORE)

What dinosaurs could fly?

No Dinosaurs could fly, you may be thinking of Pterosaurs. A few Pterosaurs are: Pterodactylus, Pteranodon, Dimorphodon, and Quetzalcoatlus.

What was the flying dinosaur called?

The name Pterosaurs, often referred to as pterodactyls existed from the late Triassic to the end of the Cretaceous period (220 to 65.5 million years ago). They included the very small Nernicolopterus to the largest known flying creatures of all time, including Quetzalcoatlus and Hatzegopteryx. See t (MORE)

Which dinosaurs could fly?

While pterosaurs, the flying reptiles that lived during the Age of Dinosaurs, were not dinosaurs, paleontologists now classify modern birds as dinosaurs. There was also the relatively recent discovery of microraptor, a small feathered relative of velociraptor that may have had a limited flight capab (MORE)

What is the name of the flying dinosaurs?

There are no flying dinosaurs. All dinosaurs lived on land. You are thinking of pterosaurs. Some pterosaurs included Pterodactylus, Pteranodon, Dimorphodon, and Quetzalcolactus. There were crosses between dinosaurs and birds, though. Like, Archaeopteryx, for example, or Avisaurus. There were pte (MORE)

Two flying dinosaurs?

There were no true dinosaurs that could fly. But two flying creatures that lived during the dinosaur times were Pterodactyl and Ornithocheirus.

Names of all flying dinosaurs?

It would be impossible to list them all here. Commonly cited are the pterosaurs such as the following: Pteranodon Pterodactyl Petinosaurus Quetzalcoatlus Rhamporphydon Archaeopteryx Avisaurus Piksi Confiucionornis Haopterus Microraptor Rahonavis The Pterosaur Rhamphorhyn (MORE)

How did dinosaurs fly?

Simply put, they couldn't. This was a right held for pterosaurs, whom flew a lot like bats.

Did any dinosaurs fly?

Yes. Many scientists nowadays consider birds to be dinosaurs. Animals such as pterodactyl were not actually dinosaurs.

Did flying dinosaurs have feathers?

There were feathered flying dinosaurs. Some are still around today.They are called birds. The flying "dinosaurs" many people imaginewere not dinosaurs but a related group called pterosaurs.Pterosaurs did not have feathers

What was the largest dinosaur to ever fly?

There were actually no flying Dinosaurs however there were flying reptiles that lived at the same time. Quetzalcoatlus was the largest flying reptile with a wing span as wide as 36 feet!

What was the largest flying dinosaur?

The largest known pterosaur was quetzalcoatlus, with a 40 foot wingspan. However, while these flying reptiles live in the dinosaur time they were not dinosaurs. The true flying dinosaurs are birds. The largest flying bird known to have existed was Argentavis, which had a wingspan over 20 feet.

What kind of dinosaurs fly?

When most people think of a "flying dinosaur," they are thinking of a pterodactyl. Although they might look like flying dinosaurs, pterodactyls (and other members of the pterosaur family) are actually not dinosaurs at all! -Technically, pterosaurs are considered flying reptiles, and they are often c (MORE)

Was the Pterodactyl the only flying dinosaur?

Pterodactyl was not the only flying dinosaur. They are not evenconsidered dinosaurs. They are however, condsidered the firstflying vertabrates. Other than the Pterosaurs there wasTropeognathus, Quetzalcoatlus (the largest), Pterodaustro,Pterodon, Ornithodesmus, Ctenochasma, and many more. There were (MORE)

Are there flying dinosaurs?

Yes, and in fact they are all around us - the birds. Birds are descended from dinosaurs and are therefore dinosaurs themselves, and since most birds can fly, they can be accurately described as flying dinosaurs.

What is the dinosaur that flys?

There were pterosaurs such as pterodactyl and pteranodon, but thesetechically were no dinosaurs even though they were often referredto as such. However, nowadays many scientists consider birds to be dinosaurs. Answer2: Reptiles That Fly One intriguing type of ancient reptile was the pterosaur ("win (MORE)

What were flying dinosaurs called?

Flying dinosaurs were and are called birds. Birds are the only living decendents of dinosaurs and their morphology is so similar to the raptor family of therapod dinosaurs that science is starting to consider them as avian dinosaurs. Pterasaurs are commonly considered dinosaurs and althought they (MORE)

How big was the biggest flying dinosaur?

