What does guinea mean in guinea pig?

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Guinea is a country in West Africa. However this animal originated in South America. It is possible that the name of Guinea got mixed up with Guiana (which is in South America). Or it is possible that, when the animal was introduced to England or North America someone used the name Guinea because the though it was appropriate for this new import from a faraway and strange place.
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What does it mean when your guinea pig vibrates?

While I can't speak for every guinea pig, I know that my guinea pig does something similar to a cat's purr which may feel like a vibration when you pet the guinea pig. It's ge

What does it mean when your Guinea Pig growls at another guinea pig?

It mostly means that they wont be friends. You should separate them so they don't hurt each other. They could be scared of each other or they don't like one another. If their

What does it mean when your guinea pig coughs?

don't panic there is nothing to worry about if your guinea pig coughs a little. It probably has little bit of food stuck in its throat. But if it coughs a lot and dosen't eat

What does it mean when a guinea pig purrrr?

if it sounds like a low rumble- if you have two it's a threat or one of them wants to dominate the other. i can also mean like it's enjoying a petting from you depending on wh

What does it mean when a guinea pig cries?

It can mean anything from pain to happiness. Our guinea pigs used to cry or "whee" when we brought them food. They would run up to us wheeing out of excitement for their food

What does it mean when your guinea pig grunts?

If it is a gently squeking this probably means your guinea pig is happy if they are teeth chattering they are getting annoyed, if the are squeking really loud for a long time