What does a white tiger tattoo symbolize?

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The white tiger tattoo to me symbolizes strength and inner beauty. Not only that but it is a beautiful site.
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What does a tiger tattoo symbolize?

The tiger symbolizes invincibility, might, and power. In Japanesetattoos, the tiger is sometimes partnered with a dragon tosymbolize heaven and earth: yin and yang. The tiger

What does a tiger lily tattoo symbolize?

Fierceness, Power, Strength. . There is an old legend from Asia about the Tiger Lily. A Korean hermit helped a wounded tiger by removing an arrow from its body. The tiger ask

What do tigers tattoos symbolize?

A symbol of strength, ferocity and jungle wildness . In the Far East ASIA it is considered King APEX PREDATOR, in Japanese ASIAN art it is considered the opposite of th

What does the white tiger symbolize?

The tiger symbolizes power, courage and strength. A white tiger hasa spiritual meaning attached to it, a power that is bestowed fromabove.

What does a White Dragon tattoo symbolize?

The symbolism of a white dragon tattoo can vary from culture toculture. In Japan, a white dragon tattoo symbolizes one of the fourelements, Earth, and the direction south.

What do tigers and dragons tattoo symbolize?


What does a tiger and a dragon tattoo symbolize?

I grow weary of ignorant people who read way too much incorrect information, therefore here at the historical facts from an actual Asian who knows what he's talking about. T

What does a baby tiger tattoo symbolize?

A baby tiger tattoo symbolizes the softer side of a regular tiger.People get tiger tattoos for many different reasons, some sporttiger tattoos because they are an endangered s

Does the symbol of the white tiger mean anything?

White tiger are rare species It means that ur unique or that certain individual that it represents is one of a kind It also means struggle cuz since its rare it has to end

What does a white tiger symbolize in my dream?

White tigers do not have an ancient history in folklore and myth as the familiar orange / black tigers have. So dreams about white tigers are more likely to have meanings spec

What is the white symbol on Tiger Woods' cap?

There are four logos and Tiger Woods' hat. On the front there is the TW logo, which is obviously his Tiger Woods logo. Above the left ear there is a VR logo which looks like a

What does a white rose tattoo symbolize?

Thats a good question. The main theme behind white rose tattoos and symbolism is to represent purity. . These can be innocence, virginity,friendship or strong beliefs. . The

What does tiger claws as a tattoo symbolize?

They can be iterpreted into quite a few different things. On women they can show feminine fury and the wild side. On men it is a symbol of courage. If the style of tatto is to