Although, Dinosaurs didn't fly, The biggest Flying Vertebrate was a creature called Quetzocoatlus (Quet-soh-coat-lus). People Recognize Quetzocoatlus as the 'feathered snake' from the Aztec mythology, But Quetzocoatlus was actually a Big fling thing! Size: 12m wing span Time period: Late creta (MORE)

Are pterodactyls the only dinosaur that can fly?

Pterodactyl was a genus of pterosaurs and not a dinosaur. Although they are closely related pterosaurs evolved from the ancestors of dinosaurs, pterosaurs and crocodilians, the archosaurs before dinosaurs evolved. The only dinosaurs that could fly where feathered dinosaurs that would one day evolv (MORE)

How many dinosaur can fly?

Zero actually. The animals you are talking about are called pterosaurs, the flying reptiles that lived during the same time as the dinosaurs. So far we have discovered 157 species of pterosaur.

Do dinosaurs fly in day or night?

well dinosaurs don't fly only a certain type and those fly in the day and night ANS2: The term "dinosaur" applies to members of the superorder Dinosauria, (some include birds in this superorder). Pterosaurs (literally "Winged Lizard") are not included in this superorder. Now, to answer your qu (MORE)

What do flying dinosaurs eat?

That depends. The "flying dinosaurs" shown in dinosaur movies were not actually dinosaurs but pterosaurs, a related group of reptiles. They are often depicted as having eaten fish or insects depending on the species. The true flying dinosaurs are birds. These animals have a wide variety of diets r (MORE)

Did any dinosaurs swim or fly?

Although some dinosaurs were probably able to swim there were notrue marine dinosaurs. There were marine reptiles that somecolloquially refer to as dinosaurs, but these were actually aseparate group called plesiosaurs. Another group that lived in the age of the dinosaurs were theflying reptiles pter (MORE)

How many types flying dinosaurs are there?

I believe you are referring to pterosaurs, which are not dinosaurs, but are a distinct group of flying reptiles. Nobody knows how many actually existed, and this is aggravated because of the poor fossil record of pterosaurs. There are 168 pterosaur genera listed on Wikipedia's list of pterosaur gene (MORE)

How did a dinosaur fly?

Dinosaurs evolved to be much like the modern day birds. They developed wings with feathers and eventually, by evolution, they flew.

Are animals that swim or fly Dinosaurs?

Dinosaurs were land dwellers, though some probably could swim it was not their main form of locomotion. However in the time of the dinosaurs there were also two classes of marine reptile that are now extinct. There where Icthyosaurs, which resembled dolphins, and Plesiosaurs, which had paddles for l (MORE)

When were there flying dinosaurs?

What most people call "flying dinosaurs" were actually pterosaurs, flying reptiles that were unrelated to dinosaurs. However, birds are considered by most scientists to be a clade of dinosaurs, and thus birds are "flying dinosaurs."

What were the flying dinosaurs adaptations?

There are two possible meanings for "flying dinosaurs" First are the pterosaurs, which included animals such as pterodactyl. These were no truly dinosaurs bu a branch of related reptiles. These reptiles had a very lightweight build that included hollow bones. Most of a pterosaur's size was in its wi (MORE)

What was a flying dinosaur called?

There was a group of flying reptiles in the dinosaur times called pterosaurs . These are sometimes called dinosaurs in informal talk, but they technically were not dinosaurs, belonging to a separate but related branch of reptiles. Most paleontologists today agree that birds are dinosaurs, having (MORE)

What is the largest flying dinosaur called?

"Flying dinosaur" is not an accurate term. There are birds, which are a subgroup of dinosaurs, and there are pterosaurs, which were flying reptiles, but not dinosaurs. The largest known pterosaur was Quetzalcoatlus northropi. It had a wingspan of 33 to 36 feet. Accurate weight estimates are nearly i (MORE)

What colors were flying dinosaurs?

We don't really know what colors the Mesozoic animals were because the pigments didn't survive the mineralization process. More significantly, there were no flying dinosaurs. There were flying REPTILES, but they were another kind of creature entirely.

Were there flying dinosaurs in the permian period?

No. There were no dinosaurs in the Permian period. The firstdinosaurs appeared about halfway into the next period: theTriassic. Pterosaurs, flying reptiles that are often incorrectlycalled dinosaurs appeared a few million years after that. Birds,which are true flying dinosaurs, first appeared in the (MORE)

How dangerous is a flying dinosaurs?

The only real flying dinosaurs are birds, which can cause injuries but couldn't kill a person. What I believe you are referring to, however, are pterosaurs, which were not dinosaurs, but were flying reptiles. Most pterosaurs would have been the size of medium to very large birds, and would not be ca (MORE)